A small but lucrative zero-cost Internet side project — Tarot Divination


Things you like

As long as you pay for it, it will be yours

That’s the motivation to try to make money

I also recommend a side business that you can always do — Tarot card reading

TAROT cards, transliterated from the word “tarot”, are known as “nature’s repository of mysteries”. It is an ancient western divination tool, popular since the Middle Ages

Developed in Europe and later introduced into China, it is a tool for analyzing, predicting and providing advice on people, things and objects.

There are always some people who believe that there is a kind of telepathy between people, and this kind of telepathy and inner feeling, with images, and then through the soothsayer to interpret the meaning of it to the soothsayer. This is a

A small project, do not believe a lot of people, but believe the people are particularly believe, can only say that turnip green vegetables have their own love.

This project can be operated by one person, and it is better to have a team.

A novice

As long as the heart within two weeks can learn to promote drainage.

Traffic group analysis

Free flow of wechat circle of friends fission over

At most, the user group is mainly female 20-30 years old. The ability to pay is much the same. Those who have the ability to pay thousands of dollars do not blink, and those who have the ability to pay a few dollars also haggle with you every ounce. Most of them are also divination emotional problems, emotional problems account for about 90 percent, the price is small card array more than ten


, big name array

A few hundred


It depends on the complexity of the other person’s problem. And the repurchase rate of accurate fans is also relatively high.

Drainage channel

1. Viral fission of wechat circle of friends

Do an activity, after sharing the circle of friends, free divination, must be a small card array, short time, easy to develop accurate fans, starting from the flood flow fission


Microblogging streamer

Join some constellation groups and post some horoscope knowledge every day, and later someone will add to it. Share the content is your trust endorsement, early to accumulate.

3, Google post bar drainage

Post bar has been a flow pool, a lot of search traffic will be looking here, more into a few related divination bar, also a

Cultivate customer stickiness and share your value in the early stage.


Social networking Sites

Social networking Sites

Now in the first and second tier cities is the most years ago women sharing platform, so here to share tower constellation and other related knowledge

5, T treasure shop

The main picture of the product, the details are well introduced, and then find a few intended customers to place orders on a treasure first, cloth

Set a few praise, (do not know the reference peer excellent praise) the follow-up is to sit and wait for orders, sales of more than a thousand, there are many.

6, Xianyu and other second-hand platform

Here to put a deal with someone else, as well as an introduction, 3.8 is just a drainage of the most basic. These are all automatic to find the accurate flow, as long as the early cooperation

That’s OK. The next 20% is easy to do.

About Skills

1. If you can, it is very easy to operate the project. Sharing the experience you have learned will attract people with the same frequency.

2, if not operation, but they are interested, you can go to the bubble net to earn a treasure to buy a set of books and courses

Learn, learn attentively for half a month, and then find 20 free divination trial operation again, as long as the results can let most of the free users satisfied, you can start to do the charge operation.

3. If you don’t want to spend time studying, you can also run the project. Find a tarot reader who can negotiate a cut. You

As long as you know the operation, you can find someone for other technologies. Many of these diviners are willing to cooperate at no cost, after all, most will not refuse to make money.

Thought for the Day:

Everyone is a normal person, a step by step discovery, including the big guys you look up to, they are normal, but they are doing

What you dare not do, eat what you don’t want to eat, say what you are embarrassed to say, know the people you don’t have the courage to know, stick to what you give up.

A small but lucrative zero-cost Internet side project — Tarot Divination


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