A project that I neglected to earn by lying down: the daily income in 10 days of actual operation has exceeded 300+ [with drainage scheme and tools]


Today to share a complete set of project practical operation process, with a complete drainage scheme, passing by the opportunity not to miss!

I learned about this project last June. At that time, I played around with it and did not enlarge it. Now I regret it.

There wasn’t a lot of excitement, there weren’t many people doing it, there wasn’t as much competition as there is now

If I had started, I would have made a lot of money, but it’s not too late to do it now.

The project is called Takeaway CPS

Maybe a lot of people think the street is rotten, but it’s not! In practice, the current daily income has reached 300+

Maybe because of yesterday’s weekend, the order suddenly burst out. before

It was only around 100 for two days, but it tripled over the weekend.

I registered a public account for take-out food on May 20. It has been 10 days since today. It is really good to achieve this effect in 10 days.

The complete operation process is attached below:


Registration Service Number

For takeaway CPS, we need to build a pond. Sink

Starch silk, can bring us a steady stream of income. There are many ways to precipitate fans, QQ group, wechat group, public number and so on, suitable for their own is the best.

I am here in the public number precipitation fans, so all the subsequent content in the form of the public number to expand.

1. Registered business license

Make takeaway CPS

It has to be a service number, which requires a business license to register. It’s better if you have a license, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t. We’ll just register ourselves.

Registered self-employed license on the line, their own registration, you can go to the industrial and commercial Bureau, listen to the fans said, he ran a trip, 2 hours to get. when

However, some places can apply online, specific to their respective industrial and commercial bureau official website query.

If you are too much trouble, you can find a treasure, a lot of agents on the line, the price is about 100. At present, I have made more than ten copies in a treasure.

Ask before the agent if you can specify the location. Your own city or

A city near you. I have done the Chengdu license, to avoid the late cancellation of the trouble.

2. Registration service number

Access the public platform: mp.weixin.qq.com

When registering, select the service number and follow the steps to fill in the relevant information. It should be noted that the registration service number is required

To certification, certification can be registered at the time of certification, also can be registered after certification, both.

3. Pick a good name

At present, many good names have been registered in the public accounts related to takeout food. It took me 2 hours to choose a good name when I registered myself. A good name will bring me

A lot of traffic flows naturally.

To put it bluntly, it is to do a search of wechat optimization. I sent so many articles about wechat SEO before, you can see!

Let me show you the background data of the public account. Every day, more than 200 shows, more than 100 clicks, and the natural rise of powder is about 50.

Public Account Group

The synthesis of 4 search terms, which are displayed every day, of course, also brings me natural traffic every day, which makes me passive followers.


Docking delivery system

After the service number is certified, we need to connect to a delivery system.

I spent 1980 to buy a certain income, some people may think it is too expensive

It is expensive and I don’t recommend it.

We’ve got all the channels. Just follow my protocol.

1. Cloud outlook

Official website: pub.yunzhanxinxi.com

This system has many functions, can directly connect with Meituan and ele. me, can also be KFC movie supermarket and so on.

Count is also very convenient, Meituan is using the platform channel, Ele. me go their own alliance. Enter the official website, according to the official website to the tutorial on the line.

2. Assistant to Sippi CPS

Website: open.isairdrop.top

This system is mainly used to communicate with the regular push of public accounts, advanced attention reply and so on

Of equal function

This system applies to your friends who meet Ele. me and Meituan.

3. Sesame customer service

This system I have experienced, the free version of the bubble earn function is a little weak, many functions need to charge, the charge seems to be 880.

It says here that it’s mostly used by a lot of my fellow takeout guys, and I

I don’t know why, but maybe he has some features that I haven’t discovered yet.

4. Others

Ele. me no doubt, docking Amazon alliance, or Ele. me bounty. About the gameplay of Ele. me bounty, I have talked before, interested friends can go to have a look: Ele. me takeaway bounty, someone has earned 2W+


The path to obtain the reward is also very simple, just follow the steps below to get it.

