Zero base can also earn more than 20000 per month, this small but beautiful side project is worth doing


As long as you can find the entry point of the subdivision of the field, generally make money is relatively easy, a big category, a single person is difficult to do, even if it can do, it is relatively tired.

Just like the e-commerce clothing industry, every profitable C store has its own popular baby, but this kind of popular baby is only limited to one or two categories.

Like this shop

One of the jeans is a hot seller, you will find that the other treasures are basically lying down, but the other treasures of the same jeans are more or less sold.

But if you do this, you do that, jeans, socks, shirts, and everything else, and you basically don’t sell too much, you break down the big business, you make a lot of money

This is called focus.

Like virtual products, I have done similar special training classes before, but I never ask students to do a unified category, so that basically everyone will fail, only suitable for their own, there is no best.

So virtual products on the Internet profiteering degree this I will not do too much to say

Yes. As you all know, it’s basically a zero cost business.

There are no unsold virtual resources on the Internet, the truth is understood by everyone, the existence is reasonable, behind each resource output must be attached to a variety of needs, we do virtual goods, not only to find what goods to sell, but to explore the user potential

In demand.

Demand means the size of the market, and as I told you before, if you want to make a million dollars, you have to find a million dollars in demand, otherwise you can’t do anything.

The project I told you about today at Bubble Net is one of the ones that operates virtual resources

Branch, but there’s a lot of demand and it’s growing all the time. That’s the game industry. Look at the chart below to see how big the market is:

Here you may have a little doubt, at present I know you often play chicken on the Internet, play king on the mobile phone, but you ignore a group of fans of single-player games, I used to love

Enjoy playing single player games, such as battlefield, Call of Duty and so on.

Games like this account for a high proportion in the hearts of the nation, some single-player games at more than 10 G, it is very inconvenient to download, and with the passing of time, some classic games, such as I love to play Battlefield 1942, horse and hack, Warcraft

Games like Craft and so on, it’s hard to download these days.

Some game resource platform can also be found, but it is very difficult to download, most of the advertising mixed more (this reference to the previous article has talked about the resources attached to advertising download money guide), and we normally difficult to download a useful version, so the city

The field is definitely big enough.

We can find out how big the market is by searching for single-player games on and looking at the sales of sets. The average price is between 5 and 10


Between, even if 5 dollars a set of thousands of G game set, monthly sales of 4000 to calculate, a month safe income of 20,000.

There is no need for us to go to the general

Therefore, the simplest way is to directly buy the collection that the merchant has prepared for us. Just like the picture package, we will collect and organize it, and then sell it. The price is similar to that of the finished products that you directly take from others.

Virtual resources you sell too expensive to sell, average is best, but

I suggest that you choose your own products must choose unpopular goods, because of the fear of competition.

It’s important to know that selling virtual goods is not the only game in town. You can sell game packs, so can I. It’s important to sell unpopular goods

But the number of products sold is about the same.

If we choose this single player game this popular virtual resources, how should we do to surpass other competitors?

The answer is to start from the user, do market segmentation, such as are selling stand-alone games, others thousands of G stand-alone games package, you can

Continue to subdivide, shooting category single player game package, development category single player game package, strategy category single player game package, racing category single player game package, like this continue to subdivide and sell, the service is relatively more accurate.

Each user’s favorite type is different, and this method can quickly target precise users and spend less money

It can also avoid waste.

Regarding the promotion of this kind of virtual goods, the first can be directly on the e-commerce platform, such as a treasure and Pishi can be directly on. At present, as long as the virtual resources of Second hand goods trading platform are reported, they are basically sealed, but a small range of tests can still be done.

Some other drainage channels post bars and forums, such platforms

General fans are more accurate, the amount of single game user demand is also relatively large, you can take a part of the free game installation package as a drainage resource, the best corresponding distribution.

Speaking of this, I remember the book club we talked about with a friend before. For the realization of the book club, you can refer to Fan

Den, he did a good job, as for the book club how to do, there is a method.

First in a variety of high weight platform (Tieba, Quora, etc.) to send some free e-books, this kind of e-books are generally not easy to download, and then every day in the public account to share some literary jokes, we all know that readers are generally than

It is more clear.

After retention to a certain number of users, you can build a book group, of course, it is free to enter, every day in the group to share some new books or wonderful jokes, these are easy to do, do not consider profit in the early stage.

After you have a few large groups of readers, then take the set of Fandeng’s cash method to use directly, platform

Building is the focus of the realization of reading clubs, which is why there are so many emerging reading clubs across the country.

Zero base can also earn more than 20000 per month, this small but beautiful side project is worth doing


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