Accurate CPA profiteering, suitable for beginners to make money projects


I find that many of my friends have the habit of chopping and changing when they do projects. Today it’s good to see this, try it, tomorrow it seems to be OK to see that, try it again, and they end up doing nothing well.

I always tell you that more than 90% of online projects can make you money, but how do you do it

One thing, just like the Second hand goods trading platform e-commerce, there are still people around me who earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.

In fact, it is not that the project is not good, but that the people who do the project are difficult to have the spirit of deep cultivation. Moreover, the virtual resource cash project, although it has been done for a long time, but now it doesn’t make money? Look at the sales data of others

It’s very high.

I remember that I once analyzed the realization of graphic novel in the public account. This set of gameplay was done a lot last year. One of my friends earned more than 200 W only by graphic novel last year, which fully verified the operability of this project.

Areas you don’t know or have abandoned, ie

There are many people in the old silence to make money, now the lack of the Internet is leveling the information of poor information, grasp the information can make money.

Today, I would like to tell you about this old project, which is the realization of the novel. It is a project that can be carried out for a long time. It just needs the help of the current relatively new media to do the flow.

Gameplay is not any difference, using video passive diversion.

As for the novel project, I don’t need to explain too much to you. We all know that there is a very distribution model, which relies on the promotion of CPC to monetize the project. As we all know, this old project needs a certain amount of precision powder to monetize.

You also know the order

The former short video is a very popular media field, so our drainage should also cut into this piece, through the flow of various video platforms to promote our novels, of course, here is to make a variety of novel video advertising.

And of course in addition to the video traffic we also need the natural search traffic of search engines, using search engines

The characteristics of the layout of some Google included platform, to drainage platform internal traffic and keyword natural search traffic to cash.

Here, we will direct the traffic to our public account and let users pay for reading through the model of novel distribution. Many people may ask why anyone would pay for reading.

All the rows

Industry will be paid, because it has a conversion rate problem, especially in the novel industry, a large number of white-collar workers, students will read novels in their leisure time, in addition, a lot of TV series are adapted from the novel, I remember the most clearly bubble net income is the university saw “Floating”, so the novel market is very good


In addition, there are a lot of free novel websites, you can find out by searching, all kinds of pop-up ads, skip pages, the user experience is very poor, which also leads to many people are willing to find a novel platform to recharge and read.

Now let me directly practice one of the operation procedures of this project for you, after all, like small

When it comes to promotion, we really need to talk about it. We may not finish learning the knowledge points in one day. As long as we master several effective promotion channels, we can start this project.

Platform (Distribution and diversion)

First we have to find a stable distribution platform, which is very important, after all, a novel is a copyrighted thing, I

It is better for us to buy a formal distribution platform, and then we choose the novels we need to channel on the platform.

Of course, here we put the drainage novel batch copy to our public number, here the public number must be done, is to precipitate our same attribute of user fans, and then set on the public number

Set up links to the original text of our novel platform and autoreply.

Account and content analysis

Here I recommend to you to do some big video platform, such as iqiyi, good-looking video, B station, the account of their own QQ group search to buy, the account price is very cheap, mainly we want to make good use of traffic.

It take

After going to these accounts, what kind of content should we do? Here is an example for you. See here is an advertisement of Sohu video, here is a background picture of the novel, and then there is a text, of course, there is an advertisement of our public account in the middle

Say that the whole page has finished, pay attention to the public number to reply keywords to obtain the novel resources.

Tools and Materials

The material I’m talking about here is nothing more than the material for making the video advertisement mentioned above, including audio, PR and quick clip which I usually use. I usually use quick clip for video recording.

The material, like

The cover of the novel can be found from the distribution platform. Each novel has a clear cover, which can be put on the video when making the video, together with the screenshot of the novel.

I usually use Photoshop to make a picture, and then to make a video, I use a special page turning

In this way, it is just like the form of book to book.

Above the video voice, we directly use iFlyover to complete the dubbing, here you can input the advertisement we want to promote, and then choose a favorite background music, you can dubbing.

There is also the title writing, where we should refer to example 5

118, love station and other platforms of keyword development, title to include long tail keywords, easy to include and ranking is high.

After doing these videos, it is distributed to the video platforms, the early drainage content to long-term output, every day to do a few videos uploaded, slowly the flow of our distribution platform will slowly

More and more.

The novel product is bound to be less transformed than some other products, but we can basically get more than 70% of the revenue share of the platform. If we take this as a long-term development project, it is still very good.

In daily operations as long as we eliminate a few violations, than

Such as H, we should pay attention to no violations, no violations in the promotion, no violations in the public number of the display copy, then this project can be done for a long time.

Accurate CPA profiteering, suitable for beginners to make money projects


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