Net evaluators a suitable part-time sideline to earn money occupation, simple operation monthly earn 6000+


When we visit Amazon, I do not know whether we have noticed a phenomenon, that is, some buyers show photos are really beautiful, evaluation is also very serious. At this point you do not have such a question, is there really a buyer so carefree to spend so much energy on writing reviews and shooting buyer shows? Not surprisingly,

This is also a merchant operation. This is the same as the bubble net I shared before the writer’s order and small game order, that is, a group of people organized a group of people to provide relatively high-quality content to businesses. This can be understood as content providers. This is the bubble net earn I want to share the next project – net reviewer


I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

In fact, the network evaluation division for part-time sideline to make money for a long time, but has not been how to be known by the public. For example, the ASO project I shared before, the app in the AppStore, has been well received by many users

They’re all painted on. Like you see on Amazon, Jingdong, Amazon these praise, many are also brush up.

Businesses need to regularly brush praise, users also have the need to make money.

2. Solution:

Merchants have the need to brush praise, users have the need to make money and want to get free goods, at this time

Just connect the two ends, take the needs of the merchants, find the users who want to do this order, and solve the needs of both sides. a

3. Revenue Composition:

Collect advertising fees from merchants and annual membership fees from users.

Ii. Specific implementation

1. Find the merchant:

When I shared the squatting domain name before, I specifically shared how to find it

Brand business skills, in fact, the principle is similar, as long as you find willing to spend money on the buyer show. But this is also the most difficult project in the whole project, because the value of the goods that the business can provide and the amount of orders can affect the enthusiasm of the online evaluators to do the task.

Early can talk with the business, can help them do for free

Good reviews and good reviews from buyers (and later targeted charges), merchants just need to offer their products.

In each major e-commerce platform, there are some relatively rich, but do not want to pass the empty package such as the relatively low way to brush the product evaluation (because there are some risks). But when you open a shop

Shop, there will always be some evaluation is not very good goods, often these goods need a lot of excellent evaluation to cover.

There are some commodities, users in the choice, will be very important to the user’s evaluation, whenever there are some bad evaluation, will affect the sales. Such as maternal and infant milk powder, diapers and so on, this kind of

Very affect the choice of treasure mothers, so this kind of business is also the main demand side.

For some commodities, emphasis will be placed on the look and feel of the pictures. For example, for some garments, if the photos displayed by the buyers are not good, the sales will be greatly affected. But businesses can’t have so much money to take pictures, people brush praise, so

It will also be the main demand side of the network assessment.

As long as we determine these businesses, list them, and then contact customer service one by one, it is basically more convenient to find the person in charge of the store. As long as we find more, there will always be transformation.

2. Find online reviewers:

It’s actually easier to find users, as long as you have a few lists that look good,

There are a lot of people who want to do free goods. On the Internet, you can see a lot of people doing similar projects, such as network celebrity hotel experience, such as the website with a variety of goods free trial, in fact, the principle is the same, it can be seen that this market is still very large, do a lot of business.

I have also shared a lot of items related to the sheep’s wool, such as the red envelopes for takeout and the pulling of the sheep’s wool into the Maotai. These are all users of the sheep’s wool and can be converted. Through the circle of friends advertising, community advertising, etc., can be relatively simple drainage. It can also be found on Quora,

Social networking Sites



And other places to drain.

As long as

Tell these users, “We can offer a free trial product with high product value and low photo requirement. After experiencing the product, you can get this product for free.” A lot of users will pay attention to it.

Take the diaper product as an example, you can publish the content in the maternal and child community, help some brand merchants brush the praise, you can get free

This diaper experience, there will be a lot of mothers willing to participate in. As long as the drainage over the treasure mother, no one charged 365


The annual membership fee is like this. There is special training for taking photos. After passing the training, you can take photos of all kinds of baby clothes, diapers, milk powder, hats and baby play for free

Goods such as commercial order, if the shoot is better, you can also receive commercial advertising to earn advertising money.

