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Many people think that doing some virtual goods business on the Internet is a small way, because it can’t be seen and felt. This way of making money also makes many people not used to it. After all, it is a very simple project to make money by using the information gap.

For example, online sales of some animation pictures, wallpaper packages, which we scattered online

You can find a lot of them, but if you want to just take a set of resources and sort through them you’re going to have to go to someone who collects and organizes and sells them, and they’re going to make the difference.

As we are all familiar with a virtual resource product PPT, people who do not use this resource may not be very interested in, but a lot of

White-collar workers need to use this to deal with some work things, so the template came into being.

Many people organize PPT sets of different styles and categories and sell them online. This has been happening for a long time. For example, there are many shops in tie Bar and certain Treasure

The amount is very high.

From now on, we will find that this PPT project is very simple. The back end is ready for the product, and the front end does the drainage and realization. Only in this way can we get through the whole link from customer acquisition to transformation.

From the point of view of the current Internet platform, the best customer platform is in the short video

Field, like


Kuaishou basically holds most of the Internet traffic. On such a platform, all we have to do is input content to get customers and transform.



It is OK to leave V on the self-profile, of course, not just wechat, often add a sentence, sorting is not easy,

Paid sharing, in this case, will automatically filter out a part of the user group who are not willing to pay, this part of the user conversion quality is not high, you can ignore.

More than just


Such short video platform, some literary atmosphere strong such as

Social networking Sites

Douban, simple book is the ideal drainage platform, when we

You can use the content as a guide to set the steps for passive drainage.

We can upload some of our shared PPT to


Above, pick some fine ones, also can put


Upload some good material

Social networking Sites

Or B station, of course, in the middle only need to use a simple editing software to watermark to heavy.

When we don’t

When there is a way to produce content, drainage can not go on normally, the overall idea is so simple, through a variety of platforms we can think of to show PPT samples, so that more people can understand and access to, we made good content output video spread to



Social networking Sites


And so on these platforms, do passive drainage cash.

Why are some people willing to buy such PPT virtual resource commodities? Here we should speak from three directions. First, it is difficult to make PPT independently

It is difficult to find some excellent PPT materials on the Internet, most of which are packaged and sold in bulk. The most important reason is that the price is cheap. There are a lot of PPT materials with a treasure of a few dollars.

Besides, the PPT we show in the short video is carefully selected, which can quickly solve our problems

As long as you modify some words can be, so when you hit add friends free to send a PPT material, you can drain to the precise powder.

We all know that free products are generally not very good, then most of the users want to buy are high quality and exquisite PPT, which requires us to have appropriate

In some PPT download websites, recharge members to download complete sets of PPT, or buy part of the organized PPT from peers, so that there is a certain accumulation of products.

Of course, if you have the ability, friends can also build a PPT website, this website is not only we want to show

Show their own PPT are what, but also in the future through the search engine traffic to attract users to our website to choose products.

Now that we have the product, we can start preparing for the release of the video, which we play a lot in these two days


I think my friends have seen it, too, now


We already support publishing images. We’re not just

Single release single pictures, some of their own selection of beautiful PPT using the mode of clip video transition to do a special effect, and then with a simple music can be released.

When it comes to cash, there are actually several ways to choose, such as red envelope reward, through the diversion of users to add our V,

Gratuitous can be, this is a bubble network to earn a simple lazy way, the other is the simple direct sale of PPT template, this template 9.9


Wait a minute, we don’t recommend high prices for virtual goods like these, we’re going to sell a lot of them.

This is a short video that is very popular at the moment

Stream to give us goods to sell virtual resources, this way is suitable for a lot of products, such as animation package, wallpaper, virtual tutorials and so on, as long as we master the source and access to potential users, this project can continue to do for a long time.

Internet entrepreneurship is an extremely suitable asset-light model for beginners

If you don’t have anything to do right now, you might as well pick a product and start running it right now.

Low – cost virtual goods to make money project, novice daily entry 300


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