Short video money making project TikTok selling silicone dolls stable day into 3,000!


Last year, the silicone doll experience Hall project was very popular. Many friends playing color powder in the circle of friends were in Amway, and some of them were in practical operation, charging per time, 88


The factory price of a doll ranges from 1000 to 3000. If you have a few more rooms, you can earn enough money to win back customers, but then you think about it

Think, there are risks here, the relevant part will not be closed down, the law may be in the gray area, the social atmosphere caused by the bad influence of the police uncle will certainly manage. After a period of time, various project discussion groups did not mention this project, the news check, as expected, began to shut down.

Brother A recently

Play Kuaishou has a number of precise male toner, the first project that comes to mind is to sell adult products, such as BYT, AMB…… In Alibaba door search, a lot of people are doing, find a silicone doll shop, and customer service chat about the product and function, and take the price, and finally ask the address found

It’s local, and it’s only three kilometers from where we live.

We drove there, found the manufacturer and explained our purpose. Our host was a handsome young man. He took us around the workshop and explained to us one by one what the dolls were made of, what size they were, and how much they cost

Color, hair, package…… He walked us through the steps.

The handsome guy told us that this is just their workshop, they also have their own studio, but not there, the studio will have a lot of staff, to dress the silicone doll, make up, wear clothes, and then put up pictures and videos.


Generally, they don’t do retail. They are shops directly connected with agents and various e-commerce platforms. When they buy from us, we provide them with videos and pictures.”

My intuition tells me that if I do it, I definitely can’t go through these platforms like Amazon and Tmall, because of these product characteristics, the platform is not allowed to open through train, only rely on

Brush orders, monthly sales of 2000 products, the real data may only sell dozens of products, even so, the store still has very attractive profit, a doll profit of about 3000, a month to sell 30, that is almost 100,000 into the pocket.

At one’s fingertips


Last time, there was a lot of stuff on display. Up front

It’s a couple of seizures from the Doll Experience, followed by a few in


A person or business that sells dolls.

Looking through a lot of videos, I found a large group of people playing the project from the home pages of vendors and individuals selling the dolls, the video comments section, and the likes list.

Some sell very direct, straight

Take the video of the doll, obviously the gameplay is very low, the account update until the beginning of this year, do not think, the account must be limited to stream processing.

But this got me thinking


The blue ocean area, that is


seo, lay out your keywords,


If there’s a problem with streaming or an account, if it’s not serious, the content still exists,

The system doesn’t recommend it, but


The platform of the bubble net to earn search traffic will still give these content display opportunities, number limit flow, get a number, form a screen, that


Search traffic we eat, don’t think we are very smart will go to the layout


seo, I have tested myself, a lot of play



Not a lot of people. They’re all doing live streaming and content operations.

Some skirted the ball, changed the avatar into the silicone doll’s avatar, and then the content in various forms to change, can not only attract the target crowd, but also avoid the platform rules punishment, and a lot of people in the comment area say “how to buy” “how to contact” “I also want to buy a


Yes, this is the fans we need, looking for a long time to find an account that is still updating the video, the content is normal, add the homepage wechat, enter his private domain, see his circle of friends, it is very attractive.

I took a look at it. It’s basically one a day, but if it’s true or not, we

Even if you sell one a month, buy 1000 to 3000, and then sell it, you can sell 3000 to 10000. Isn’t the profit of several thousand fast delicious?

Because I don’t know the details, but there are 30 million more men than women in China, how to solve the physiological needs


Clearly there is a lot of demand.

Short video money making project TikTok selling silicone dolls stable day into 3,000!


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