How to play TikTok weight-loss livestreaming project with monthly sales of 50 million dollars and profit of 40 million dollars?


Today I share a “something”.


Live weight loss project “, as everyone knows, now just go


To make weight loss products, the vast majority of methods are – shooting the weight loss process from fat to thin + sharing weight loss recipes and other short video content, to create professional fitness coaches or inspirational counterattack of the treasure mother, and then drainage



Store or wechat selling weight loss products to cash in, nothing new, not a system, also can not do on the scale.

The case I talked about today is Xiao Zhang, whose monthly sales amount is about 50 million. Their short video content is cruel and efficient, and the live content is transformed by itself, from 19.9 pieces of ice breaking to the back-end wechat cash, with strict logic and its own system

Links can be standardized operation, suggested to do the small boss of weight loss products, carefully read.

To put it simply, Xiao Zhang made three innovations in the case:

1. Content innovation:

General short video shooting from fat to thin, the case of small Zhang directly engaged in the infinite cruel cycle of fat and thin, a day to shoot fat punch video, and then shoot how to slim down; thin

Not a few days, and deliberately gain weight, and then shoot thin down the process… Short video content is always repeated fat and thin. You say this is the trick, do you agree? Will you continue to pay attention? Such a strong will, deserve to make money ah… Speaking of which, the studio is starting up traffic.

From Fat to Thin ▼

From thin to Fat ▼

2. Live streaming


People engage in weight loss live broadcast, a white coat or fat man sitting, talk to you valuable, the theory is a complete mess. Case Xiao Zhang does not pull with you, a premiere will take you to jump weight loss exercise, come in point of concern to send recipes, while jumping Amway 19.9


4 bottles of meal replacement milkshake, interactive ice breaker just fine… Live streaming Content

Both meet the theme of the account, but also particularly interactive, interesting, the first single transaction + pull the user stay, kill two birds with one stone, you say did not learn something?

3. Attack private domain:


Has been not very friendly to weight loss products, all kinds of restrictions, although everyone to wechat to do the back end, but are missing an action, that is the phone

Sales promotion. Strictly speaking, the case of small Zhang to do private domain is not innovation, but the execution is very strong, worth taking out to talk about.

How exactly? Look at things.

One, what is live broadcast?

2 parts: 1) Weight loss exercise: anchor fixed 7 o ‘clock every night, take the audience to jump 1 hour aerobics, to attract the audience who want to lose weight

Set, stay for a long time, watch and practice; 2) Delivery of weight loss products: 19.9-126 used in the jumping exercise process


Meal replacement food, low calorie snacks, fitness clothing and other products to undertake flow, with 366


Slim health care products do profit, the price is not cheap, sell very good.

Two, where does the flow of the broadcast room come from?

From the back

According to TV data, 20%-30% of the live streaming traffic of Xiao Zhang comes from “short video content” recommendation, and 10%-20% comes from fan traffic. The specific distribution is shown in the figure.

1. How to transfer short videos to the broadcast room? Two strategies: 1) Design “Thematic weight loss punch” activity, 14 days, activities

Before the start of several short video trailers, guide users into the broadcast room to send “height and weight” comments sign up. 2) Shoot a video with remarkable weight loss effect, and set the hook “Come to the studio to tell you the method/send you the diet for weight loss” at the end to attract users to the studio.

2, how to make old fans continue to pay attention to the broadcast room? Conventional strategy

: Ritual sense punching, enabling users to watch live, improve user stickiness. After the end of the exercise, let the audience stick to comment “finished”, “exercise for xx days, lost xx Jin”, name and praise.

Language reference:

1, welcome the new sisters, help the main broadcast little praise, remember to pay attention to join the fan group, join us

At 7 o ‘clock every night, xx will accompany you to live exercise together.

2. Give yourself 14 days and you’ll see the change. Just focus on me and move with me.

3, insist on playing “keep up”. Let me see which sister is following, xxx is following, xxx is following….

. The finished sisters are all awesome!

Three, how to make users stay for a long time?


The average data retention of the live FMCG industry is about 20-30 seconds, while the small case stretch to more than 120 seconds, which is 4-6 times that of the industry. How to do?

1. At the end of each live broadcast, set the “send tomorrow’s recipe” link, with specific operation

The method is 5 minutes before the next broadcast, the assistant posted the recipe for tomorrow, let the audience save the screenshot. To reflect the preciousness and accessibility of the recipe, they only gave the audience 1 minute to take a screenshot. The audience who missed it must add wechat to receive it. By the way, the audience of each live broadcast will be immediately imported into wechat, and the pulling and drainage will be done together.

