A small and blue ocean sunshine analysis project


Today I’m going to talk about a small but blue ocean project.

I saw this in the paying group next door. Let’s talk about the features of this project first:

1, minority, 2, blue ocean, 3, own flow, 4, the start-up cost is very low.

One of the most attractive is “own traffic” this point, before the test of many projects, often in the stream

It’s very limited in quantity.

Related platforms to see the same line of cases, is indeed its own flow, although can not see the amount of video playback, but from the comments, many often only 5, 8 messages, there are 1 to 2 are intended customers in the consultation.

This project is called Sunlight Analysis Video.

Most people buy houses,

Are very concerned about the sunshine situation of the room, but many houses are future rooms, do not know the specific sunshine situation before handing over the room.

At this time, through the relevant software, you can simulate the sunshine situation to understand, to see whether the sunshine is sufficient in a year? Do nearby tall buildings or other buildings affect sunlight? Same floor, same floor

Apartment type, which room gets more sunlight, etc.

Buying a house is a large transaction, before making a decision to spend a small amount of money, understand the relevant situation in advance, many people are also very strong willingness to pay.

Although the project is very good, why do I still choose to give it up? Here, it may be helpful to others.

1. Software first

Technical problems.

The Ecotert software is usually used to make this kind of video. The original version is in English, which is a kind of software with relatively high professional requirements, and the company stopped updating it long ago.

At first, the purchase and installation of the software took some effort, either the information package to open the password or link sharing failed, or not

Responsible for the installation guide, spent a long time to install successfully.

Then start to use, according to the video tutorial, the basic operations have learned, simple model can also be successfully built.

But the relatively complex model, at present, is still in vain.

2. Revenue of the project

As I said before, this is a niche market, one

On the one hand, the market segmentation is small enough. On the other hand, even if the number of customers increases, whether they can bear the digestion is also a problem.

To help the customer analysis, first of all, according to the data provided by the customer for modeling, as a layman, want to achieve a professional level, light familiarity is absolutely not enough, but also to other such as CAD

Class of professional building software is also handy, so that efficiency can be high.

But the time spent on the project was a distraction from the original purpose — to find a side business and build a cash flow with less effort.

3. Later development of the project

As I said before, whether the project is difficult to get started, professional

The growth time, the steady revenue of the project, requires a lot of energy, which leads to the question, is it worth the effort to focus on the track?

I am not majoring in architecture, and I have no personal interests in it. If I continue to do it, I will not be able to achieve the effect of earning by lying down

And returns, obviously not conducive to their own development.

This also makes me think that it is best to choose a project that can give full play to my own advantages and match with my long-term development direction. In this way, even if the early income is small, the project can be carried out for a long time.

4. Improvement and remedy of problems

After all, the choice of project is also a flower

Too kung fu, hasty give up is not their own habits. In this process, for the previous problems, I also tried to solve some methods.

The most important is the model problem.

Analysis of sunshine condition is based on 3D simulation. Since it is difficult for professional modeling in Ecotect, can you solve it in other ways


I did find a website, but after a few rounds of testing, I gave up.

The reasons are: first, the operation of the website is not completely autonomous, and the video recording process, often swaying back and forth;

Second, the model is the most basic 3D map, there are no basic Windows, switch the Angle of view to go deep, the effect is not good;

Three, even before

Two details do not care, but the overall video, compared with peers, the gap is too large, I can not watch.

5. Reconstruction and suggestions of the project

Just because a project isn’t right for you doesn’t mean it’s not a good project.

If you are a practitioner in the construction industry, and familiar with these software, completely recommend yes

Try one or two.

One said before, the project is currently a blue ocean market, and the work has its own flow;

Both do this kind of video, do not come forward, solve a lot of people want to do video but do not want to show the trouble;

After all, the relevant practitioners, do this kind of video is a pediatrician, working time, occasionally touch a fish can be completed

Without any delay in business;

Four of this kind of video copy, do not need more gorgeous sensational, sales sister’s primary explanation level, speak clearly on the line;

Five is more critical, even if you don’t look up to these small income, also can be used as a traffic product, attract customers to transform the design.

All right, that’s it. That’s one

I hope it will be helpful to other friends.

A small and blue ocean sunshine analysis project


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