Takeaway CPS Taoke program, people give you food vouchers and you make money! Some people sell 2999, share for free


Okay, just to be clear, this article, this article has already been used by some people in the circle to publicly charge 2999 for a ride, and here I am, giving you free sex. Is full of valuable a deadbeat article, is selfless dedication to play to the extreme, may peer really will criticize me, money does not earn, also let people white piao, is greedy body also compensate

Face, I also helpless, is a good man! Ok, this article is expected to read 15 minutes, very long, I kind of love you, if you love me, you can praise me at the bottom of the article to smoke a cigarette, as a kind of love offering to you.

This project is a takeout Amazon customer, similar to the previous Amazon customer, only, from shopping to

Take-out, how do you say? The trend is that you can go a day without shopping, but you can’t go a day without eating, and at the moment, most of the young people eat takeout, which is basically in Meituan and Ele. me, and the profitable part of the project is to send the coupon of takeout to people in need, so they can save money, you can also

A 6% commission on each order. How are you? How am I? If a heart I 屮 艸 芔 茻? Usually also thank the people who give you coupons, almost invite them to dinner, did not expect, you are cool at the same time was piao, the key is also very happy.

This program, just need, high frequency, when you order takeout, you just need to click the discount

Coupons, this preferential benefit, are given to you by the authorities. For example, if you normally order a takeout, it usually costs 25 dollars, but now you can immediately reduce 5 dollars by using the coupon given to you by a takeout shopper. Then, you will always follow this platform or this friend and serve as a guest, which I believe you will, because everyone is poor

. The difficulty of this project is very low, simpleton operation, low threshold, as long as the diligent implementation, basically not too bad, takeout Amazon customers automatic operation, from the user to get takeout coupons to order food, all automatic, not complicated, so many people have started to build a special set of wechat public account jump

Way, the back is lying to earn.

And why is there a 6% commission given to promoters? Save on both sides? Simple, Meituan and Ele. me have always been in a competitive relationship. Last year, they respectively opened the CPS distribution model, which is a popular game in the circle

Based on the distribution model, Meituan will give consumers certain coupons, which are hard goods that are directly cheap. In addition, the promoters can get a commission after they become famous. For example, when I order a malatang at noon, the store still needs to pay after all kinds of full reduction activities are deducted



At this time, if you use the takeout coupon, you only need to pay 30 if there are almost 20-5 coupons, and then the commission is 30×0.06=1.8


I emphasize, don’t underestimate this 1.8


The most lucrative part of an Internet project is the bulk, when you have 3,000 people

You just have to settle the score. The point is, when the user gets a taste of it, they can come in every day, every day it goes into effect, and you get a commission every day, it’s all after sleep.

The general front-end of the project has been analyzed. Next, I will start to analyze the core start of the whole project with you. You should also be anxious.

Actually, I can’t wait to close up and hit the alley. See if anyone of the opposite sex needs help.

The first step is to need a public number, used to undertake users and issue takeout coupons jump platform, general ten thousand powder public number, basically a month to make a stable ten thousand twenty thousand is not a problem, the specific first step is to register the public number

Step is actually very easy, roughly talk about, first have a self-employed business license, this itself has the best, no, go to a treasure, someone a dragon, also only two or three hundred


Ok, if you register, try to register as a service number (note, the certification fee is 300 per year), the next step is to come up with a name, this name

I’m not fooling around, because you want to hog the search bar, sort of block the stream, and I’ll show you two pictures

The first figure is your own wechat search function there is a wechat index, this is used to analyze the heat of the keyword search volume, the second figure is the corresponding keyword search results, you can according to this

Some to judge your public number name, name get good, traffic, this once, including now are still a lot of people in the search screen, that is, batch registration of the public number, the occupation of many keywords, interception, impersonating others, others have worked hard to promote the public number, by you a registration, traffic are running

On your side, the war is not boring, and the name does matter, just like the girl you have a crush on is named Li bitch anus…….

Second, after registering the public number, how to build? First, go to the official delivery CPS link, for example, Ele. me is Amazon Union, Meituan is Meituan Union

(In addition, there are many third-party platforms, and I don’t want to advertise them, but many of the benefits and thresholds of the third party are more suitable for beginners, which should be explored by yourself). The next step is to use free tools (cloud view open platform), which can be directly bound to the rebate links of Ele. me and Meituan, and the specific functions

I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it in 15 minutes.

The third step is to use the aggregation of small programs to quickly build the platform, of course, I do not have any interest with them, you really have to do your own when it is necessary, rational judgment, the world

All the people in the world are for profit, so I can only share selflessly and shine my eyes. The channel is right. Because if you want to expand, you must need a set of delivery rebate system. There are many service providers for this, so you can choose by yourself. Don’t ask me to recommend or ask me which one I want to find. oneself

Look for it, I can’t help you make good money stuffed in your pocket, you might as well ask me to smoke the actual. (There is no picture here. Find your own delivery rebate system and avoid helping people advertise.)

