2 short video profiteering projects, beginners learn to earn 500 a day


At present, short video, as the first online media, has changed our daily life. Everyone likes to watch short video after lunch and dinner, while the advantages of traditional text “we media” are slowly being replaced.

I have been painting in my spare time recently


When I saw a more interesting live broadcast, specifically should be two, the first one is for the lobster

Set up a life and death bureau, the crossroads, the left is the pond on the right is the hot pot, live where the lobster go, such a live actually have four or five thousand people watching.

There is also a live feed of chickens. A chicken farmer carries a pot of millet, and then a flock of chickens. A sign in front of the broadcast room reads, “Send sticks.

Lollies can be fed a handful of millet and so on, and there are tens of thousands of people watching.

Through these two studios, I have to say,


The above flow is too big, and most of them are a boring flow, who’s interesting to go to the studio in the studio.

Well, if we could do something different with short videos

To find some interesting and low threshold areas, it is very fast to cash in. Below I will introduce two short video projects that can make money quickly.

Dating in the same City

The project should have caught on in Kuaishou at the beginning, after all, there is a huge market in third – and fourth-tier cities and villages

And there’s a lot of material to shoot.

Later, real matchmaking was in short supply, and there was no great contrast between users’ expectations, so some teams began to organize actors to perform such a drama, to laugh at the pressure of current men, life, marriage and other trifles.

Because it is close to life, also attracted a lot of people like.

Then we can use such a style or form to do a kind of dating video project. Of course, we did not have the ability to recruit a team to shoot short videos for us at the beginning. We can carry some other things, and there are people carrying them online all the time

What Vietnam, Myanmar dating video to get a traffic.

Such a video it has its own advantages, social problems I have just told you, more men and less women, in order to get married, the cost of the bride price, buy a car, such a contradictory topic can arouse everyone’s hot debate, then this is easy

On the hot side.

In addition, it is very easy to make a combination of such kind of video, dating video, that is to say, it has a wide range of profit channels, such as beauty and skin care industry, emotional lectures, dating companies, wedding photography and so on are a very good channel of cash.

And now the short videos are all

There is a city number, such a video in the city inside virtually increases a degree of trust, but also easy to drainage to a fan group in the city, as long as the copy is good, the transformation is very easy.

Articles for adults

So why am I here talking about a short video project on adult products, because offline almost

Can’t sell, online a video can sell out, this is a big contrast.

Like a popular adult products experience store in the past two years, we should all have heard of this, silicone doll offline experience museum, there are many places have opened such shops, at the beginning we think this may be a wind


But it didn’t take too long for it to be shut down. In fact, we can also imagine that such a silicone doll offline experience museum, let alone the indecency, even the normal disinfection is not qualified, how can it be carried out for a long time? Then, we rely on a huge flow of short videos.

Do this kind of cash business, without losing is a good direction.

As you can see, the following is a window display of the adult silicone doll I found in the short video. It is such a physical silicone doll, which can be sold at a price of thousands of dollars. You can imagine the profit here.

If you use the traditional way of thinking

To do such a front-end drainage of the YouTube, we must be to shoot these dolls, so that it is not easy to attract others, we can use such a color powder properties to do these accounts.

First of all, our avatar can be set into a silicone doll, so that when you see, in fact, they are also clear

What are we doing here, plus there are a lot of beautiful women in the video, to gather such a fan base.

On the home page of the account, we can put our own wechat contact information, which can also achieve a certain transformation of private traffic, in addition, like the comment area can carry out an advertisement


In fact, adult products like this, the profit is very high, even several times more than that, we normally do such a short video account, the purpose is to do such a passive drainage platform, the latter stage of these color powder bubble net income will continue to flow from


To wechat, as long as there are fans, according to the industry transformation

Rate to calculate, there will be a good return.

The above two projects that can be operated in the field of short video are very suitable for our current environment. After all, there are more men and less women. The point of profiteer conversion is here.

Product is only one aspect, whether it is offline dating or love

Sense consulting or physical adult products, profit is higher than the cost, as long as we want to make money, just a little, improve the short video platform such a front-end flow point can be.

2 short video profiteering projects, beginners learn to earn 500 a day


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