Micro headlines to make money, write about it can also earn 3000 a month


On the Internet, there is a project that can make money by writing, and some can make money by transferring other people’s words and modifying them slightly. There are many side projects like this on the Internet. We just need to make good use of the rules of the platform, such as micro-headlines,

Social networking Sites

Quora and so on.

Today I will mainly talk to you about micro head

For this project, what is a micro headline? It is a function of Toutiao, similar to micro blog, moments, release about, generally a paragraph of text and a picture.

Then we open Toutiao, we can see the “follow” column, we can see a lot of people through a text picture form, just do

Has become a micro headlines such a display effect.

So what are the advantages of microheadlines? On such a platform, one of the biggest advantages of micro-headlines is more content and better presentation, and one of the advantages of more content is exposure. Any micro-headlines can be read by thousands of people, so if you can get the platform

Recommended, reading is much higher, a hundred thousand is normal.

Second, the content of micro headlines is very simple, unlike we media writing, which takes a long time to write an article. We can make micro headlines with about 200 words and a picture, and the operation is relatively simple.

In fact, people still attach great importance to micro head

It does not mean that we registered such an account and then opened it with profits. In the past, the number of fans needed to meet 10,000 to open micro headlines, but now it can be opened with 1,000 fans.

We open up the back end of Micro headlines and we can open up the creative revenue of Micro headlines as long as we publish non

Repost sweepstakes content to get such a creator payoff.

Now let’s tell you about the monetisation of micro headlines. There are many ways to monetise it. As long as we use it properly, we can earn money.

1, platform subsidies, advertising sharing, this is a more common gameplay, we will basically

Using this way, the unit price of micro headlines is lower than that of articles and videos, that is to say, we can send several pieces of micro headlines every day, without limiting the number.

2, Qingyun plan, this is an official long-term subsidy activity, the amount is also very large, many people do not know the micro headlines there is a Qingyun meter

Row, micro headlines selected in Qingyun Plan, is the system automatic selection, do not accept the number master independent application, also does not say that as long as you read the article can be passed, there is a certain threshold, so we only do the content output polishing, the other is determined according to the system.

3, micro headlines with commodity card, this is

Micro headlines with goods, headlines open a commodity card author, can use micro headlines to bring goods, that before the release of the article, you can insert a commodity or column to promote, column can be their own, can also be distributed to others goods, each order we will settle commission, the realization of the space is very wide


4, city talent, this many people do not understand, city talent is to enter the talent center plate, positioning their own city, and then enter the talent interface, manually click to post, share some interesting things, after the list bubble net earn a chance to get talent awards, in addition to some such as the official green

Plus V channel and so on.

5, participate in topic activities, another is to participate in the topic to get rewards, this reward is generally very high, according to the activity at that time to price, thousands of prices are available.

6, the hot comment, the hot comment in the micro headlines many people may be the first time to hear, when you make a hot comment

There is a direct reward for getting the majority of people’s approval, likes and retweets, which directly rewards you with 300 dollars to your account.

Therefore, there are many ways to monetize micro headlines. As long as we correctly operate this platform, we can make money. Of course, the field you do is best to be vertical

No, the content area must be vertical.

After we have determined our field, a week later, we will apply for field certification, and then continue to output a content of the relevant field, in fact, the most important is the content.

If you want to publish content, you should first look for some content material, the most simple

The single direct way is to find peers, peers published some good content is our material, after modification can be used.

Here we can use the two platforms for mutual transfer, that is, to carry the content of Toutiao speed version to the top of the micro Toutiao, no matter what field is said to do, it is OK

Move because it has no original protection for the time being.

In addition to looking for material in the headlines, there are also things like information,

Big fish and so on can be done at the beginning of the time, there is no recommendation is normal, the mentality is flat, all participate in the activities of the platform, the exposure will slowly become bigger.

For those who have been promoted content, they can expose, I will not necessarily expose, we must choose their own suitable field, we have nothing to sort out the material

, more every day, after the stability can be more account operation.

When we do a project, the most important thing is to enlarge the operation in the later stage, so that the revenue may be more and more. We can batch enlarge the project test.

Micro headlines to make money, write about it can also earn 3000  a month


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