Local services to promote sideline, accurate flow cash project


In the last few days, I have talked a lot about the local offline and online money-making projects, such as offline new sales, which can make money quickly in a short time. However, these projects generally have a drawback, that is, they cannot be operated for a long time.

If you want to do it for a long time, look for something that will continue to do the service

Category, like local business, we should know that it is a good project to make a local “we media” to advertise businesses.

And in recent years, people have been working on this project. From this project, we can also see some changes in the way local businesses treat advertising. It used to be flyers, but now it is

We media advertising.

The most important thing about this “we media” is the user group. As long as the user group is large enough, it is very easy for us to make money from this, and it is very easy for us to earn thousands of dollars by advertising.

If you want to do this project well, the first thing is to gather fans. One of the biggest benefits of the Internet is that

Fans can be done online, just like a lot of local service number, most of the businesses are not local, we can use the Internet to do fans in various cities, just need to go to the local early to do some promotion.

I have a friend who started out as a vendor in one of our county towns, selling gadgets, girls

He made money by this, and there was a booth that gave this for free by scanning code. My friend also knew that it was to push the ground, but he did not know exactly what to push, so he tried and swept out a local service number.

In fact, the network we media like this kind of local service is very

Many, the earliest public number, micro blog, all kinds of food, local shop, and now


Kuaishou all kinds of services, a group of people are specialized in local offline merchants customer business.

So my friend thought that if we gathered the local traffic, of course, the beginning is also to imitate these push, scan the code to send things

These little things scan the code at a time to pick one, because he often set up a stall, so he knows 1


Store that kind of purchase channel, buy goods than other do to push even cheaper, the cost of customers is very low.

Small items like phone holders, fly swatters, small ashtrays, etc., don’t even cost $1

To, do the push is very cost-effective, I now have a few such channels, a variety of dazzling bubble net to earn small goods, even if it is taken out to set up a stall, a night can also earn a few hundred dollars.

Then we scan the code to come in is a convenient service platform, which not only has a service letter of various businesses

Information, as well as some local news events, these local news can also be a key to attract users, like 58 town.

After careful study of 58 Tongzhen, we found that 58 Tongzhen is a plan to lay out the third, fourth and fifth tier counties and towns, and some of its news content is very close to life

People are more concerned about the things that happen around us. If we really talk about some national affairs, we might as well watch TV news.

Therefore, this entry point is very important. This platform connects not only businesses, but also individuals. The platform allows individuals to post their personal information on it, such as job hunting and salary

Leasing and so on, these convenient information is more convenient for us to grasp the resources.

If merchants want to publish advertisements on the platform, they need to pay. As long as there is enough traffic and they want to improve their exposure in the local market, they will be willing to pay. This is somewhat like a set of operation process of tie Bar.


The success of e Bar lies in the large flow and the circle of merchants and individuals on the same platform. Of course, the platform is free, and we are relatively more accurate, so merchants need to pay.

Of course, this platform can also be understood as the friend circle version of 58.com, merchants only need a little advertising fee

, to be exposed to so much precise local traffic multiple times, is still very cost-effective.

Although this is a newly emerging project of “we media” and has been developing for several years, people tend to ignore one of its developments. Starting from local offline Internet business is a long-lasting project.

I live in the northeast

Friends, in 17 years or so to do a local public number, the operation of more than 1000 people, but there is no a very good cash channel, so do not do, he put the more than 1000 local traffic, led to wechat built a local group.

Until now, gradually retreated from the group, the new into this group

There are more than 400 people, he was originally intended to do Amazon customers, and then slowly evolved into a sales group to help merchants deal with the tail goods, in this group to deal with a lot of goods.

Start from a small local county, make a local platform can be extended to develop the surrounding counties and cities, so as to form a kind of

With the monopoly of traffic in surrounding counties and cities, the media platform will be adjusted later, just like the earliest public account to the present short video, as long as there is enough fans in the hand, it is very simple to go to the back and then guide the flow to other platforms, at least the start is high.

Local services to promote sideline, accurate flow cash project


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