“Account sharing network”, 2 hours to build channels, automatic help you make money drainage


Have you ever posted this type of “iqiyi/Tencent Video vip members who lend me for use” in your moments, or have you ever seen this type of moments?

The project I’m talking about today is related to vip accounts on various platforms.

Account sharing network.


Single point is to build a website, and then share various types of vip accounts, through the diversion to wechat/public accounts for traffic realization and the sale of low-price vip member account realization.

Take a look at the “index” of various search terms:

(Click image to enlarge)

In the Google index alone, iQiyi and Tencent

The overall average of the video index is about 250, and the low video of Sohu is only a few dozen every day.

In addition to 360, Sogou, Quora, public account, TikTok and other indexes, the overall index added up to absolutely 1000 , which is not a small flow.

The following is my screenshot of a vip account sharing website:

Do you really think their website will give you a free vip account?

It’s so naive.

These accounts are the website master with numbers letters, you go to use these accounts to land 99% are not available.

(Click image to enlarge)

Mainly is the name of free sharing vip account to drainage.


System allows users to pay attention to the public number, and through the public number reply keywords in can get verification code.

Well, the purpose of public number suction drainage reached, but there is still no available account how to do?

Now I’m in a hurry to see a new movie or TV show, and I can’t afford to spend 15-20


Money to open one

A vip for a month for just one show.

Well, the website again saw the channel of low price membership, I watch a TV series or a movie, for 20


The money feels a little short, but spend a few


I guess the money doesn’t matter.

You only need a few share numbers


Money can be a month, direct charge is cheaper than the official website


The money.

Struggling to find the account, see these prices so cheap just buy it, anyway, it is also cost-effective.

You have a complete closed loop.

By building a website drainage – public number to attract powder to do traffic main cash – website/public number/circle of friends sell low price member account cash.

Traffic comes through search engines

Just spend half an hour a day writing a “Free Account Sharing Today” article.

Project preparation, the early stage only needs a website, to build the website cost 55 domain name a year, Tencent cloud new users 27, server a year dozens


Money, the whole website set up a bubble net to earn 10



The way money is around.

When the website is included by the major search engines, you can prepare to start the construction of the public account. The construction of the public account is also very simple. It is good to create the public platform according to the guidance of wechat, and the cost is 0.

“Account sharing network”, 2 hours to build channels, automatic help you make money drainage


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