Item analysis of low-price movie tickets with daily entry of 1000 , with the method of finding a primary channel (can be sold)


Movie tickets are very popular these days.

Today we will simply say, I also consulted a few good friends in the industry, and then wrote this article.

Because I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries recently from people asking if they can do movie tickets? If you can, where to find channels.

So I summed it up, the biggest problem is the canal

A question.

Which means a lot of people don’t know how to get supplies.

To spend money to find people to learn, is also to do others’ agent, do not know where the channel is, simply put, spend money to find a home, oneself is not a second trader, can be said to be three or four road, so that their own to hand profits, much less


After all, the market price is there, and the price is expensive, so no one will buy it. After all, the people who buy low price movie tickets are in order to save money. If the price is high in the upstream, they have to sell it to save money.

So get primary access

Resources are what matter. Be a two-way trafficker, not a three-way, four-way trafficker.

Let’s take a look at the sales volume first and see if there really is a profit.

High ticket price, super profit.

Sometimes it’s a 50-50 profit.

So I won’t go into the details of the profit, a day to sell dozens of orders, hundreds of thousands of a day is quite normal.


The premise of all this is access.

Today we won’t talk about anything else but the source.

For the record, there is no free channel, all need to give money, free is always the most expensive, such a good quality channel, with feet to think about it will not be shared for free.

So I’m just sharing channels

The method of

Teaching a man to fish is better than giving him fish.

If I want to sell this channel, I can, but there is no need, after all, I am not a professional seller of this, charge you a little money, I have to help you solve all kinds of problems, it is not worth it, so I directly tell you how to find a channel.

I’m using the simplest

A single move,

Go directly to your peers


Go to Xianyu search low price movie tickets, there will be a lot of sellers.

Go directly to each house and ask them if they accept agents or can’t get out of the channel group.

I asked about 30 companies, only 4 agreed, and one directly received 598 agents


I give up.

Three are direct sales channels

Group, $200, which means, for $200, they pull me into the group of tickets, which have resources from all regions, and that solves the problem of having no channels to sell our products.

Of course, there are also unreliable, such as I paid 200 people to pull a pile of garbage, get pit.

So definitely in the early stages

There are trial and error costs, because everyone on the Internet has them.

Wrong is wrong is right

Besides, the cost is not high. As long as we find a reliable channel, we can earn it back in a day. This is small money.

This is one way to go directly to your peers.

Another is to search the major wool herds.

I have this guy


intitle: keyword inurl: website address

In this way, tieba can be replaced by weibo Quora and so on

Keywords can also be changed directly.

It’s free to play.

This allows access to many free wool herds, but there is no access to these herds


It’s full of sales channels. All we have to do is pay for it

At this time, we must distinguish clearly, there are a lot of unreliable people in the wool group.

Often take money and do nothing.

So I personally prefer peer trading, at least a little bit more reliable.

Through the above two methods to find the channel.

Then all we have to do is

That’s easy.

Second hand goods trading platform shelf products, reference peer shelf.

Then someone comes to buy, and we directly ask someone to send the region, the movie title, the time, the show time, and then we directly send the buyer’s demand to the channel group, the channel group of others offer prices, we pay, they issue tickets, we send the ticket code to the buyer. A complete operation process

That’s it.

So the most important thing is the source of the channel.

Many people are worried about this channel, the most important thing is that they do not know how to find this channel.

But once you find it, it’s super easy.

You know, it’s all about a window,

If you break it, everything is safe. If you can’t break it, it’s just too hard.

The last

That is, when you get a good channel, if someone comes to you, you can also sell money, or receive agents, or training, or sell channels, depending on how you operate.

As for what a lot of people talk about, the pass-through notes, the deductible notes, those are too complicated.

I think we’re just fine being a double dealer. You don’t have to fold

What tickets, what cards, which APP to go to the ticket all these troubles!

Just need to find a reliable primary distributor, get a little spread.

Finally, you can also lead customers to the personal number, Second hand goods trading platform on the direct micro, business circle of friends, follow-up two transactions. After all, the re-purchase rate of movie tickets is super high

One of the products.

Let’s write so much today. The most difficult problem in the whole process is the problem of the docking channel. As long as this problem is solved, the others are all small problems.

Finally, I hope everyone can operate to get their own wealth!

Item analysis of low-price movie tickets with daily entry of 1000 , with the method of finding a primary channel (can be sold)


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