Invitation Mechanism:

Can attract the treasure mothers who have joined the members to publicize, as long as you recommend a treasure mother to join, you can return 30 cash


And has the right of first order. Treasure mother is naturally surrounded by treasure mother, invite one or two

People is not a problem, so people pull people, or better to expand.

Media Diversion:

Available at


Quora, Quora,

Social networking Sites

, YouTube and other places, refer to the bubble net earn my previous projects, such as the emojis project, network celebrity hotel drainage project drainage method, to their own account for drainage. The gameplay is actually very bad

As long as it has the execution capability, it can divert traffic from the public domain traffic pool to its private domain traffic pool through these media.

3. Content Supplier:

The role of this project is actually the content supplier, and the writer sent orders, small game sent orders, the advertiser on the docking, the next docking task people. So we need to

There should be several roles, one is to expand the BD of merchants, one is to expand and maintain the operation of users (including content review), and one is to finance (this is optional, in the early small time, you can do both).

4. Precautions:

Professional sense: Why users and businesses will trust you, mainly because of professional, can

Give them what they want (orders and reviews), so put some effort into content review and photo training to make sure the content is OK. In this way, businesses can continue to cooperate, and users can continue to cooperate when they get the benefits.

Packaging: Many people know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, so you can put the net

Evaluators are packaged as a profession that users are willing to work for themselves. Network evaluators are not free to obtain goods, is the need to provide high-quality evaluation content, this is through their own labor income.

Cash out: Charging membership fee is one way, it can also be diverted to the knowledge planet or community

In the form of group fee or knowledge Planet annual fee. When I was talking about the paid membership project before, I specifically talked about how to use the knowledge planet to charge membership fees, which can be accumulated, and the effect of fission is very good.

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people:

This project is suitable for one

Some want to do the business of small partners, do not need any special skills, have the ability to execute.

2. Cost

The main cost of this project is manpower

3. Risk and Control:

The main risk of this project is that the content is not provided correctly and there are problems with the products. Therefore, it is necessary to screen both the products and users

What people do, what goods are accepted, if the product has a problem, the user has a problem, not to find the business, usually the first time to find you. So when users join the membership, they have to guide them to sign a default agreement, if there is a problem, it is to find the business, not themselves.

4. Revenue:

One user charge



(This 365 is just an example, it can be more or less), if there are 1000 members, then there is 360,000 annual membership, if there are 2000 members, it is 730,000 annual membership, also quite good.

If you can undertake some relatively good brand merchants for a long time

The list, can also be charged with the business, this piece can receive much, it all depends on their own talk.

5. Project extension

Training: Since these people have a strong desire to make money, they can conduct various kinds of training, such as the bubble earning program I shared before, which can be a training camp

A few hundred dollars, as long as the delivery is good, a pretty good income.

Distribution: If you don’t do training yourself, you can distribute products to other training companies’ projects. How much is a user? Commission is OK. But because their user value is relatively high, so the distribution of this selection should be careful.


Wool: There is a very high degree of coincidence between these users and those who collect the wool. We can guide them to collect the mobile phones and Maotai, and then we can collect the mobile phones and Maotai to earn the difference. It is also OK to collect membership fees with them and provide information and patterns of collecting the wool.

Make it a platform: Users slowly increase

When, you can consider making a trial platform, through SEO, small procedures and other ways, drainage users, slowly grow, attract investment and so on.

Content suppliers of the whole network: Some brands need to build their influence in the whole network, such as Quora, Douban,

Social networking Sites



And so on. These members, you can quote

Teach them to do it themselves


Such as the platform to raise numbers, training them to become content talent, and then take orders for them to do. This sum

Social networking Sites

The pie list is very similar.

Iv. Conclusion:

This project is a content supply that can connect writers’ dispatches,

Social networking Sites

Dispatch order, public number dispatch order, small game dispatch order, if the dispatch item

If you are interested, you can try the operation. Has relatively strong compound interest effect, and the ductility is quite good.

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea remains the same

Net evaluators a suitable part-time sideline to earn money occupation, simple operation monthly earn 6000+

Net evaluators a suitable part-time sideline to earn money occupation, simple operation monthly earn 6000+


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