Women earn money: do a blind date operator into 300,000!


Have been around a lot lately


Brush to Henan guy blind date, feel like watching if You are the One as interesting, like this kind of video many are “play”, but can not deny that there are many people like to watch, listen to the small Yueyue like accent, two men and women can sign a successful hand, all want to see the end. And the host is making money from the traffic


As we all know, traders have always been the most profitable, no matter any business, can be regarded as a plate, no matter the capital plate or the pig plate, in this plate, the operator is the supreme king, in control of all the resources, and the flow of the plate, is the survival of traders

Cash flow.

Today we’re talking about a plate. I call it”

Blind date plate

“, and play this plate operator, is a bubble net earn my reality of a friend, his plate has been quite stable, can be said to have a certain influence in the local.

Of course, and Zhenai Baihe, these listed companies did not get

Compared with, after all, any industry, as long as the penetration of a third – and fifth-line small county, it has been several lifetimes of food and clothing.

Next, I will put this friend’s operation method, output to you

Market background: Urban beauty, single aristocratic group, a lot of lonely, need to accompany single men and women

There are too many young people of marriageable age, and their families are pressing them, but most of them have limited contact with classmates and colleagues.

Project purpose: You have to do, is to use these resources reasonably, this is to do good, as the role of matchmaker, by the way to get some money.

Reference Occupation:”

But the circle of “matchmaker” is too narrow, we want to become a “new generation of matchmaker”, using the Internet thinking to operate.

Team: 1-2 people

Equipment hardware: a computer (mainly used to organize and save data, as well as online drainage), more than 2 mobile phones, more than 4 real-name wechat.

Precise user group: Suitable

Married single dog

After the general introduction of the project, the following text:

Easy to understand, anyway, we need the flow is single dog! So where are these singles going to find them?

Common people network, this kind of local website must have a dating module, find the corresponding area, you will see a lot of single dogs want to make friends.

Can be

To see is, there are still a lot of single dogs, since to do this resource integration business, early do not love money, can spend the least money, lead to the most accurate flow is the king, so the top must not be missed.

On top of what? You could say that you’ve created a single community communication group, a group organization from time to time

Offline gathering and the like, is similar words, in fact, do not tell the truth, these are the profit point of the late period.

In a word, the precise single dog on the platform is diverted to your personal micro signal. (PS: Personal wechat signals should be packed in advance to give people a feeling that you have a lot of resources)

This information

Where do they come from? Early when the plate, can be appropriate to make some false, but the latter must not do so! Later rely on the actual authenticity, let those who add wechat, first send a self-introduction:

The template is as follows: age, height, weight, education, economy, family and other factors, convenient for traders to match

Attach a personal note

Selfie, these resources need to be numbered, put in the computer, archive, convenient sorting and categorization.

There are basically two kinds of drainage on the Internet

One, passive drainage: Posting, top paste, top, leave VX

Two, active drainage: those who left the contact information, take the initiative to add friends

Drainage channel: post bar, local website, Q group

Rank, or find peers who play local traffic and pay them to promote.

Offline closure: or to find those offline blind dating corners, each place has a blind dating corner in each place, that is, everyone agreed to the blind dating location, may be such a park, such a shopping mall, you go to these blind dating corners

, prepare some forms to fill in personal information, those who go to the dating corner are precision single dogs, ask them to add wechat to fill in the form.

Cash out module:

One, the basic version of the community: with the flow, the next is to pull the group, the early recommendations of the following 60 people do not charge, slowly popular up, from ten dollars to start charging,

Little by little, rise to more than 20 on the almost, this is the most basic gameplay.

Two, community advanced version: classification starts, distinguish all kinds of people, do a good job of segmentation, such as to distinguish the economic strength of the high-end network group, advertising slogan: the group is all kinds of high-end people, there are the second generation, graduate students, family business children,

Have a house, a car and a deposit, 30W people, charge 200 a, into this group of people most of the conditions are good, so willing to pay, but also to see, those who do not conform to the attributes of the group do not pull

Three, circle of friends exposure package: the late flow up, circle of friends is also a good place to pick up advertising

Fang, to increase their exposure, a day to send 5678 circle of friends, a charge of 50 dollars, permanent exposure of the advertising fee, the circle of friends is a small hundreds of income every day.

Four, offline party organization: the group should organize more interaction, can not let the group die, play some interactive games from time to time, or about a wave of offline parties,

Those young people of marriageable age love to hang out and spend money on things like dining and KTV,

Five, the city alone meet: by the operator organization, reasonable match object, normal about the case, men charge 150 tea fees, women free, and then they normally date, if successful go to the final license, charge media

The cost per person is 3998

Six, the city many single dinner: organized by the operator, five men and five women, men charge 300 service fees, women charge 100 service fees, the fund is 2K, to slightly high-end clean places, a normal table down, without drinks, the profit is about 1K, (ten people,

A dozen dishes, a thousand dollars)

Participants also know that there is not only a fee for the meal, but also a referral fee.

Then the operator is not on the money regardless, need to be ready to match the interaction, so as not to silence. After all, you introduced these five men and five women, and they don’t know each other, so they need a warm-up,

Organize a self-introduction, prepare some games, who’s undercover, werewolf killing, that kind of icebreaker.

More to the same hotel, business to see you come more, there will be a return.

The above are successful trading records, only for reference, the specific situation of their own operation,

In a project, the most important thing is execution,

Otherwise it’s all bullshit!

Women earn money: do a blind date operator into 300,000!


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