Foreign money projects, YouTube passive promotion to earn dollars


In the past, I have talked to you about several overseas money-making projects. Many friends have actively communicated with me. I think people are still interested in these projects.

So do foreign network to earn projects, the most important is the network, in the basic network and can scientific Internet, follow the bubble net to earn my

Just do it step by step.

There is no basis to follow for some overseas projects. As long as the market demands, the project will be reasonable. Therefore, some money-making platforms are very simple and crude.

Ok, so the project I’m going to introduce to you today is platform and YouTu

be a way to make money.

Once you see YouTube, you may think that this is a project that needs to make videos. So the project I brought to you by Bubble Net does not need to make videos. We just find some high-quality and popular videos on YouTube to make money

There are no infringement issues.

Before we do this project, I want you to think about a question right now: What kind of tasks do people like to look at, or do users want to look at?

Very simple, what men like, is nothing more than money and beautiful women, then wealth and emotional video, is it big

Families will like to watch, which is to comply with a human psychology, when we choose the video, it will improve the efficiency of finding high-quality materials.

So, next we have to go to YouTube to search these keywords, each rely on search to find content platform, there is a search engine and keyword relationship, this big

Home must know.

On YouTube, we simply search “how to attract beautiful woman”. How to attract beautiful woman is also a topic that many men like very much.

Search and pull down, and we’ll

After seeing a lot of great content and finding the video we wanted, we started using a new platform: Adtival, which is a short URL platform.

What this platform does is it takes a long YouTube video link and shrinks it down to a very short one, not only does it shorten the link,

We can also make money by sharing our links on this platform.

We click on the payout Rate in the upper right corner, and here we’ll see how much money people in different countries and regions can make by clicking on the links we share, like in the US, we get 10 for every 1,000 people clicking on our links.

Eight U.S.


The reward.

As long as your content is engaging enough, it should be easy to get a lot of traffic, so let’s SIGN UP first, click SIGN UP,

You can sign up directly with your Google account or email, and when you sign up, it sends an activation chain to your email

Yes, then we can’t use it until we activate the mailbox.

When we sign up, we log in. Blue is our revenue, green is our clicks

At this point, we go back to the YouTube screen, click the link to share the video, and then go back to the short link generation platform and click

New Link, then take the link we copied, copy and paste it here, click Shorten

This way we can get a short link that will help us make money, which means that whenever someone clicks on your link, you can make dollars.

Now let me tell you about the withdrawal of this platform

To withdraw cash is very simple. Follow the steps, click on the Profile in the upper right corner of the interface, and then click Setting.

So in the new screen we see that there’s a Withdrawal Info here, our withdrawal Info setting, so we’ll just click on it and select the simplest one

Single PayPal. On the right, you can see that the withdrawal threshold of PayPal is very low, only $5


I can withdraw my money,

When we pull down to the end, we click Submit again, which solves our payment problem. I suggest that we choose PayPa for most foreign projects

l Payment, easy to get to the account quickly.

Next, we want to promote, let more people to click on our link, in the following explanation, I will introduce you two methods of promotion, as long as the implementation can make your link to more people click.

The first is the ordinary way of promotion, which is also the present

Most of the people who are working on this kind of money making project are using it, which is to post these links on social platforms, some social forums, some Facebook groups, etc. As long as your content is compelling enough, you can get pretty good traffic from these platforms alone.

A forum platform like this,

I recommend one for you, such as reddit, which is, if you want to use an analogy, Quora in the United States.

These social forums are pretty much the same, and if you don’t know English, it’s not difficult to translate the browser and study it yourself.

So the second way to promote it is:

KingdomLikes, which is a task platform where we earn credits for doing tasks like giving people Facebook likes or retweeting tweets, etc.

Registration is also directly registered by email, login, in this interface, select Twitter, and then

We just copied the link from the social forum and posted the task.

What does this platform mean? It’s like you pay to promote CPC, people do tasks to promote your links, and your links get exposure.

This is a quick way to promote your YouTube links


UP hosts on YouTube are eager for you to promote their links, and you’re getting your own revenue from secondary promotion, which is a great way to make money in a mutually beneficial way.

Foreign money projects, YouTube passive promotion to earn dollars


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