Disassemble virtual resource projects through Google bidding operation, Bao Ma can also operate at home, monthly income 1.5 dollars


I’ve been working on this project for over a year, and I don’t make much money compared to many of my peers. The monthly sales amount is 30000


Around, because I need to take care of the baby and do it at the same time, I hired a customer service staff. Excluding the customer service commission and advertising fees, the monthly profit is 15000


Right and left.

I will share all my experiences with you in the hope of helping you a little.

Here I will tell you how I operated this project from several aspects:

1. Recent revenue and profit

2, first have a side door just need products, and how to increase the added value of the product

3, the flow channel: the main

Bidding from Google

4, traffic conversion: webpage automatic order + customer service transformation

5. Current problems

1. Recent revenue and profit

Introduction of Project background:

Nowadays, many people want to learn related job skills to improve themselves. We know that there are PS, web programming and so on. In addition to these, there are many examples of just need

Such as machinery numerical control industry, construction industry, etc.

First-tier cities: Generally first-tier cities have this kind of training, the training price from three thousand five thousand to tens of thousands


No, many fresh graduates or practitioners with low salaries can’t afford thousands of dollars at a time


Go to training, so they will choose hundreds online



Systematic training.

In addition, there are many second-tier cities, many people want to participate in offline training, but these industries are relatively small, there is no local offline training, so they will also look for online training. Some people will choose live online training, and some people will choose a complete set of courses like ours

Learn by yourself.

This project is mainly through the Google bidding channel, the use of poor information and value to create, to sell the tutorial products, mainly CNC building tutorials, starting from the side door precise flow, to achieve less investment in advertising to obtain orders, each order profit of about 300, about 2 orders a day

Can be equivalent to the salary of an office worker.

Take a look at the screenshot of April revenue below:

In daily life, tutorial products are sold through Google bidding, and the monthly sales volume is about USD 3w, which is generally collected through online wechat Pay, Alipay Pay and SF Express collection.

2. Do this

For a project, you have to have a product first

Where do you start with the product? We can use Google promotion client – keyword planner this tool, search “tutorial”, find a lot of various tutorials, as shown in the following figure

After finding these tutorials, one by one to query, query content including: Google index is less than 500, Amazon sales

More than 10, less than 5 competitors. Meet these three conditions, can become the target product, put into the test.

For example, I’m working on this product right now

In addition, you can also find dozens of products that meet the requirements through my above product search standards, and put advertisements in bulk.

Generally speaking, this product is

The price ranges from the lowest 398 to more than 1000. The package can be combined by itself. As long as the package looks very worthwhile, the average customer will choose the medium-high price package. That’s a minimum of 300 for one deal


Profit. Flow enough, a day to do about 3 single or relatively easy.

Back to the product

Topic: Once we find the product, where do we find the source?

You get the idea from the last picture.

The same input on Amazon: ansys tutorial, there are a lot of trainers, we directly from Amazon to buy several sets of better systematic, high quality lecturer tutorials.

Of course, there is a similar training in Tencent Classroom

Courses, the quality will be better, I will generally choose Tencent classroom system courses, these courses originally sold for thousands of dollars


Many people who sell pirated courses will put the tutorials of Tencent class in the channels of Xianyu and Amazon, as long as dozens


You can buy it. Personally, I prefer high-quality courses like Tencent Class.

For one thing, the lecturer is of high quality and can really take my clients through the door. Second, as long as the quality of the course is good, there is no after-sales service.

Buy a few copies of the relatively high quality of the tutorial, and then study the same line of package, Amazon package, organized into a systematic tutorial, so that customers feel that 398 pay to buy this set of tutorials is

Great value for money. For example, customers have never complained about the one I have arranged, and many customers have learned ansys from 0.

Another thing about value building. In plain English, why is a piece of data worth 398


. I’ll throw in a Samsung portable hard drive with the entire tutorial,

Mail it to the customer. In addition, a VIP card will be given as a gift. The function of the VIP card is that the subsequent tutorials will be updated all the time. Customers who get the VIP card will be given all the tutorials for free. So he bought it this time and has been enjoying all of our tutorials ever since. This is very important to the customer

It’s worth it.

