Information difference move bricks to make money, novice zero threshold into 5000 a month


I don’t know if you have watched the Champions League games these days. The heat of the just ended season has not decreased, and I have been paying attention to it. Personally, I am used to watching the live broadcast on YouTube, but today I did not see the UP master on the video of carrying watermelon.

Suddenly I was reminded of this simple and easy video of the brick moving project,

How profitable is it? How feasible is it to make money by transferring a YouTube video to a watermelon video?

I searched for the Champions League on the watermelon video and found several accounts that were operated by individuals. Some just started to do it at the beginning of this year, and some started to do it in the middle of last year. I remember everyone in the previous two years

They say the video handling project is dead, but this one is alive and well.

I just analyzed the account that was just started at the beginning of this year. One of its highest plays has reached more than 70,000, and one video has been played more than 70,000, while the accounts that were only started in the second half of last year have reached more than 500,000

Play it.

Of course, here I did not take those professional football numbers as an example, those professional numbers may play higher, here we only analyze the individual numbers, individual numbers in just a few months, every three or four days to transmit a video, there is such a broadcast, it is amazing.

That sounds like some kind of bad information to me,

Not all video bubble online money can be found in watermelon video, these videos may be put on the Internet can actively find to watch a very limited number of people, but you can carry them together, has amplified their value.

You’re like a video, you tell them where to watch it, what kind of way to use it

If you find it, it doesn’t work, you just bring it over, put it in front of them, and this gruff 1234 will do.

In my opinion, there is still a good market for transporting videos from YouTube to some domestic video platforms. How can we do that? Let me tell you about it here

Video project some operation methods, want to do friends can follow to try.

Content of material

That we want to do video handling, we must first of all have a certain understanding of the field we are about to dabble in, at least you have to know what kind of content is easier to attract people, or what this field has its own flow of people.

For example

I usually like to watch some fishing videos, because I am good at this, then I must know the status of Li Damao, right? If I want to move fishing music videos, I will give priority to move his, because the star aura, with its own traffic, this is more important.

Here I’ll give you a hint of some areas, like body

Education, such as the Champions League I mentioned above, of course we can see in China, but the YouTube above the collection is much more, such as NBA events, WWE games.

Or some foreign music channels, wilderness exploration, sea fishing and so on, these are relatively excellent resources, because we

There are very few programs in China that are particularly adventurous like Bei Ye, and this kind of hunting video is generally more attractive.

In addition, there are some videos of beach girls, foreign girls surfing and kayaking and even triathlons are very good, which is a gimmick in itself, or some films and movies rarely seen, when it comes to movies, this

“Is very interesting, I see most of the transferred videos like to carry the undeleted three words in the title, in fact, are also deleted, in China to do the undeleted still need to consider why the deletion.

Handling Procedure

To transport, is to download on one platform and then upload to another platform, that is from the tubing above

Handling, we need to download the video on YouTube first, download the video on YouTube, you can use the tool plug-in to complete.

Do a search on Google for these add-ons. There are many tools, but I recommend one called 4K Video Downloade

r this tool, very convenient, we just copy the YouTube video link in, it can download itself.

So after we download it, we’re going to make a clip of this video, to get to the bottom of it, and here you can use some video editing software, I’m using fast here

Jie video clip, charge ang, charge can save us a lot of time, do not charge, there is a watermark.

In the video editing software, we import the downloaded video into it, and then edit into some classic scenes. If it is sports, we can repeat some wonderful goal scenes and fishing

The video left bubble net earn and fish tug-of-war video, in a word, not wonderful we delete don’t.

Here, I do not recommend you to do movie videos at present, many people may be moving the movie video due to various copyright problems, resulting in the video is called back, can not pass the audit is very normal

If you want to make movies, make old movies.

Like tourism, beach, bikini surfing, sea fishing, sports and so on, these do not mean to spend a big price, there is no copyright problem, of course, I mainly promote sports, this positive content is the best.

In fact, using poor information,

It is a game of dimension reduction. Projects in developed areas are carried out in backward areas, projects in first-tier cities are carried out in third-tier counties, and high-quality videos are displayed on domestic platforms.

In my opinion, this video brick moving project is completely operable. At present, I have met a lot of video practitioners in China

You think you can’t do it. First, you are standing outside the door looking at it. Second, you don’t understand the rules of the platform.

In our opinion, many ordinary projects, those behind the operators are silently making money, just like the news a while ago, said that the film editing can not be done, many people bag

Even I thought I might not be able to do it on a certain note, but it seems like so far everyone is still fine, who knows.

Information difference move bricks to make money, novice zero threshold into 5000  a month


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