Unpopular products to make money projects, passive monthly earn tens of thousands of pieces


In order to make money from sales on the Internet, there are two kinds of products worth us to operate. The first kind is the unpopular products with a relatively high price, but the audience is limited. The other kind is the popular products, which make money by volume.

These two types of products we can make money as long as we do one of them well, like some popular products,

For example, a treasure of clothes and shoes, these categories of competition is very fierce, the early need for a lot of capital investment, and the unpopular products are relatively suitable for beginners to start.

The operation of the unpopular product is not good, is an audience of it, as long as we can locate the precise user group, it is very simple to make money, take

The product can directly convert the user.

So the Blue Ocean project I want to talk to you about today is a rare blue ocean product on a treasure. What is a rare product? There is a certain demand for it, but not many people know about it.

The product I’m going to tell you about is bird’s nest

Vegetarian, this is an acne product, to tell the truth, if I did not go to study this project, then I do not know about him, just know that it is a beauty freckle product, enough cold.

Before may pursue beautiful most are some girls, and now the whole people pay more attention to this appearance, like this freckle

Acne products are more in line with the current market demand. Although there are a lot of such products on the market, there are still some of our rare operating markets.

We will take freckle this word, first to Google index to see the surrounding words, look at the search index, and the search trend is relatively stable, this

The market and prospect of this project are good.

The market is hot, but the product is relatively unpopular, unlike those who have been in the market to do open products, although the market can do, but the price is more transparent, the profit is relatively low.

And we choose some of the less popular products, more suitable for such an increasingly

Fierce market competition, because we can make profit, the price is not transparent, you like wechat business, why their advertising, layers of agents can raise how many.

It is because of wechat business products, if a 5


Cost of goods, it can sell to 150, the intermediary layer of agents can get a high profit promotion commission

Where do you think their profits come from?

If you want to make a rare and profiteer product, first of all, we need to conduct a product analysis. Then, we can search the bird’s nest in a treasure. There are not many products, such as some well-known skin care brands, and even hundreds of stores are competing.

Monthly sales of several hundred are comparison

Normally, if the sales volume of a certain treasure is several hundred, the monthly profit of the store is already a very good level. After all, it is good for such a less well-known product to be recognized.

That we can also go to spell the night above to see, the same kind of bird’s nest products, spell the night above will sell more

Here, I can see that thousands of orders have been made, and there are even shops with a single W every month. The profits are very large.

After the above product analysis, we found that this product can be sold, and although it is a rare product, it is still well recognized by the market. The next step is to find goods

The source.

If we want to do e-commerce, the first thing is to determine the product, followed by the supply of goods. If you send too many orders, the supply of goods cannot be solved, it will be very troublesome. It is very important to determine the supply of goods.

So we can go up to 1688 and find a source, for example, if we search for bird’s nest, we can see

There are many products, so we can choose so many products, because if you buy, some sales procedures, the manufacturer of 1688 will provide you.

Then we need to make a clear judgment about the price of the product we choose, based on the value of the products sold by the merchants we found above

The median value is generally found that more than 100 products are relatively easy to sell, so we will choose this range.

There is no need to stock up on 1688, and the manufacturers basically support one-click delivery. If we want to embed certain brands and packaging, we need to communicate with the manufacturers and ask them to produce our packaging

We authorize the merchant to produce the product.

For such products, we can also see from the audience portraits that they are generally female users around 30 to 40 years old. As long as we know our target group, we can use various ways to attract people.

That analyzed the product, analyzed the user profile and the price range

The other important thing is the selling point of your product, what is different about one of your products, which is more likely to attract these women users.

We can package it as a manufacturer to do activities, with gifts for women at home or some samples of products. This is the easiest way to make an order

Families like to take advantage of this way to stimulate consumption is good.

This year we open


, will find that you see the ten anchors, 1 is in singing, 1 is in PK, the remaining 8 are all in the sale of goods, and in the broadcast room, everyone feels that they have taken advantage of.

And that

Some money-losing pet fans of the anchor, Shouting to let us take advantage of, not to account for not also not, often give us a few orders to take care of, is not seemingly to take a cheap sell goods to us.

Although now the platform has been changing, but the market is still the same market, there are a variety of marketing methods, we are getting a

A good product, but also with a variety of sales models, so as to do the best.

Unpopular products to make money projects, passive monthly earn tens of thousands of pieces


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