Online earning project that can be operated after reading — B station column selling novels (later purely passive income)


I’m gonna share one with you guys today

A small project of network entrepreneurship that can be operated after reading — B Station column selling novels (later purely passive income)

The most important thing in life is nothing more than four words: eat, drink and be merry.

For many novel fans, reading novels is one of the great joys of life, every time there is a new one

When the show comes out, there are always a lot of comments like this:

Read the original novel, I said that the woman changed too much;

The hero too fit the novel’s image;

The heroine played exactly as in the novel;

Therefore, the novel project market is very big, can not dig this bucket of gold, all

See what you can do.

How to sell a novel through B column writing articles?

First of all, let’s take a look at the characteristics of column B:

High weight, fast collection, good ranking.

How to do it?

B column consists of headline content.

Title: Novel title author name txt download full text reading

Text: random copy in the novel

Paste a piece of content

Further down, you can leave a message in the comment area: if you want to read the whole novel, add it to wechat, or leave a message on the public account, and then guide to add wechat in the public account

It’s not very simple.

As long as we publish more articles of this type in bulk, and so on column collection, users can search keywords can find us, if you can

There are so many fine, out-of-print novels that many people are willing to pay for.

And the post is accurate passive flow.

How to monetize?

I asked about a random novel and he said five


, can accept the red envelope.

You know, when we buy novels on other platforms, we can only buy them chapter by chapter


The whole thing. Yeah

Isn’t that a good deal?

For fiction buffs, this is no problem at all.

There is also a way to sell members.

Profit model:

First Book 1


, 3 for each of the remaining books


, annual membership 49



It’s also quite a bargain compared to buying novels by chapter on other platforms!

If you don’t think there’s enough traffic at Station B,

There are several other platforms you can look at.

For example: Weibo, Toutiao, Douban and so on.

Today’s headlines is definitely a dark horse in the Internet, a lot of people see is its set of “intelligent recommendation mechanism”, that is, the platform will be based on your content properties, recommend to pay attention to this kind of content of the crowd, the

The more people see the content, the more likes and comments, the more recommendations there will be.

Let me briefly mention two types of promotion that are in the headlines:

The first type: the leading article

The article can be a free section from the beginning of the novel, or it can be a systematic and wonderful summary of the novel. Don’t forget this step next

Below the edit page, place an external link to the boot page.

After the user sees your article, they can go to your guide page through the “Learn more” at the end of the article. (Note: the guide is added at the end of the article.)

The second kind: micro headlines

Micro headlines currently have too much traffic, and its form is somewhat similar to micro

Letter circle of friends, but the coverage is far greater than circle of friends, not careful, can burst tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of reading, then how to use micro headlines to promote the novel?

Very simple, after the previous steps, use the micro headlines comments to forward. (Text content as differentiated as possible)

To sum up:

Whether you choose Station B,

Or other we media platform to promote, in addition to the coverage of the bubble online income advantage, another absolute advantage is that the content can be precipitated, once published, lifetime benefits.

Of course, if you want to make a living, you have to get up early and finish ten laps before anyone else.

By the way, remind friends who want to make money, no matter which flat you choose

Taiwan to seize the action, the first platform rules, the account to do, drainage cash is sooner or later!

Where the people are, the flow is where; Where the traffic is, there is the money!

And the wechat YouTube,


, Kuaishou and other short video platforms are your battlefield!

Online earning project that can be operated after reading — B station column selling novels (later purely passive income)


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