Set up, back to the public number Settings, because users pay attention to your public number, a face must go in Meng force, so,

You need to use the automatic reply function of the public account to automate the process. Let me take a screenshot

That’s the effect

Here the hyperlink jump small procedures are in the public account background can be set, you will have a little research. The idea is that when you follow it, you can pop up this paragraph, and then you can click on the blue font

Get a coupon to spend, you get a commission. The next step is when you have an agent to help you push, you need to start generating traceability system, that is, to accurately determine which commission is launched by which agent, of course, if you are doing it for fun, it is not necessary, but if you do it big, it is necessary

A shortcut is to download wetool, which used to be free, but now its wings are hard and it has begun to charge. You can find some benefits from a treasure to download and use it. Sesame Customer can monitor the two-dimensional code data of various agents and the permanent two-dimensional code time, which is very suitable for you to push and settle commission when fission


Let me see if I missed anything? By the way, if you think the cash way is too simple, you can also build some rebate number, that is, private domain traffic, all pull group, every day in the wechat group to share takeout coupons, which is also the most stupid type, the whole process is similar to Amazon customers before, all the robot automatic operation, this

I don’t advertise, but look for it myself. Because under such conditions, you can gather a bunch of wool powder, which will be promising in the future. Just like the previous special edition of Ali, the unit price for new users to download is 10


Before the operation of Amoy customers, basically 1

More than 0+ wechat, each wechat is dozens of full group, you calculate the conversion rate, a month to get small hundreds of thousands is no problem, as long as the accumulation of good, what can be done.

Things, are ready, the rest is traffic how to come? How is it drained? This has been a problem throughout history, and it’s what many projects earn

The core of not making money, I roughly click, the following execution really depends on the individual, success or failure, this is also the reason why I always don’t like the charge belt project, because the same project, the same resources, some people do very well, others do not get anything, and I am too boring,

Don’t like after-sale, so, can only share to you white piao, it is relatively easy, how to drainage transformation, there are these four ways, first see a picture

1. You can open a treasure store first, and you can drive after about a day. Of course, do not involve the keywords “Meituan, Ele. me”, you can use the delivery coupon

Form keywords to layout, then set 0.01


Guide the weight of the order, adjust the dialog box after the drainage to the public number, with just said private domain traffic directly pull the group with rebate robot digestion.

What about the cost of driving? I estimate that the cost of a single click is 6-8 cents, that is, the cost of a fan

6-8 –


If the traffic is purely used for the conversion of takeaway CPS, it will take about half a year to recoup the capital before it can be earned. This is suitable for novice operation.

In addition, the customer service automatic response process can not appear public number diversion, will be caught will require to pay 10w deposit, of course, certainly not pay, directly apply for the store, the back 40 days will return, there is a kind of operation, prepare a few stores, drive, early brush the car, the platform will send you 200

3. Send letters

Information flow advertising, can suggest the platform is: b station, Kuaishou,


Quora, Weibo, etc., this bar, keyword layout, willing to throw money can, and how to burn money is also pay attention to, the bubble net earn I do not recommend you to get, too much money, but also hurt the kidney. I’m gonna skip this, because I believe in your abilities, Ken

It’s not gonna work. I get you. I’ll leave you some steps.

4, put some hundreds of reading public number, of course, it is very important to find the account, why to find such a public number? And the reason is that these are huge users, they need advertising, they’re happy that people are looking for them, and they have a lot of fans

Less hurt by advertising, very simple, the conversion rate is particularly high, the cost is cheap, this is to suggest you to find yourself,

md, I was almost asleep, you can see here, it means you are still interested in this project, also want to do a wave, may see the cloud, by the way, there is another channel, may be the best

It suits you. It is to push down the line, directly print your public account into a single page, and let the delivery man be responsible for delivery. It is as simple as that. Customers are precise and direct. As for how to talk to local takeaways, that’s up to you, anyway, a million ways

Talk about it for yourself. I’ve had enough of you. You want my brother to click on how to send it? I don’t think so?

Almost, all that’s left is to go back and think about the prospects and future of this project, how much money, depending on how hard you work, for example, an order of 20 takeout, you probably take 1.



Consumers also save 5 percent


At present, the platform is 6%, and the trend will not be too bad in the future. After all, the pk market is too big, and the cake is still delicious. An official account will soon be raised to more than 1 million powder, and the corresponding stable income will be about 1.5 million dollars every month, and this wave of welfare will always disappear

In the end, you will retain a number of accurate fans, and the next wool project will naturally appear. At this time, Niuniu can seize the opportunity to be the first one to eat crabs, and be happy and happy. I’ve been talking for about 15 minutes, and it takes me more or less an hour or two to write the words. Honestly, I wanted to help people at first

Drainage to do paid projects, because everyone in the current circle is basically in the harvest, this project, selling hoe is always the most stable income, I should be lazy, too lazy after sale, also did not think to cut you, grateful people, how many please me to smoke and visit the alley, this is the trade rules, of course, you used to white piao, I think

How to brag next, because, you and I all get what you want to get, you open the new world, I installed bi, hello, I am good!

Takeaway CPS Taoke program, people give you food vouchers and you make money! Some people sell 2999, share for free

Takeaway CPS Taoke program, people give you food vouchers and you make money! Some people sell 2999, share for free


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