Accidentally found a cold no cost project, someone earns tens of thousands of dollars a day, the real check


Today, I will bring you a no-cost project that can be put into practice right away.

In your daily life, do you get some of the following phone calls that are listed as adP, real estate agents and so on.

We even get calls flagged as fraudulent. For a notation like this

I usually just block calls. This is clean for us, but for the real estate agents and regular advertising staff is suffering, shielding a is equal to a potential customer.

What to do? So that’s cool?

In fact, there is a hidden business opportunity here, a private place

At least before this I did not know, I read so much information on the Internet, at least today I know that this gadget can also make a business, not to mention many

A novice

. Bubble network to earn webmaster specially spend a day to study the next play.

This is actually a pain in the business, if you’re real estate

If the mobile phones of real estate agents or insurance company promoters are marked with such a logo, they must try their best to cancel them. Can we cancel it then?

Answer: Yes.

To solve this problem, of course, you can change the number of the solution, but this is not the best way. After all, mobile phone numbers are often bound very

A lot of things, it’s very inconvenient to change. Then, you have to find a way to cancel such a mark.

Thus, the phone tag was removed, and another project that could bring in tens of thousands of dollars a month came into being.

We can 360 search this kind of demand, there are specialized companies to do such a business, it is visible how much money, because of bidding

But it costs money.

I also went to Universal a treasure to see, there are many shops to do such a business, in addition to cancel the mark can also automatically apply for the mark, the charge standard 7


To dozens


Not equal.

Yeah, look at the sales. They’re making thousands a day.

40,000 a month. That’s 280,000 a month. Oh, my God

Wow. I don’t know how easy the money is around here.

So a treasure shop to do such a business how much does it cost?

I’m telling you,

Is zero


In fact, what you pay is a simple appeal process, the whole operation is very simple. After the phone number is marked, the corresponding data platform to apply for cancellation

Can be.

For example, your mobile phone is marked by 360, then search “360 number appeal platform” to appeal, ignore the advertisement, the first place is the appeal, the whole operation is very simple, see the picture.

In addition, there are many platforms to cancel the phone tag, these platforms you can search on Google. only

It will take you a few minutes to find.

Such a search, more trouble and more tired, here I found a collection of all platforms in an official platform: number service promotion group. The platform is sponsored by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. It can query the number mark and clear the wrong number mark. It is absolutely formal

That’s true.

The platforms supporting the application for removal of tags include: 360 mobile phone Guard, Tencent mobile phone Butler, Sogou Number Tong, Google mobile phone guard, Teddy Bear, Telephone state, Ali Money Shield and so on.

Of course, if it’s a phone scam, the chance of cancellation is relatively low. Normal number, high probability.


Make money? It doesn’t exist. Because there is a service charge for this untagging whether it is successful or not.

You may ask, Will the customer pay?

I’ll tell you the truth, yes. For myself, I clearly know that I can go to the relevant process to do an individual license, but why do I spend money to let a professional

Someone to do it? Save time and trouble. So you let the customer spend a lot of time to prepare the appeal materials, and then wait to check the appeal results. Clients really might as well spend a little money to solve, he saved a little time may pull a few more business.

So how do we get a piece of this?

We are the first choice.

What are our customer groups?

For individuals is the average salesman. For the nature of the company is health care companies, cosmetics companies, insurance companies and so on, this kind of company has a large number of telemarketing, each company has hundreds of people to do telemarketing.

And how do you charge for it?

A personal fee of 3

We’re done with 0.50

For companies charging, it’s OK to charge hundreds of thousands, because they they have money and need more. If we find more companies like this, we can make thousands of dollars a day.

Where do you end up finding clients?

1.QQ group search related keywords into the group.

Mixed in after soft directly modified from

Have name: cancel the call mark unsuccessful no charge, hard direct use of related marketing software, automatic collection of thousands of thousands of groups, always someone to place an order.

2. Go to relevant forums and forums

Go to the post bar, the forum to find some people who have such needs, generally to ask questions are very accurate, to post the top

Ask yourself if a relevant topic comes up, such as how your phone number has been marked, whether you have the same experience, or how to solve it. I’m sure there’s a message down there. There’s a message and we’ll just text each other, and you know.

3. The above are all online channels, so online

The next is simpler, directly a treasure to make thousands of business cards, directly to the offline real estate agency stores, insurance companies and other office distribution of business cards

What should I do when I get the order? Want to save trouble directly throw to a treasure merchant to do, we eat the difference, the information difference always exists.

Okay, I told you the channel, I told you how to find the client,

I told you how to take orders. I’ll do whatever I have to do. Those who have ideas can certainly expand more methods and channels to receive orders.

Accidentally found a cold no cost project, someone earns tens of thousands of dollars a day, the real check


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