Suitable for novice part-time sideline to make money project, Tao Ke APP project to understand!


Speaking of Taoke APP, perhaps everyone’s first reaction is the Amazon customers who lived in a mess in the past few years. Many partners may say, this project should have been a piece of the Red Sea, how can we do it? There must still be a lot of people who are making money, just the people who are coming in later, if you can’t bring the cost down to comparison

At a low level, losing money is a matter of minutes. Today, bubble net and you talk about this suitable for part-time sideline to make money project, is mainly to give you a thought reference, in the next time there is a similar opportunity to come, quickly cut!

I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

It is common information, but there may still be 90% of people do not know “, many people know that with Amazon Union can earn commission directly, with Washington powder can earn commission, but there are still countless people, using a variety of Taoke APP, use a variety of rights card to save money and earn commission. That is to say, there are still a lot of people (for the future

Over a long period of time) there is a need to save money and earn commissions. However, these people are not used to or do not know that they can directly use the official Taoke platform, but use the third-party Taoke APP to save money and earn commission.

2. Solution:

Connect with various platforms, assemble into a Amazon APP, and then promote,

Get more users to use the APP.

3. Revenue Composition:

Software developers earn a share of the commission from users of their apps.

Ii. Specific implementation

1. APP Development:

Now it has passed the bonus period of Tao Ke APP. The market is full of a large number of mature Tao Ke APP source code or Tao Ke APP No

Three party platform, etc. Therefore, it is recommended not to start from 0 to develop a Amazon APP, because the cost is very high. The best way is to buy a set of relatively perfect Tao customer APP source code (this set of source code can be compared to easily modify), and then find a understand APP code technology to do partner

This APP with some optimization, together to make this APP. So the cost can be controlled relatively low.

The online marketplace is now mature enough to link directly to 99 percent of products via APIh and quickly find coupons, as well as hidden commissions. New Yorker

What’s the value of the APP? In addition to the link to various commodity coupons and commissions, more importantly, there is a perfect commodity screening, search function, so that users can better use.

Perfect commodity screening function, can directly connect with light Amoy customer, good single library API interface of these platforms. Perfect search function

Can, order tracking and other functions, you can use the maintenance interface. As for the various kinds of food delivery coupons, movie ticket coupons and phone recharge offers that we have seen on various apps, they can all be solved with the API interface of over 100 million inspirations. That is, all the features you want, you’re in

The functions he saw on Dataoke APP are basically mature API interfaces, which can be directly connected.

2. Product promotion:

App Market ASO:

The natural quantity of each major application market is always the best quality. Because these volume of users, are through the purposeful search in, so stay

It’s longer, it’s worth more, and it’s cheaper than going out and buying. A few days ago, in the article ASO on AppStore list optimization, Bubble Online has given a detailed description of optimization. For details, please refer to the original article. Now the app market is on the market

It was a lot harder, but it’s still on the shelf. It’s just a bit of work. Once it’s on the shelf, it’s harder to get traffic, so you need to optimize your ASO to get some traffic. But the APP market is now too small, with super apps dominating the traffic, so it’s possible

The amount of natural flow gained will become less and less valuable.

Paid app market launch:

The traffic in the app market is getting less and less, and in order to keep the project profitable, it is natural for the platform to intercept the priority traffic and give it to those who are willing to pay for it. As a result, now the application market has reached many

More or less to spend some money, it is possible to brush up the weight of the APP, it is possible to get some quantity back. The release of this, there is a special agency or their own release also line. Can be a small amount of operation, slowly try, although the cost of this piece is higher, but the flow, at least the quality is still

It’s OK.

Three-tier invitation system:

Three level invitation this play, in the past few years on a variety of money-making APP has played very bad, that is, master apprentice such a play, but a good way is not afraid of the old, now each Amoy customer APP, almost all have the shadow of this three level invitation system. By setting up this three-tier invitation

Please, attract your fans, invite others to enter the APP, and then through the commission they get from using the APP, the platform will distribute part of the commission to users at all levels, which is commonly known as promotion commission and rebate.

Analysis of three-level invitation system:

It’s an ideal model, but it’s also risky because

Once this method is used, it is equivalent to distributing a lot of money to others. There are many such teams on big Taoke apps such as Peanut Diary and Hao Province, which invite a lot of people and then earn commission by inviting them. Their traffic contribution even accounts for half of the whole platform. But that means one, the cost will

The profit will be spread more thinly. Second, the Taoke APP of other people can give higher commission rebate, as well as the popularity that other people have invested a lot of money, which we can’t compare with. Why should those individuals or teams specializing in the promotion of Taoke APP promote our APP? And, even if we put some don’t know

The world has just entered the line of people to cultivate a small expert in the promotion of Tao customer APP, they found that other platforms to give higher commission, better promotion of the time, will not jump to others do marriage clothes? So this level 3 invitation mode, I suggest you treat it with caution. Try not to and big Amoy APP hard steel, steel but

Someone else’s.

