Share TikTok store group project, basic monthly revenue of 5w, now open training charge 9k


The history is always surprisingly similar, just like the deep alleys I never get tired of visiting, where the charm is still there and the spring is full. For so many years, it is still the same. Similarly, my feelings can be placed in the world of the wayside door, after all, for a studio engaged in a niche field, all the operations are imitation of the gameplay of the previous project, just take it

Today’s cluster case, today’s talk is


As usual, I will talk about the pros and cons of the project before dismantling it. After all, the kids are right and the adults are wrong.


Store group and other

The project is the same, they all come quickly, but the cycle is short, and the dividend period is a wave, just like recently, every day a bunch of people add w to the previous shua water, when you see it, you don’t know how many rounds have been changed, and two months ago, the studio within the circle is specialized in doing


The guys in the store group, they’ve got their hands full

Bowl full, now also have a sense of crisis, because they are afraid, afraid of being abandoned by this platform, so, they have been bubble net earn in doing two things: one is to deploy the next platform, play to copy, the second thing is to quickly cut leek, charge tuition fees, so, when you see a project on the market is charging tuition fees

The dividend period has almost passed, don’t disagree, my toilet sieve may be better than you can bar, rough talk is not rough.

Let’s cut to the chase. People are really broke, so think about getting one. Remember, this thing, it’s not a career. First,

A novice

Popularize what is


The store base? Very simple,


The store cluster is in

A treasure, a multi platform, or its own platform to grab a variety of low-price run volume of products, and then automatically increase the price to batch upload


Small shop, and then use technical means to do the recommended weight of similar products,


It’s called (guess what you like), and the only benefit is that users can see you while browsing other products,

And then your price is lower, and there are orders, white piao for short, and with orders there is profit, and this is the same as a treasure shop group in the early morning. A multi-store group, JD store group operation, exactly the same, now is to move the method to


That’s all.

For starters

A novice

Should be most concerned about how much it costs to do, I will say briefly

A few, I know you are poor

1. Security Deposit

This is basically a requirement for every platform,


Small shop according to different categories, generally in 2k-5k, this is a store.

2, the basic site, personnel wages, this I do not nonsense, to do something, this is the foundation, do not tangle, if really poor, at home, to give themselves

Work for oneself

3. Cushion capital

When the store group has a single, it means that you have to deliver the goods, the goods are to be sent from the previous order, which requires funds to buy, the general buyer can only withdraw 7-15 days after confirming the receipt of the goods.

Yeah, well, you know, you can take more than you can take, but it’s in your own account, so there’s nothing to worry about, if you

Timid, just a little bit slowly, this if tangled, I suggest you if you are a woman, you can consider the deep alley to find someone to enlighten.

Next, I will introduce the principle of store group push traffic, the first is the most recent


Mall, I take a picture, will see “guess you like” or “you might like

This wave of traffic is without any promotion costs, compared with the high threshold of the bus fare, this platform is very friendly, at that time, is for honest people. And want to handle this wave of flow, need to do these indicators

1. Single product conversion rate

The higher the conversion rate, the higher the quality of the store, the more traffic pushed by the platform


Basic sales volume

My experience is at least 50+ sales volume to have “guess you like” push flow, so, first fill the order, clever fill to 50+

3. Selection

The selection of products must be low price, high frequency, mass, such as daily necessities, small household appliances, clothing and so on

4. Search volume index

The search volume is large, indicating that the commodity attention is high, pushed by the platform

The natural flow of recommendation is large

5. Score the store

4.5-4.75 points to have a push current

A, first say the selection, we can directly use the flying melon data or Chan mother can be analyzed, the standard should pay attention to (sales of 10w+, true comment number 80%+, the main figure with copy, price 5-10), such as the following is a baba

Underwear, the next is not high, sales are very strong, the main picture with copy, directly into the selling point

B. Then check whether the main picture meets the specifications, manually find out the illegal products, and then remove them from the shelves. The main picture shall not include sensitive information such as brand, price, logo, watermark, country, national flag, camouflage clothing, etc.

C. The next step is up

In this step, we need to use the tool of Doudou Store — Zhuoshou to collect goods, which can be screened and collected in batches and put on the shelves. When the products are put on the shelves, the product promotion plan will be opened in the marketing center of Doudou Store, and the commission will be set at 10%. The whole batch operation will be completed.

D. Then optimize to improve the passive search volume. I won’t talk much about product name optimization

This is equivalent to how to rob the pit to use the toilet, but also take money

E. Make up orders to increase the basic sales volume. The steps are as follows

1. Register 3


And open the merchandise window, the purpose is to let other brush through these three


You can go in to fill the order. Why is it 3? Because if you have a sign it’s very easy to determine the complement

Single, especially


“Is very strict. Seek wealth and risk

2, the shelf supplement products to these three


No. 1 window

3. Pass these three


Merchandise window to find a supplement link, simulate real shopping operation

Remember, the quantity of order is controlled every day. The first stage is mainly to complete the basic score of the store. When the order is replenished, the delivery efficiency is guaranteed

Certificate within 24 hours, and then timely harvest praise, until the score reached 4.8 points or more

After the score is reached, we start to make up the sales volume, 1-6 orders every day, almost 50+ after a few days of operation

F. Maintain the dynamic score of the store. This detail is quite numerous, but it is not difficult.

G. Improve conversion rate

In a very good way

Many, such as setting the full reduction coupon (the full reduction ratio is 20% of the profit) or the store’s daily product update (pay attention to the conversion rate list every day, remove all the low conversion rate from the shelves, put on new products, and so on).

Share TikTok store group project, basic monthly revenue of 5w, now open training charge 9k

Share TikTok store group project, basic monthly revenue of 5w, now open training charge 9k


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