2. Set up red envelopes and draw them

Award bag, with the conventional means of inducement bubble net to earn time. For example, the Fu bag is set to: ① Join the fan group; ② One click to send the comment “follow and get thin with your fans” to participate in the “lucky bag” reward drawn once every 30 minutes. Not only pull the length, but also engage in the atmosphere, pull up the interactive index.

Language reference:

1. Need

If you want a diet, type “I want a diet” and I count how many people want it. Three, two, one, give us the recipe, and pay attention! The recipe is free for our sisters, and I’ll give you five seconds to take a screenshot! Truncated buckle “want to want to”.

2, the upper left corner of the red envelope has a blessing bag, come in the sisters

Remember to pick it up.

3. How do you feel? Are you with me? Have a sweat to play “have”, feel the intensity is OK to play “111”.

4. You weigh yourself every day to know if you are trying hard and want to keep dancing. Have legs thick sisters, some play a “thick”, want to practice star legs

Follow me for the next move!

5, there has been thin sisters, some play “lost xx Jin”. Wow, this sister lost 4 catties in 3 days. That’s amazing!

6. Type out the parts you want to lose in the comments section. So many sisters want to slim waist? Then we will arrange slimming waist class tomorrow, tomorrow will be

Remember to come on time!

Four, What does the studio sell?

Those who can play will do product structure, drainage, main push, profit, different product types, a set of arrangements, not much to say, their products, as shown in the figure:

It is worth emphasizing that they sell goods in the broadcast room, the strategy is very good:

1, for drainage: use “free recipes + professional teachers

One on one coaching “lure new users 19.9 seconds


Four meal-replacement shakes. The goal is to get user information and make connections.

2. For the main product: verify the product efficacy with short video content and recommend it repeatedly. Note that the main product is not pushed in the live broadcast room, but with short video multiple hints in advance.

3. For profit

Product: Directly look at the following fifth part – private domain realization explanation.

Language reference:

1. This milkshake is a benefit for our fan club sisters, 19.9


Shoot 1 hair 4, really is a loss to do welfare! Only one shot per person! Yeah, well, our weight management counselor will call you and give you one-on-one guidance. What

Eat, how to slim down.

2, before the meal piece xxx, after 1 hour to eat xxx, did not buy this sister to eat according to the recipe can also be thin, but with this is to give you speed.

3, shot don’t know how to eat button “how to eat”, anchor teach you to eat. Want to receive the goods as soon as possible, as soon as thin, back buckle

Three times “shot”, to sister priority delivery and delivery of freight insurance.

4, do not want to exercise and more love to eat, want to thin down through the lazy sister? Then you have to try this! All of them? 20 more seconds, kick the ones who don’t pay, and make room for the girls who really want to make it to Bubble Net.


What about private domain monetisation?

1. Circle of Friends: send customers before and after weight loss comparison pictures, weight loss feedback screenshots, delivery packaging, product recommendations, motivational quotes and other content, to create a professional weight manager. Note that the name is “xxx private number” to add authenticity.

2, to provide free slimming guidance services as the lure

Bait, directly call the broadcast room to order customers, guide and add wechat. Secondly,


Homepage prompt add wechat free lead slim diet.

3. Reference of transforming words:

① Ask the physical condition (height, weight, age), eating habits, weight loss history, weight loss goals and so on to close the distance with the customer.

② Find the problem.

③ Zoom in

Problems, selling anxiety, according to the customer’s physique, weight loss urgency, economic situation, recommend 400-1000


Slimming product package and provide advisory services.

(4) Emphasize that the product effect is significant, and promise to lose weight data in the month.

⑤ Answer customers’ problems, emphasize the value for money, eliminate concerns.

⑥ Describe the subtraction

Heavy success blueprint, stimulate the desire to buy. And network celebrity authority identity endorsement, emphasize “this is your last time to lose weight”, directly hit the weight loss failure customers pain points.

⑦ do not give customers hesitate time, use “is hesitant, do not act to let you have been thin” and other words to stimulate customers, guide the immediate order.

How to play TikTok weight-loss livestreaming project with monthly sales of 50 million dollars and profit of 40 million dollars?

How to play TikTok weight-loss livestreaming project with monthly sales of 50 million dollars and profit of 40 million dollars?


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