Promotion of new channels:

With the development of the Internet, it is inevitable that the channel will sink. The elderly men and women in rural areas have started to use Amazon, Jingdong and Pinduoduo to buy things, so naturally they are also the new crowd of Taoke APP. If you have the intention to be a friend of Amoy APP, it is recommended not to go to the main battlefield of big APP

Go out of your way to find areas that the big apps aren’t paying attention to or don’t want to go into. Like middle and high school campuses in fourth-tier, fifth-tier cities? Like the village men and women in the countryside? Like a rural delivery station? Wait, anywhere there’s a new breed of online shoppers, it’s me

Where we can go to cover. Only with new channels can there be opportunities for new entrants, and it is possible to cultivate the cognition of user groups in advance before the big APP enters, so that you can have a foothold.

Soft wide coverage:

If you have some ability of “we media” operation, you can consider raising a small team of your own, specializing in various content coverage

In, for example,


, Station B,

Social networking Sites

And other places, through video clips, text advertorials and other ways, in a subdivision of the long-term deep cultivation, let this field of people fully conquered by you, is also a good choice. Of the present


Station B, Kuaishou,

Social networking Sites

Are based on the public domain traffic pool, you can think of

Methods to do a good job of content, attract the attention of fans, by reducing the cost of content as much as possible and improve the exposure rate and conversion rate, let fans to download the application market, push back the weight of the application market, so as to form a good virtuous circle of growth. Although the early stage will be hard, the growth will be slow, and even the early loss of money, but

It’s a relatively easy thing to do.

3. Suggestions:

About cash flow: Taoke APP has a commission settlement period, and product promotion and team maintenance need to pay money continuously. Therefore, how to ensure the normal operation of the project cash flow is a matter that every project leader should consider

. Remember, find ways to increase cash flow as much as possible. The security of cash flow will help your team live longer.

About the bug of APP: Why to find a partner who knows the technology is also based on the APP will certainly have bugs. If you buy the APP source code itself is a big problem, the bug is natural

It will be more. This is the basis of the whole project, so when looking for technical partners, we should be careful, do not find a second knife back, otherwise all kinds of bugs later, it is better to develop an APP from 0.

About the Lean startup: When you do a project now, try to test it quickly, iterate quickly, and do it well

Cost control and risk control, do something that will bring value in the long run, rather than get caught up in what is right now. For example, your marketing channel, you see in front of the rapid growth of new college students market, think this is an opportunity. But little do you know, you put these college students up, and by other big APP more superior

This is ineffective, not conducive to long-term development of the promotion policy, so to choose some long-term deep fields to do, so that this thing can produce compound interest!

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people:

This project is suitable for small team operation, preferably some project management experience and entrepreneurial experience

The man who tests the knife. Because it’s a Red Sea project, it requires a lot of trial and error and quick response, so it’s quite demanding.

2. Cost:

The cost of this project is not low, early to buy APP source code, a little better also have to twenty or thirty thousand or more. With optimizations and tweaks, and endless marketing costs,

Team maintenance costs, the initial start of the budget of hundreds of thousands, it is possible to move.

3. Risk and Control:

The biggest cost of the project is how to acquire new users, so the biggest risk is also the cost of promotion. If you already have a good foundation of user acquisition capabilities, then do this project

The risk will be lower.

4. Revenue:

It’s hard to make money on this project, and easy to lose money. But once you can find your own suitable field to dig deep, the benefits will be very good, Tao Ke APP monthly income of hundreds of thousands, millions of people, not in a small number.

5. Project Extension:

Making money AP

P: The users of Tao Ke are those who save money and also match those who want to make money. All kinds of red envelopes, points wall and coupon exchange can be used on this user group.

While the sheep are pulling up: this group of people are born with the genes of pulling up the sheep’s wool, so they may not be able to earn much money from the APP

Money, but if you organize them to grab mobile phones and Maotai, it is also quite wow, the profit is not low.

Iv. Conclusion:

Bubbling Online has shared many projects about the types of buyers and sheep sheep. The main reason is that the cost of such projects is lower and it is relatively easy to make money. Anyway, making money is a priority,

If you can make a lot of money by helping Taoker APP promotion, why start from 0, develop the APP and face all kinds of problems?

If you want to do Amoy customer, and do not have too much strength, you can consider doing


Tao customer, or Quora Tao customer, Quora good things mechanism is at least the same O

K, compared to


A lot of conscience, there is a strong compound interest, but also can do, the effect is the same, the cost is lower!

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea remains the same

Suitable for novice part-time sideline to make money project, Tao Ke APP project to understand!

Suitable for novice part-time sideline to make money project, Tao Ke APP project to understand!


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