Profiteering CPA money-making projects, the platform earns more than 200 dollars per day


As a long-term old project on the Internet, CPA also has a lot of kinds of play, but there is a CPA money is completely passive can be realized.

I always say, if you can’t find a project, go on the Internet and look for ads. An AD is a project. Paid ads.

If we can tap into the underlying relationships, we can make money.

Now we can see all kinds of advertisements on the Internet, because we often download some software, when we log in to these sites, we will find one kind of advertisement is very common, that is, software pull new.

So what’s a app pull? A lot of it

Software vendors have a need to promote the download and use of software, that is a market demand, we as long as the use of these pull new demand, to promote the software can make money.

Just like the original good 123, this station in the promotion of its own website embedded in the pirated system disk, resulting in the navigation station was

Widely used, and finally successfully acquired, this is a typical promotion case.

In fact, like these free installation of all kinds of software, or open source programs and systems, on the Internet market and demand are very large, as long as we can correctly layout and promote, we can make money.

Like some of the things we usually do

Wide means, when we download a program, will automatically bind to hide a lot of programs we do not know and do not want to download, bundled download, this is the most common.

This is why our computers are becoming more and more difficult for subsequent users, because there are so many software programs running in the background.


If we can provide a free software for people to download, I think it will be very good for the promotion of our other programs, at least we have a channel to open up the market.

Such a process is actually very simple, need to promote software vendors in the market to promote a product

, there will be some big software providers or software resource station stationmaster to talk about cooperation, the channel can be in accordance with the one-time bubble network earn package segment fee or according to the CPA click download fee.

So we can build a platform or a website where you can download all kinds of programs for free,

For everyone to download free use, of course, we will add the advertiser’s products in the background, bind the specified software to the user.

So what kind of specific software website do we make? Or what reference examples do we have for this website? Here I give you examples of several website platforms to explain.

I’m on a search engine

Enter PS, here you can see a lot of a program, that is like the Chinese army software Park, download home these are our target station, and you see these sites are full of free download content, but very profitable.

Software download or system download such keywords, there are very big bubble net profit

Search volume, these are relatively high quality keywords, users search in, such as download a cool me music, it is possible to bind 360 browser, minimalist fonts and a series of software.

If we can promote a software on the PC side, we can earn a few dollars. Then how can we build a self

Have this kind of software download collection station?

Building a website platform for everyone is not something new, which is the most important source code of the website, that we can find a lot of a treasure to download the source code, the website is directly can be used.

In addition, like QQ group, we can also do related

A software download source search query, QQ group directly to find the main group to buy on the line, like this platform and mutual station similar, are born by selling this source code.

We set up the website, and the next step is to upload software, system software, tool scripts, updates and optimizations, etc., such as these website resources and

It’s not just that we’re going to make money in one day, it’s that we’re going to have to keep adding content and optimizing the platform.

When a new software provider comes to us to talk about promotion and cooperation, we can make money with cpa billing. Here, you can also take orders by yourself. If you think your traffic is good, you want to cash out quickly

You can pick up some promotional tasks yourself.

Then we search Google, software promotion platform, here can see a lot of promotion channels, just choose one, and such as mobile phone promotion platforms like CPC Home, are paid by order.

So we can monetize traffic in a very short time, actually the network

Station is through optimization ranking to constantly get keyword exposure, and then get ranking, have these rankings, traffic will be more and more high.

The biggest difficulty of this project lies in our efforts to update a resource of the website in the early stage. We not only need to download the program, but also have a good interface, Jane

It is convenient.

If you add a lot of irrelevant applications early on, you will only make a lot of users abandon the platform, while we provide free services, we must optimize the download process, simple and clear.

This method can also be applied to the mobile terminal to promote the APP. With the popularity of the mobile terminal, A

PP download promotion will also be more and more attention, although the unit price may be relatively reduced, but by volume, passive cash is still very good.

Profiteering CPA money-making projects, the platform earns more than 200 dollars per day


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