In the late period, daily income of 10000 , this simple blue ocean profiteering project


The project I want to share with you today is not a new project, but it still has a good development prospect on the Internet at present, and there are two ways of playing, two ways of playing I will talk about below, and this industry has been quietly making money from the beginning until now.

So the one I’m going to talk about today is PUA,

When you see this word, you might think it’s a derogatory term, right, because there’s a lot of negative news about it, of course more in recent years, and most of it is news of a bad social nature.

It’s just a matter of individual events that skew a normal word like this. PUA is not an emotion, right

Manipulation, its original correct rational meaning is strange chat up, for some professional sales, marketing personnel, should often be organized to this kind of training.

So if you learn PUA, if you’re in sales, you’ll have a lot more confidence in cold calls, which is basically the art of cold calls

Technique, just some of its knowledge, applied to women, may also be more suitable for those who tease girls.

The PUA project is not suitable for some domestic platforms. We know that some videos about this kind can be seen on short video platforms at present, which are all about “emotional counseling, recovery, teaching you to chat and disengagement”.

And so on and so forth, basic gameplay.

Let’s first talk about the domestic content, which is based on feelings. What is the pain point? That is, we have so many bachelor bases, and many of these accounts are matrix numbers operated by the team.

There’s no gameplay here, it’s mostly eye work

“, see is to learn, video gameplay is nothing more than basking in chat, basking in words or basking in software, these have no nutrition and made-up dialogue, I basically do not watch, but the people are very much, at every turn a number of hundreds of thousands of fans is normal.

That back use such an account, large and small, sell some

TXT article out of single talk or private customized recovery package can also sell a lot of money, even if the simple node game promotion or small program promotion, can also quickly realize cash.

Here you may think a little strange, right, such a lou to the dialogue copy, who would like to read, then I

When people turn to the search index, it is not just short videos. The index of wechat search by search also highlights the popularity of chatting or flirting with young women.

Domestic general do these, basically is the full platform drainage, a same content, several platforms do synchronously, so that can quickly drainage to more people, basically all

Drainage to wechat, to achieve copywriting transaction, general domestic do relatively small, is to do some low-cost TXT copywriting these, enough to make some money, if you want to do it, you can also go to a few matrix operation.

So the outside gameplay is a little bit exaggerated compared to the domestic gameplay, also in the video space,

However, they will apply PUA to real combat, and each of their videos is shot directly on the spot. Of course, this does not deny some marketing videos, specially hired models for the video effect, but this style seems to be very popular.

Let’s start by analyzing what’s so special about a video like his

These videos are generally long, one or two hours is very ordinary, videos have a beginning, a cause and an end.

I’ll call their PUA subjects the model actors, and they have a series of chats or whatever, and then they have a further development with the actors, basically every video,

Then, after editing, it will tell you what kind of method or strategy they used based on the conversation at that time, which is a main form of this kind of video.

Of course the diversion is also essential, the video will have a strong guide, if you want to get this complete set

PUA tips or stranger invitation complete chat history, please add XXX.

This drainage of users, and the domestic videos, fan attributes are more accurate, but the purpose is stronger, these fans is to use such a technology, to achieve a purpose, right.

Of course,

I also know one of their final realization of the copy, this everyone to understand, on the spot hand in hand to take you to PUA actual combat, choose a place.

Of course, if it is a real PUA teaching has nothing to say, there is also one in this circle is the ultimate charge, offline to take you to practice, a day charge of 10,000

“And pay 2,000 a day for a model and actor to act with you.

Then here, basically the whole process of a set of projects will come out, but the size of the problem, this kind of project, sell information to sell secrets, sell courses to sell actual combat, no matter which platform, there are audience users.

Believe in our kind of men and women

Few problems can not be solved in a short time, so in the next five years or ten years, such a project has room for development, no matter for what purpose, of course, it must be to make money in the end, no matter what platform you are doing, drainage cash is the same link.

In the late period, daily income of 10000 , this simple blue ocean profiteering project


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