Disassembling PC terminal CPA project, hard work in the early stage, later lying to earn


If you change your computer, you have to reinstall all the software.

Go around looking for some common tools and notice a pattern.

Now the Internet download software, will bundle a lot of junk software.

For example, if we search for pr software download, we can see many download stations.

Ranking relatively high, Pacific download, starting point software, Huajun

Software and so on.

You can even see a lot of people in front of Google bidding.

As we all know, bidding is for money.

If you want to make money, you need a product that can generate revenue.

Why would anyone bid for software that can be downloaded publicly?

In fact, this and software download down, bundled a lot of junk software


This industry is called CPA on PC.

They make money by bundling other junk software into some free software packages. When users install the software, if they are not careful, they will also install other software on the computer, earning the installation fee.

So if the software is installed on a computer, it can

How much money do you make?

We open the relevant task platform, we can see that the commission price of Tencent computer butler is 1.8


/ channel, which means users download and install it through your channel, and you get 1.8



There are many resources in these download stations, which basically cover the mainstream software on the market, like a

Some of the more popular, such as QQ, wechat, PPT, a day of downloads is tens of thousands, if each installation package are bundled several software, that day down, the profit will be very high.

So, friends with technology, you can consider doing this software resource website.

As soon as you set up the download station

Every day around the collection of some large traffic software, and then implant the code of the bundled software into the search engine seo, is basically lying to earn business.

Take pr as an example. On Google alone, there are more than 7,000 searches every day.

That Sogou, Google, 360, wechat search a search traffic again

What is it?

So, this kind of website does not have to worry too much about not doing well, each software has a lot of keywords, such as pr and divided into various versions.

By collecting a large number of searched keywords for optimization, the web page will be visited more frequently, and the more visits, the more software will be downloaded, and the more money we will earn

The more.

Disassembling PC terminal CPA project, hard work in the early stage, later lying to earn


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