We buy mobile hard disk and VIP card is also directly from Amazon to buy, hard disk dozens of hundreds of G is enough, mainly used to install tutorials. VIP cards cost just a few cents each and can be customized.

So do tutorial products, the initial investment is to buy the cost of the tutorial (good quality

Hundreds of


Just fine), a portable hard drive (a 50


Around), prepare a batch of VIP cards, keep a micro signal can open dry.

3, traffic channels: mainly from Google bidding

The product is ready, do this project, in fact, the flow channel can be many. Free channels such as seo, wechat ranking, etc

There are also people doing, want to quickly effect, test out the effect, or paid channels to the faster. I choose here is Google bidding.

Google bidding, is in the Google search “ansys tutorial”, the first line, showing the words of promotion, is the bidding advertisement. Do Google bidding, first of all

Open a Google promotion account, the account can be directly Amazon. Find the account holder. Explain the product you want to promote and the account will help you set up an account. General Google account needs the first charge 2400 Google coins, equivalent to you need to invest more than 2000


Open an account and promote it

Once I opened the account, I just

It’s about setting up accounts. Setting up an account is also very simple, at least I think it is much simpler than Amazon through train. The most important thing is to choose keywords. Choose what kind of keywords, will determine your profit or loss.

For example, the keywords of the tutorial class, open the Google promotion client – keyword planner, input ansys teaching

Cheng, you’ll see a batch of words.

Generally want to learn the tutorial of the customer, the search intention words are: tutorial, video tutorial, self-study tutorial, introduction, zero basis, self-study **, ** tutorial how much a series of words.

These words can be paired with ansys, and if you type them one by one, you get a batch of long tail words.

With this crop

Zi long tail word, and then in the promotion process to see customer search words, high degree of intention to join the word, such as installation, free, crack, Google cloud, Google network disk irrelevant words are eliminated. The key words of the account will be more and more accurate, and the customer turnover rate will be higher and higher.

4, traffic conversion: web page automatic order

+ Customer service transformation

After the drainage of accurate flow, let’s talk about customer service transformation. Here the focus is to build a transaction system. This transaction system includes the marketing of the web page itself and the marketing of the customer service side.

First, the web page:

Web page is generally the peer’s single page off, change the phone number, change the wechat signal

Become your own single page. If possible, you can record a video to show your current learning difficulties. We have such a set of practical tutorials, which are summarized by engineers from more than ten years of practical experience in factories, which can help you break through the difficulties. Inside with case display, actual operation, from the video on the conversion of a lot of customers

Households. Interested can look at this video: http://cat.rzrts.cn/b/ansys2/

Generally, a high conversion of video + web practical case display + massive gifts can guide customers with high intention to place an online order.

If you can’t convert it to a web page, you’ll need it

Customer service. Customer service is generally to solve the problems that customers have not solved on the web page. We summarized the following problems and issued them to customer service.

Our current customer service conversion rate is generally about 28%, 1000 customers, transaction about 280 people. And although the customer service has changed, but the language is the same

, the total conversion rate did not change much.

5. This project has quick results, but it also has shortcomings, which is my bottleneck at present.

First, the customer did not repurchase. Customers buy courses, are one-time, unlike cosmetics, tonic products are re-purchased. So in general it’s a waste of customer resources.

Number two, we’re on

Hundreds of products, and finally found that the conversion rate is better or occupation class tutorial, but occupation class tutorial is not much, belongs to the cold, the overall order volume can not be raised.

In general, this is a project suitable for novice operation, the initial capital investment of about 5000 can be, after the stability of the project, can be dedicated to customers

Service reception and delivery, is basically an automated project.

Disassemble virtual resource projects through Google bidding operation, Bao Ma can also operate at home, monthly income 1.5 dollars

Disassemble virtual resource projects through Google bidding operation, Bao Ma can also operate at home, monthly income 1.5 dollars


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