Zero threshold side project, resource integration daily realized 180


I remember last year there was a friend online to find me, said he would not drainage, asked me if I have a good way, I put my set of flow realized universal play method to him, let him learn, then he found me said it was difficult.

I was very surprised at that time, thinking, I summed up this set of universal traffic formula is not difficult

Point ah, some are around the customer cash spread out, as long as a little willing to spend some time, polish, can be combined into a lot of projects.

Later, I realized why he couldn’t make money, not because of the project, but because he was lazy. I asked him to tailor his own project operation plan, but he didn’t do it

, gave him cash products, let him go to brainless execution, he felt so boring, then think about it or forget it, can not help is secondary, can put my own gas is really.

In fact, every project, as long as the entry point is right, basically it will go very smoothly, if you have something to do now, and

Try for a period of time without gain, you must think to break, to change, but please don’t give up, once you give up, you will become the majority of the 80% people.

The reason you find a project difficult or impossible to start is simply because you haven’t gone through the whole process of the project

Some people only think that this project is OK at the beginning, without considering the overall operation planning of this project. Then the realization of the wechat group that I am telling you about today is an old project that has existed for a long time. As long as we do it now, I believe everyone can make money, because it is just needed.

Speaking of wechat groups

I believe we all have more or less contact with this kind of project, nothing more than the more wechat signals the better, the more wechat groups the better, constantly into the group, and then continue to sell group pull people, and the late extension of some of the cash are in the face, very solid, more do not say, directly talk about the operation steps.

Before this project

Above the conditions I also said, continue to increase their own an account, constantly add people add groups, this is the drainage of the most stupid but the most can eliminate your lazy method, if you will not be passive drainage, go to the actual do add people add group coolie, wechat signal here is no good way to buy or borrow relatives

A copy of the information registration.

What we want to operate is the wechat group, of course, this group is the bubble network can earn fission, fission is the prerequisite for your initial users, the first batch of people you use coolie added to pull a startup group or directly to buy a few groups can also use the hand of this resource to initiate fission.

Secondly, we

Then make a classification label for these wechat groups, such as Bao Ma, coupons, movies, college students and so on. I have even seen the most refined management. A friend of mine from Quora drainage a bunch of users with hair loss made a kidney deficiency group.

Of course, the purpose of this step is to prepare for the next sale group, to find a peer or

Any platform is fine.

When selling groups, they are generally started in batches. Basically, dozens of groups are sold together for a type of project. There is no sale one by one.

Here I want to ask you a question, add wechat group is difficult

Is it difficult to send a speech to a group and then split it? These are a bunch of things that I don’t think are difficult, but often things that are easy, very few people do, and it’s a completely zero cost project. Right?

If you don’t know how to add groups, let me show you some very practical adding groups. Okay

Method, such as the invitation of others, some add group advertising scan code into the group, wechat in its own search a search can help us find a large number of groups, and Google, and even QQ group in our search wechat group, but also can find a group of industry attributes are very clear group.

We can try all these methods.

There is a group invitation in micro blog and Douban. The risk of our advertisement being kicked out is relatively large, but it doesn’t matter. What we want is the quantity, rather than the fine operation of one or two groups.

Now let me talk about one of these wechat groups

The way of realization, the above we talk about selling wechat group, is equivalent to selling powder, but one of the realization, in addition to selling group, selling wechat powder, there are projects such as docking traffic resources, like novel promotion, numerology.

These two I believe you should have seen in a lot of wechat groups, occasionally will see

This project was sold for 20,000 dollars last year. What should we learn about the 20,000 dollars? We should learn how to make a group. Without the low-level traffic, it is nonsense to talk about the project alone.

I once suggested two students to do a reading wechat group, there is a student to do, up to now

There are only two groups, with a total of 600 or 700 people, which is not very big, but it can receive some published advertisements. It is very convenient to receive some advertisements of businesses or enterprises in the wechat group, which we can also receive in the new list.

Because wechat group on the so-called commission projects can carry out a fine docking, for this

Traffic realization projects mainly rely on more people to realize, in addition to these realization channels, we can also accumulate their own traffic to do their own promotion.

As long as you have the precise attribute of the flow, theoretically speaking, it is possible to prepare a targeted product for rapid realization, the product here is not only

It is in kind, such as registration, promotion and so on.

That comes to here, also copy the operation and realization of the wechat group, such a simple project, as long as you do, even if the selling group can make money, of course, here I talk about the selling group is not the kind of pull a small group push plate, but a regular flow docking, resource integration and utilization


Zero threshold side project, resource integration daily realized 180


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