Newbies earn more than 10,000 dollars a month by this small blue ocean profiteering project


On each platform, there are a number of popular products, because of the accurate positioning of the Red Sea market, can be a piece of the pie. I mentioned two of them in a recent post, and the feedback has been good. This paper will continue to explore the violent Red Sea market, and what other blue ocean niche products.

1. Short video interception and editing software


As the name suggests, it’s a little video for people. I’ve always said that short videos are an outlet and there are some people who make money from it. Later, the wind blew in the people, or will be more and more. Some are original, but most are not. For these people, the market will come up with special software

To meet their needs. For example, short video clips, short video editing and so on. And what they do is, they write very succinctly. By long video, batch cut part of the video, by de-watermarking, external subtitles, merge, rotate, add music, make your own video, then add watermark and so on, and then heavy again

New upload.

Appropriately solved the need to do not do original but eager to spread through video. Therefore, we will find that this kind of software visits and exposure, are very good. Look at any store and see how many you need. It’s between 200 and 500.

Take this video capture software for example

And got over 8,000 views, which is great.

Why is there a market for this kind of software?

It’s very simple. What we call video creation is sifting through thousands of libraries of footage, categorizing them, and then reorganizing them into new content. Based on this, many tools are needed to improve the efficiency of making money. So,

The purpose of the tool is not to be lazy, but to make more money. That’s the idea of a low-cost startup. After many years, you will realize that the chances of making money from originality are very low; Batch pseudo original money, not less than pure original.

2. Time and study schedule

This kind of resources, mainly for college students, graduate students, beginners

Workers, do orderly, stable time planning. Many college students, in the third or fourth grade, resist the pressure of the entrance examination, continue to study steadily for a long time. A good diploma or a good job means a stable income and a broad life prospect. Build on it, use it

Study schedule, orderly arrangement of study time, more easily bubble net earn to complete the exam, lay a solid foundation. This resource, therefore, is for those who need self-disciplined learning. From a treasure, physical store product sales are good, there are also special to do a treasure through train advertising, advertising means

There is a market, there is profit. But lately, the fish has seen a more sophisticated approach.

In this case, no physical products will be sold, and no virtual timeline resources will be sold. The number of viewers, close to 73,000, is also very demanding, and the market potential is huge.

Certain treasure, rely on physical products as an advantage; To the Second hand goods trading platform,

Find a new way, rely on the quantity of a wide range, to meet different needs. For example, categorize forms so that more people who need self-discipline can benefit from it. Such as the famous Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, Cornell notes, or simple time pie, Gantt chart, study plan and so on. Because the price is low, it needs to be bigger

The coverage of the Under the investigation of its sales, a day generally around 20-30 orders, net income at most 80 or 90 orders a day, can be said to be very good. Ultimately, there is no cost or input.

Once you find a popular one, all you have to do is make it bigger, enlarge, enlarge. The same

Of the accounts, Xianyu can find at least 5 more; A conservative estimate is more than $4 million a day. Therefore, do not underestimate the few dollars, or dozens of dollars. Every day to enter a thousand gods, is to make a small amount of start, like a snowball to make thirty thousand. A well should be deep, straight, deep and repeated

Do, anything is the same. The ability to make small amounts of money makes it easier to seize opportunities to make big amounts of money.

Newbies earn more than 10,000 dollars a month by this small blue ocean profiteering project


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