Revealed TikToK $9.9 sold second-hand class monthly into 10w gameplay, suitable for novice network brick long-term project!


I have been painting recently.


When I stumbled upon a small project that was a super fit

A novice

The network to move bricks long-term project!

Daily income ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

As shown below:

These accounts are dedicated to selling online courses for cash,

Full Web course 9.9



The courses sold are some well-known online courses

The content of the first course may come from crowdfunding, which is bought and sold by many people in partnership.

After joining the operation, you can directly

Zero cost to do

After a customer has purchased it, copy and paste you directly in


Add those people’s courses, you collect money, direct delivery, and do not need to prepare their own products.

How is it drained?

First of all

Have one first


I want to change the profile picture

【 Online Course 9.9】

The background setting is simple and generous, the personal introduction can explain the main courses, and then publish three works, as shown below:

The user clicks in and gets it

Entry of purchase


How is it drained?

The way most people operate is through


Stop the flow.


Stop the stream in the broadcast room

Get exposure by means of gifts and comments. When there are users who are interested in buying courses, they will contact you if they see your profile picture and nickname.

2. The comment section is blocked

Comment below some online class videos and intercept them directly. Those who operate the account will pay attention to them first

A large number of knowledge bloggers, and then when they update their works bubble online will be the first time to comment below the work.

Large knowledge bloggers must be known to all, these people updated the works, the number of likes is less money, more than tens of thousands, how to play tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, such a large amount every day

Drainage one

Two hundred people

It’s not hard.

The comments are definitely positive and get exposure through profile pictures and nicknames.

These people usually use mass software to operate dozens of accounts at the same time, and the above comments are automatically done by scripting software.

It can even monitor keywords when a user shows an intention to buy

“, can automatically private message each other.

As for the software, interested students can find someone to customize in a treasure, about 500



Don’t want software, directly manual comments.

How to monetize?

9 dollars 9 is only a low price drainage, in order to maximize the benefits of a variety of forms of realization.

1. Sell courses

When users add to wechat,

You’ll find that they’ll send you a range of prices, from 9.9 to 199, from 9.9 for a single course to 199 for a package.

2. Take in students

Write down the gameplay of the project, and collect students through the circle of friends to provide corresponding services. The price of customers is generally between 499 and 999.

Because of the added people, one is to learn, learning is to make money, most also want to find a project, if the project to share out, the conversion rate is also good.

3. Realization of other projects

With the flow, the natural can also develop other project cash method, according to different projects can be priced at 999-

2999 is not the same.

In the era of knowledge payment, supervision in all aspects is not strict. You say that you share the courses you bought at a low price. It seems that there is nothing wrong with it

But knowledge is paid for, virtual and can be sold indefinitely.

For the faint-hearted, there are other projects you can do, such as take-out cps, novel distribution, etc., all excellent projects.

Revealed TikToK $9.9 sold second-hand class monthly into 10w  gameplay, suitable for novice network brick long-term project!


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