Slow charge project, zero threshold easy daily entry of 200


The phone charge is slow

We basically have a monthly charge in the consumption, but usually we in the recharge process, basically is the original price or at most a discount of one or two, but the phone is rarely any discount, and the advantage of slow charge is the discount is big, the bad point is a little slow, generally within 72 hours can complete the recharge


Mode of operation

1. Amoy mode

Generally, the price of Pinjoduo is 93, 94 discount, but if you use a lot of Jinbao to share, you can get 1% commission, that is, the user charges 100 dollars of phone charges, 94 dollars to the account, the sharer can earn 1 dollars commission.

2. Substitute charging order

Find a low price channel

Charge slowly, and then take orders through other platforms. For example, in wechat group, circle of friends, Second hand goods trading platform to receive orders, in Amazon, fight more and other platforms to receive orders.

3. Program promotion

There are a number of self-built platforms online that provide apis for merchants to promote. For example, Duoduo Jinbao home page [mobile phone recharge], you can pass

Share over the upper right corner, directly generate code, configuration to the public number. For example, Meituan Hongbao in Takeout cps project has this kind of API interface, which can be directly connected.

4. Precautions

Slow charge, is not the virtual number, empty number, arrears too long mobile phone number these recharge. So in general

Say, will be seen in some promotional copy, with a variety of precautions. This piece of direct imitation of counterparts bubble net earned copywriting can be. Generally, the account will be received within 72 hours, or as soon as the next day at the end of the month and the beginning of the month will be slower. If there is a timeout did not arrive, contact customer service to solve the line.


This term right here

Purpose is suitable for friends who want to earn some living expenses, their own province can also be, the operating threshold is very low. Although not very much, if the execution is in place, we can still make two or three thousand dollars a month.

Slow charge project, zero threshold easy daily entry of 200


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