The real lying to earn project, how to use wechat 1 minute a day, monthly more than 100-10000


This project is super Buddhist! Pure zero risk, you just spend one minute a day, just touch your fingers, the total amount per month 100-10000 .

It’s a steady income anyway, perfect for any new recruit

A novice

You can still make money from people you’ve never touched!

As soon as this article came out,

Ensure that everyone who reads this article and starts to operate the project will make money, that’s the way it is!

The first step: pay attention to Tencent self-selected stock wechat version of the public number

Then enter the public account to see the following page, and click the arrow below indicates:


Then you’ll see this page:

To the point of the arrow, select


China Merchants Securities

Once that’s done, just follow the prompts to open an account.

After the application is submitted, it is not immediately opened, but the successful opening is the next day.

You click again after successfully opening the account


This is what the page looks like

So let’s go ahead and click

One click to type new


New debt


It’s new debt

Not new shares,

It’s new debt


Basically here the focus is finished, there is a new debt, on the application, there is a new calendar, you can see when there is a new debt to play! After winning the bid, we need to top up 1000


Into the securities account. Here, you can transfer 1000 directly from the bank card bound when you open an account. The funds are quite safe

All, securities account is security I will not repeat. We basically have a middle 10, a 100 each


10 is a top up of 1000


If you win 20, you need to top up 2000


“, but basically all are 10, the specific number will also be displayed. I sold it later, so

Gold is transferred to the bank card is here, to the bank card is also seconds to the account.

You can look at my winning record

I started playing at the end of March and I got one hit on March 29. April was pretty busy and I didn’t play much. This month nothing suddenly remember, and play, and in.

Winning means you win the lottery. Make money

No, according to the situation of this year, basically a sign, can earn 100-300, very stable. If you don’t win, you keep buying every day, one minute a day, using probabilities

To make money. It happens a couple times a month, basically.

The most important step, must be optimistic about this new bond listing time, listing when

Days to sell, don’t put it, put a long time will lose money, listed on the day of the sale, listed on the day of the bubble net to sell, listed on the day of the sale. Look at the figure below, if the market is coming soon, it will show the market time, basically about 30 days after the winning bid will be listed. Log in every day to have a look, in the notebook to make a record


After selling on the day of listing, the principal and proceeds will be transferred to your account, and the cash will be transferred to your bank card. The cash will be transferred to your bank card in seconds. The picture above shows me taking China Merchants Securities in wechat as an example. If you have other securities accounts, you can also.

One minute a day, hundreds of dollars more

If you put 2,000 dollars in Yu ‘e Bao every month, it is only a few dollars. If you use it to pay for new debts, it will yield hundreds of dollars.

Buddha system operation, if you want to enlarge the operation, you can use your family’s ID card to open more accounts, so that the profit will be naturally large.

The real lying to earn project, how to use wechat 1 minute a day, monthly more than 100-10000


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