Meituan depends on yourself. You can directly register Meituan Alliance (10,000 withdrawals, but also have to issue a special ticket), or Yunzhan, order Xia, or even takeout food every day, depending on yourself.

The above recommended several platforms, mainly use his one

The following features, such as wake up over time, are useful

In addition, there are regular reminders, advanced keyword reply and so on, it is very helpful to wake up fans.

Each time, the amount of background orders is dilly-dally skyrocketing, as shown below:

How to configure everyone pay more attention to a few peers of the public number, wechat search a search [


】, just know



Configuring the public Account

After docking the above system, we need to configure the public number. Everyone’s configuration pattern is different, just copy each other.

1, bind ele. me Meituan small program

In the background of the public number, small program management, search ele. me and Meituan, binding.

2. Configure the attention response

Reply, menu bar, customer service message, etc.

I can’t go into details about this, but look at my screenshots, just watch and do it. It also says that you can see what your peers are doing. A search of wechat public number [takeout], you know.


Diversion of public accounts

Now a lot of people are playing paid streams, myself included. pay

Expense flow is too fast to burn money, back to the cycle is long, no point of risk bearing ability is really hard to play.

One, gadget drainage

Recently fire small air conditioning, small bully and so on, are very good drainage. Direct configuration to the public number, drainage is simple.

These two gadgets need to operate on a certain basis, as well as the need for a domain name

And the server. Domain name Ali cloud Tencent cloud purchase, the server does not matter.

1. Installation

Let’s start with the small air conditioner:

A: open source – js/main 93 a87c03. The chunk. The js – modified logo path at line 283.

B: Modify the AD chain on lines 652 and 749

Pick up

But back to the bully:

The Bully is much easier. Open the source code, go to index.htm, and at line 34, replace the link [www.baidu.com] with your own AD link

Source code has been packaged to everyone, directly below click to download the source code.

Little things

2. Promotion


I would like to share with you the following channels:


Take a look at the following two pictures. The first one is a takeaway reviewer. Why does it get so many likes? The second one is a small air-conditioner link. Why is his link at the top of the list?

Of course, there is a method, through the platform batch like, is the first comment, there are more

Exposure, more can greatly increase the probability of hot reviews is very big, look at the picture

I will not put out the platform link, understand how much it is useful, not only limited to takeout drainage, like what emojis ah, pass the entrance examination material ah, can go to the comments on the hot comments to attract fans.

I have also seen this intercepted by wechat search

For many times, I won’t talk about it here. You can search for yourself in the station!

Let’s take a look at my two search data: I posted an article, 1600 read, 50% of the 800 read from search, increased by about 400 followers.

Even now, it’s still growing backstage every day, although

Not a lot.

In addition to the above mentioned, other platforms can also use similar methods to do, such as Weibo, Quora, post bar and so on.

The method is much the same.

3. Others

Recently I have read hundreds of posts on takeaway CPS, and the drainage methods of peers are mainly divided into online and offline.

There are too many ways to play online

Information flow, Amazon Second hand goods trading platform shop drainage, part-time powder hair, also like I said above, can go to try.

Offline is mainly to cooperate with businesses, businesses praise back, takeout staff promotion, push, have issued leaflets, posted psoriasis advertising.

Eight immortals across the sea to show their powers!


Summary of multiple disc

The takeaway CPS is simply a replacement

Shell just, in essence or public number, but the cash mode has changed.

Of course, even if you are not interested in selling CPS, I hope you do more research on the drainage methods.

For example, like


Comment interception, to be honest, I didn’t really want to post this, a lot of people get rich off of their muffled voices, it might work

It won’t work for long.

Suggest partners to try, drainage effect is really good.

Ok, that’s all for today. See you next time.

A project that I neglected to earn by lying down: the daily income in 10 days of actual operation has exceeded 300+ [with drainage scheme and tools]

A project that I neglected to earn by lying down: the daily income in 10 days of actual operation has exceeded 300+ [with drainage scheme and tools]


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