Simple virtual projects, as long as you spend valuable time, will be done sooner or later


Today, a member came to me to get a copy of the information. Since my information is kept in the Google web disk, I have to share the link to push it to the other party.

As a result, when sharing the set expiration date, found a way to bulk revenue.

Holding the psychology of curiosity, was the interface of the copywriting to attract to the next point, see

How it’s played.

As mentioned above, you can earn up to 39.4 in cash for creating a share


The profit of.

This kind of play is very popular, but Google has a strong knowledge base, or can attract a lot of users want to go to the library in the paid resources.

Human nature being what it is, free resources feel worthless,

Paying for it creates the desire to actually download it.

Therefore, the following copywriting information is exactly in line with these needs.

This is guided by the text in the image above.

The typical profit model is purely selling members, to join the program, you need to sign up first.

This is easy. Just click on”

The “sign” button can be opened.

After signing successful to enjoy the red envelope qualification, explain how this is useful?

Like the promotion to partner, through this authority to promote the market, can actually save money for users.

The same is to open Google svip, go to the official website to open no preferential, and through the sharer to give

Link to buy and enjoy discounts.

In addition to their own web disk users, for people who have never used the web disk, through you share any resource link.

The other party in their own network disk transfer, and create a new keep file name, then it is related to your income.

What to make of the above sentence?

It’s like doing

Taoke thought, a commodity link contains the corresponding PID information, the other side of the order you have commission.

OK, look again, how to divide a single commission.

The amount of commission is related to the level of membership, but also related to the order of new and old users.

New users first purchase monthly vip can get double commission, if there is already a web disk

For regular users, one order is 1.9



A single profit maximization, need the other party to open the annual package.

This picture is the reward plan for this project. If you have any questions about the subsequent operation, you can also ask the internal customer service.

For a quick look at where the benefits are, follow this path.

The generated income settlement time is 30 days, withdrawal

The process is to the degree of small full, then mention the bank card.

Above is a brief introduction about Google online disk selling VIP, the following talk about how to drain cash.

I want to see here, you most want to know how to sell members, how to find customers and similar questions.

Don’t worry. When I tell you more, this project will be operational

It went through the air.

The first channel: Second hand goods trading platform

A gathering place for idle people, a centralized flow pool that specializes in picking up bargains, plus backrest power is Ali.

This is similar to the idea of doing Amazon, virtual goods can not be passed, but to avoid the appearance of illegal words.

Otherwise, it’s a violation before the traffic starts. This is

the loss outweighs the gain

It is suggested to see the Second hand goods trading platform rule first, and then to promote.

Similar to Google web disk this word, if pure verbatim bold to send, certainly violation.

At the same time, you can see that the flow of Second hand goods trading platform is really large. The more people involved, the wider the demand, and the business opportunities are here.

Looking at the headlines written by my peers,

Or write

Google net pan, the last word is Pinyin instead

Or Google SVIP can also come to the flow.

The picture can be written on the whole, let the user see a clear, so that the system can not capture the illegal words.

In addition, the current Second hand goods trading platform on many counterparts of the routine is to let you shoot after you recharge the phone number.

Actually, the gameplay is

In order to upgrade, such as copywriting pictures all imitate to do.

The automatic reply reference is as follows:

Do not shoot directly, according to the net pan address I gave you, there is an extra discount, specific 88888 (remarks svip)

How to transform after drainage to personal wechat?

Combined with the rules given by the above platform, just write a Google

Open the web disk member document, which the web disk address to join.

Guide the user to first save to the web disk, and then create a new folder, and then go to buy can enjoy low prices.

This is the best to take a small, with large share in the past, the trumpet to open a member to see how much money can reduce the red envelope.

After the completion of the Google web disk to buy

Guide to go into the screenshot, that according to the bubble network to earn this process to buy you cheap, the other side to buy the same.

In fact, according to this idea to do, can lead a lot of users to automatic transaction.

Second hand goods trading platform hanging on a few dollars of goods do not let them shoot, shot off the shelf, need to re hair, affect the drainage.

The second

Channel: Quora

The most direct diversion in Quora is to find the corresponding demand questions, directly to answer the line.

But pay attention to one point, do not leave contact information in the content, otherwise it will be sealed.

General advice in the personal data, a sentence introduction in the setting, the premise is to operate more than a week of the number, the new number is still very dangerous.

Like this one

Topic, from the user’s point of view, is to take the topic of strong demand, mentioned how to buy Google members cheap.

There are more than 800 followers, and the number of visitors is as high as 1.98 million. Maybe as long as the layout of this problem is well, the traffic will continue to come.

The way to find precise questions is to search “Google” in Quora

SVIP “is OK.

This is also a gathering place for prospective customers, but it is only time to write some questions diligently.

If you want to drainage more efficient, may wish to know through the plug-in function to promote, you can leave wechat, public number or other jump links.

Anyway, no matter how you play it, the ultimate goal is to make money, right

The process is not important the result is important.

Final note:

Stop complaining about how hard it is to find a project. Any platform on the Internet is your opportunity to start a business.

The cost part is a total zero, and it will happen sooner or later if you spend valuable time on it.

Simple virtual projects, as long as you spend valuable time, will be done sooner or later


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