Resource station profiteering, long-term stable money-making projects


We all know that the flow is the essence of all business, as long as you can get a steady flow of traffic, no matter what project, there are precise powder conversion, cash is a very simple thing.

Here or can’t help but have fun, software drainage, I don’t know why everyone prefers such rhetoric, if soft

Can do everything well, then we have to operate what.

Before sharing today’s project, I would like to tell you a very interesting thing. I saw a man selling drainage scripts in Station B, and he bragged so much that his scripts were attracting thousands of fans every day, which was miraculous. As a result, his videos were played less than 5 times

0, is that funny?

When you want to use the script to do a project, you can complete some artificial mechanical complex work, but the acquisition of passive traffic, still have to rely on their own, even if there is such a script, it is out of date to get our hands.

Speaking of a constant stream of passive traffic, I’ve always felt that the net

Station is a very good platform, through the optimization of keywords can get a steady stream of natural search engine traffic, this is a completely passive platform later.

That we do the traditional website has been unable to find a very fast cash channel, although it is becoming more and more simple, but the cash time of the website is increasing

That is, the time span is large, the realization period is long.

Want to quickly cash in the short term, it is necessary to choose some relatively profitable field content, from the current whole webmaster circle, figure station is a good choice, you can use color flow powder profitably.

Photo sites like these are one of the male toners

Category, but we share in the website, mainly regular photo, too large scale, do not recommend you to operate, it is easy to violate the rules.

Below I will divide several steps to teach you how to do this kind of website, from the content, operation method, precautions above to tell you this kind of website how

The sample starts quickly.

Preparation Work

The first must be to prepare the domain name, buy the server, like the domain name and server this piece of content, I suggest you start from the old domain name, find some slightly cheaper old domain name, the price is between 100 and 300.

When you’re looking for a domain name here, I suggest you use orange

Child SEO or domain name time machine to check its history, the history of the domain name we have to speak from two aspects, the first is the domain name inside the bubble net to earn a lot of prohibited words, the second is the domain name idle how long did not hang up.

Here explain why to query domain name idle time, if a domain name is long

There is no hanging station, even if he is the old domain name, there is no value of the old domain name, because there is no value, vacant too long the old domain name is not good.

Then is to build the website, build the website is currently a very simple thing, online to find a tutorial can build a complete, and then the rest of the picture

The theme of the station.

Material Resources

This kind of picture station needs us to constantly fill the material, because we have to constantly take the keywords of the picture to do the ranking, which requires us to output content material every day.

Here the content of the picture station is mostly obtained from the peer, we find some peer websites, directly

Top up a member to download this content on a regular basis every day, which is a very good channel.

In addition, like magnetic link and so on can also be used to search the resources we need to download, search the corresponding keywords in the magnetic chain, and then you can find similar magnetic download chain, these download chain we copy to the thunder can be

I downloaded it.

Figure station is not only the choice of material, as well as the choice of title, each title means that there is a keyword, most of the figure station is cosplay or model class, we only do keyword optimization for these names.

Do station details

Here I will tell you a few details of the station

In order to avoid some illegal content in the actual operation of the graph station.

Since we want to make a picture station, we must be in contact with the common keywords of these picture stations. Here I do not recommend you to put some illegal keywords in the title of the article, such as domestic map, and so on, because we intend to operate this for a long time

Station, the content should pay attention to not violate the rules.

In addition, when we download some image resources, because these resources are from a wide range of sources, it is difficult to check very carefully in the platform check, so we have to check the downloaded resources one by one, because what we do is to provide download services, this is very important.

Finally, the picture to the watermark problem, we use the batch upload watermarking tools to do the picture on the watermark, so that we can avoid others to steal pictures on our website, at the same time we provide a paid download of the web disk in the picture, is no watermark can be.

With a site like this, we don’t have to do anything up front

Drainage, as long as Google search engine can include our article, the keywords of this article will participate in the search engine ranking, later we can continue to get customers through these keywords.

We can take this project as a long-term operation project to do, if the early attention to some illegal words, try not to

To violate the rules of the search engine, the later period can be a steady stream of profits, which is also a precise transformation of passive traffic to us.

Resource station profiteering, long-term stable money-making projects


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