Low – priced recycling goods, sinking the market profiteering money project


As we all know, with the development of the Internet to the present, some third-tier and fourth-tier cities want to start a business basically from the first-tier cities, like some offline experience stores, etc., the effect is to be investigated by the market.

But some people are eyeing the huge potential of this sinking market, do investment and make money, all kinds of joining,

Agents emerge in an endless stream, in fact, the agent can make money, I think the headquarters is the most clear, they mostly earn franchise fees.

For the general public, how to make full use of the huge sinking market of third – and fourth-tier cities for projects is the top priority. As long as it is properly used along with the trend, it will be very profitable


Like I saw recently


There is a girl in Lu ‘an live at night, during the day to collect garbage, we do not look down on the garbage, every day to tidy up, hand in hand is hundreds of thousands of dollars, live is hard, but there are many people to watch.

It’s a combination of online and offline, as a friend said to me recently

Acting as a business, county running errands, ready to hire some people to start, I listen, do you need to pay agent fees now running errands, must be they have the hype of the service.

In fact, when we run these projects in the third and fourth tier, we really don’t have to think about adhering to the so-called corporate support or headquarters plan

Wait, we can do some of our own projects.

The project I’m going to talk to you about today is a combination of online and offline projects in third – and fourth-tier cities. It’s a recycling project that recycles old clothes and then turns them into cash. In fact, there are many such projects, such as the production of plastic particles

A money-making project.

What is the use of recycling old clothes? It can not only be broken and reprocessed into cloth, but also can be made into insulation materials or renewable resources, etc. There are some household tools, such as mops and crafts, which are very useful.

In the early days, the community was discovered unannounced

A lot of old clothes recycling boxes, at first everyone thought that this is donated to the disaster area, in fact, later we know, right, some people with ulterior motives to resell the cash.

Most of us, if we recycle our old clothes, resell them to our suppliers, they will turn them into more and then export them, so that the profit will be

What’s more, some of the big recyclers mainly rely on scale, like us small players can do it by hand.

As for the specific profit, I consulted a friend who is engaged in recycling used clothes. The price of recycling used clothes is calculated according to the tonnage, and each ton can sell about 3000


Around, the price of recycling is 1

Within 1,000, then you can make a profit of 2,000, which is not bad.

In fact, the most important thing for us to do any project, especially this kind of offline entity, is to save costs and control costs. When we start to do it, there is no need to make the project particularly big, as long as we can stabilize several communities back

Just take it.

In addition, we can contact a number of recycling companies and purchase their clothes or sell them to them directly, which will also enable us to recover the cost quickly. For this kind of project, the larger recyclers have their own independent storage, and recyclers can also sell to each other to make the difference between them.

Of course,

If you say where the country’s used clothing recycling project to do more mature, certain southern coastal areas, like NewYork has a very developed industrial chain, used clothing recycling, port directly exported overseas, a one-stop industrial chain has existed for a long time.

Like a big recycler in a first-tier city, if you can hook up with them

If so, it is a good business to be a big recycler locally, and only recycle the bulk clothes of those secondary recyclers, so that you don’t have to touch the lower market.

In fact, this project is very simple, just like recycling mobile phones. You should all have similar experiences. XXX in your hometown collects old mobile phones outside and transfers them

Hand worth millions, these are the products of The Times, those on the mobile phone recycling past either metallurgy or resold to Shenzhen BeiHuaqiang market.

So what do we need to do, is to stimulate the whole market, the market recycling, recycling as much as possible, of course, there is no need here how big

Capital occupation, after all, the recycling price is very low, even once appeared plastic POTS for mobile phones, scissors for mobile phones and so on.

If you have a big house, it is better to invest in a factory. If you don’t, you will have to invest in a factory. This is also a place to occupy funds

Not by the cloth, just by the jin.

In fact, at first glance, people may think that this project is garbage collection, which is not very good to tell. Besides, some recycled clothes may be sold to black workshops and refurbished into new clothes, so the industry is still very deep.

But in the context of the industry,

This project is worth doing. On the one hand, everyone wants to know about these projects in the sinking market. Otherwise, tens of thousands of people would watch a live broadcast of garbage collection.

The other thing this project is very much in line with our environmental policy

Policy, is a kind of recycling project, if the color is good, can also be taken to Second hand goods trading platform hanging a single item, the sales price is higher, and recycling old clothes is much easier than garbage collection, the difficulty is relatively small, is not likely to be pit, even if

A novice

As long as you keep doing it, you can figure it out.

Low – priced recycling goods, sinking the market profiteering money project


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