Revealed TikTok’s livestreaming of a driving test to sell cards for $80 million in 2 months


Businesses recruit beautiful teachers, and wholesale in a treasure to buy the driving test APP membership card secret, directly open live broadcast to explain the driving test theory, output valuable valuable content, attract the target group, to the group to sell card secret to earn the difference in the game.

There are 4 advantages to this play:

1, do not sell physical goods, simple and rough.


Almost zero threshold, anchors easy to find, image to go, can recite the theory exam questions.

3. Small investment, no big money. Except for the purchase of normal live broadcast tools, wholesale Carmi cost, pay the anchor by commission, almost no investment.

4. Fast money. Currently, the account that does well live 8 shows every day, 2 hours each, and monthly sales

1.35 million, gross profit about 70%, easily monthly net profit of 500,000… .

This project also has a hidden advantage, driving test training is not only a large market, and no competition, the key you can import wechat to sell used cars, supplies, accessories and other back-end.

What do you expect from such a lucrative, malleable business model?

How do you do that? Here’s how!

Step 1: Recruit 1-2 anchors to be familiar with subjects 1 and 3 of the driving test App and their problem-solving skills before the launch.

Step 2: Create a beautiful professional driving school teacher, shirt and trousers with the instructor’s fluorescent vest can be.

Step 3: Search for “fast x drive x” and “x pass drive” on a treasure

x “and other platform name, to become their agent, the first to take 500 carmi, each agent price is about 5 dollars, broadcast room selling 29.9-69.9.

Prepare the electronic version of the exam answers for Subjects 1 and 3 and the notes for Subjects 2 and 4 (as freebies), which is everywhere on Amazon, 10 dollars

The money is done.

Step 4: Apply for a business license with the business scope of “driving test technical consulting services” and open a business with this license


Store products (virtual products: membership of driving test APP)

Step 5: Hardware preparation: 1 touch-screen monitor for live broadcast (mobile phone/tablet can be used to replace it in the early stage), 3 fill light lamps,

One iPhone 11, one phone stand, and one radiator (the iPhone can’t do without a radiator).

Step 6: Prepare 3-5


Account, open the commodity window function (personal number less than 1000 fans need to register as an enterprise number with the business license) for backup.

Step 7: Use in the broadcast room

Open the APP software to display the question types, and the host is a driving school teacher to explain the ideas of solving the driving test questions displayed on the live screen.

Step 8: Create matrix number. There are three main accounts in this case, named as Driving Test xx Coach Network Technology or xx Coach Driving Test Consulting Service. Each account is assigned 1-2

A famous anchor.

Step 9: Start the live broadcast. The live broadcast content is mainly to explain the solving skills of the driving test. The lecture process is as follows:

Step 10: When the popularity is close to the peak (according to different online levels, refer to the following values: 100, 260, 1000, 3000, the number of online people close to these values is approximately

Rate is the peak state), began to shift into the sales link. When connecting, let the water army consult on the public screen has ordered how to get the tutorial, the anchor homeopathy to introduce the product.

Step 11: When the anchor starts to promote orders, he/she needs to repeat the selling point of the product constantly, and use the valuable gift (the answer to the exam) to attract the stay. The specific order promotion process is as follows:

(1) optimal

Wide use: any car test questions are included, each question has a solution idea.

② Easy to use: for illiterate partners, each question has the function of pronunciation reading.

(3) Summarize the complete answer experience, such as: see “detention” must choose, directly choose the judgment question.

④ Price comparison force single: highlight “only do not hesitate straight

Take the orders, you get 39


Benefit price! The price that hesitates to pay immediately becomes 69



⑤ Comparison with the offline driving schools: the language reference “family, 39


Compared to the 4,000 you give to your driver’s license, they don’t teach you four subjects, right? In my course, 39


Included Subjects

One to subject four all knowledge, for subject two, subject three, you can’t remember when practicing driving, come to our course! It’s got all the instructional videos for the driving test. Go back and watch them anytime

⑥ Comparison with other apps:

a, outstanding member valid time is “life tenure” while other driving test treasure 48 meters only 3 months

Period of validity;

B. Comparison of test range: the 48m driving test book can only obtain the test questions of one car type, while the 38m course sold in the broadcast room can obtain the test questions of all car types for a lifetime.

⑦ Gift strategy: limited time limited gift value of 698 members to force the answer to the single.

Step 12: After the normal product is sold

, directly in


Personal message to customers, get the card can be secret.

How to import the purchased user into wechat private domain?

The path design is as follows: obtain the customer’s mobile phone number through sales of “driving test training” → SMS notification, guide them to jump to the wechat public number → the public number guide to add customer service wechat to get the card.

One wave operation, direct

The public number of attention and wechat precipitation two things together to do, into wechat directly sell derivative products can be

In short, say more, do less, young do not work hard, grow up Kai Xiali.

Revealed TikTok’s livestreaming of a driving test to sell cards for $80 million in 2 months


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