The overseas e-commerce platform, a single profit of 2000


As we all know, every platform will have a dividend period in the early stage of construction. The dividend period of e-commerce platform is exaggerated, can be said to have an account will have traffic, just like Amazon in the early years.

When I was in high school, I ran a Amazon store selling leather shoes. I didn’t know anything at that time, just pictures of products

On Amazon, the store opened up, keywords write, baby details directly copy the home.

After the store was opened, I only needed to find brush hands every few days to make several orders, and I could earn thousands of dollars a month. At that time, as long as I had an account, I could make money.

Amazon has been around for many years, but it’s mainly for foreign markets.

It is estimated that less than 5 percent of the people who have used Amazon in China have also bought goods on Amazon, and even fewer people have registered for Amazon stores.

But anyone who has done e-commerce at Amazon knows how profitable it can be to put domestic products on Amazon. But because Amazon is very disciplined about fake data

Strict, but it is difficult to build a store without fake data, so the Amazon store account has become a consumable.

Where there is a market, there is interest.

Project Process

The rules of Amazon store registration have been changing. In the early days, a person could register dozens of accounts with different business licenses.

And then it was changed to,

One person can only register three shops with three business licenses, and the rules seem to have changed, but in general.

A shop sells online for between 1500 and 2000


Between, a person registered three shops to sell together, the price is more than 5000.

The cost for us to register a shop is about

It’s three business licenses for $100 each, and a commission of 1,500 to 2,500 for registrants.

The net profit can be between 2000 and 3000. At present, the price of Amazon store is in short supply.

Why can the Amazon store sell more than 1500? The reason is simple: registration is hard.

Former stock

Ticket account opening, Amazon opened a crazy period, there are a lot of people with small gifts and cash to open rural

Household and collection shop.

Amazon’s sign-up is not so simple:

1. Find someone:

Someone who’s willing to sell the store, and needs to be articulate and speak good Mandarin.

2. Inform:

He we need to buy his registered store,

After he registers the shop, the ownership of the shop belongs to us. This is very important, we must inform him, otherwise it may constitute fraud, and ask him to send you his ID photo.

3. Agent License:

Amazon stores need a business license, you can take his business license in Amazon to find someone to charge

The normal price is around 100. If the volume of long-term cooperation, the price can be pressed at about 50.

Agent business license category is best related to e-commerce, and the business license sent to their own here.

4. Registered store:

We get our business license and ID, and then we can use that information, on Amazon

Register an account, account registration skills, there are very many on Google, we can have a look at more.

5. Registered Address:

Amazon will send a postcard to the address you provide, which is filled with the student’s address. On the postcard is a verification code similar to the SMS verification code. You can also contact the Courier and ask the Courier to send the verification code

Here you are.

6. Verification Method:

The verification method is video call verification, and discuss the time of video call with the store registrant. This is also why you can’t sweep the village, many older people don’t speak Mandarin very well, easy to check.

7. Registration Process:

Usually after registering a shop

The next store, three stores registered, will take about 30 to 45 days.

In general, the difficulty with this project is finding enough people to register the shop.

At present, our approach is to directly promote, in colleges and universities, the training of a part-time leader.

Through this part-time leader, go

Promote it in schools.

For an office worker, you give him a commission of two or three thousand dollars, most people won’t sell their shop.

But for a student, if you give him a commission of two or three thousand dollars, the probability is much greater.

Also because of the students to guard against the heart is relatively heavy, and now there are everywhere telecom fraud

Advertising, may lead them to classify us as a brushing scam, wire fraud ring.

Therefore, it is recommended to train a student to do promotion.

The reason why I do not choose to promote online is because of the long process and the problem of trust.

It’s hard to get a stranger to send you an ID photo online and in

30 or 40 days to get the job done.

Risk of law

The nature of the shop, is all the merchants of a virtual asset, it can not be seen and touched, it will make many people mistakenly think that the transfer of the shop is illegal, and is quite unsafe.

In fact, all you need to do is ask the user to sign the contract, and in

Before signing the contract, inform us that we are buying your store, and the whole process will be legal and compliant.

If you induce the user to register a store without his knowledge and inform you of the store’s account information, this is a violation.

In the current shop highly developed trend, fishclaw net also has to provide corresponding services, such as

If the shop transfer is not assured, you can walk the intermediary such as fish claw net.

The normal agency fee is 5% of the store price and 10% of the total.

However, since we find the intermediary directly by ourselves, the platform plays the role of a guarantee intermediary. We can negotiate with the customer service about the agency fee, which can be about 3% in total.

The overseas e-commerce platform, a single profit of 2000


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