This is a bad information project. Someone’s already made $5 million. Untag the number


I believe that many people will often see a mark like this when they receive cold calls!

Including myself often when answering the phone to see similar “adselling”, “scam call” and other risk tips.

Usually when I see a sign like this, I just hang up! And then block!

This is a marker for us to

It’s a good thing it’s blocking too many invalid calls for my bubble Moneymaker.

But for those who are in sales and business, it can be quite disturbing.

After all, such a mark would have a huge impact on their business.

A new business has sprung up here: “Untagging


So is there a market for this business?

Let’s look at Amazon first:

Monthly sales of 40,000 , a month sales of 10,000 , this can be said to be zero cost, monthly profit of 400,000 , is not very horrible!

Let’s look at Pinduoduo again!

Pinduoduo this unit price is higher! The unit price of 50

More than 100,000 dollars has been sold, and the profit has directly reached 5 million dollars, which is too awesome!

In addition to these e-commerce platforms, let’s come to the traditional old platform, Google!

Random search, the home page is also a lot of bidding, visible, this is really making money!

Otherwise there would not be so many people to vote Google


So how does a business like this work?

It’s easy, we just copy our competitors!

For example, we also put it directly on Amazon, and we can shua a few orders in the early stage, and then open the through train!

Or do content drainage, after all, this demand is also very big, we can in Quora, post bar

Wait for the platform to drain!

Quora has a large number of such questions, to answer to help them solve the problem, and then leave the tail drainage, you can!

These things will not be detailed, understand naturally understand!

Google search, drop-down box can see a lot of keywords.

Each keyword is followed by a corresponding requirement, around which

Key words to each major platform lay a large number of corresponding content on the line!

If you really can’t, you should imitate your peers. What others do, you should follow!

Do more and you’ll find out! After all, experience is in practice to constantly explore out!

Drainage methods, thousands and thousands, I’m just giving an example here, more drainage

Method, you can explore, the effect is good, copy and enlarge is done…

Now that we know how to funnel this project, we have to solve the most important problem.

So how exactly did the number mark get canceled?

Attracted customers, how to help them solve this problem?


This is very simple, typical of a poor information project!

The so-called number cancellation mark, in fact, is to help users contact such as 360 call Tong, Sogou number Tong, and other platform label!

Let’s take 360 as an example:

Direct Google search: 360 number to cancel the mark

Then go to the appeal platform and select

Personal Appeal

Then according to the prompt guide, step by step operation on the line! It’s very simple!

But many people don’t know that! This is the so-called poor information, you don’t know, I know, I can help you solve!

Look at the huge sales of e-commerce platforms, just know that too many people do not know how to solve!

The quickest way is to find someone who knows how to help him solve it!

After all, the price of dozens of pieces, for their own business, simple is not worth mentioning small money!

Well, today’s share here, hope to bring you a little harvest!

This is a bad information project. Someone’s already made $5 million. Untag the number


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