Video revenue to make money projects, part-time can also earn 5000 a month


At present, short videos are the most popular media on the Internet. Many Internet friends are developing into short videos. For example, many friends in the circle are laying out video accounts, and many people are doing tiktok projects overseas.

So the project we are going to talk about today also has a lot to do with videos, namely Quora

Video how to operate and cash out, because Quora video revenue has been out for a while, and it looks good.

The platform also needs to continuously add new high-quality original content, and the direction of short video development is more in line with the market. Then we will focus on how to open video collection on Quora

And how to do video content to explain.

Conditions of opening

When we log in our Quora account and click “Create Author Center”, we can see the column of video revenue. The new account cannot be opened, but we can open it as long as we meet the requirements, and the creator level has reached level 4. In addition, we need to release at least 5 videos.

Account number wants

It is also very easy to reach level 4, because Quora has given us a detailed upgrade rule. All we need to do is publish videos. It is very easy to achieve level 4 creator account.

Maybe 10 to 20 videos is about level 4, and don’t forget to label it original, which is

So we can use these videos to directly complete the two opening conditions.

Here we mainly rely on the video revenue of Quora to make money. In order to do a good job in the video project of Quora platform, we need to understand the whole link of the video revenue, such as whether the revenue is related to the number of videos played, the likes and comments of the video and so on.

Another thing I know

Do not violate the rules when making videos on Hu Hu platform, otherwise the relevant revenue from videos will be deducted. Here, we need to pay attention to several violations, such as advertising, discrimination, scanning on the platform, copyright issues. We should pay attention to these things when making videos.

The other most important thing is that the video should not move

Yun, the platform of Quora attaches great importance to the originality of the video. Once violations are found, the revenue from the video will be cancelled.

That if you can not create the content, but also want to do this video project, handling video to do deep homework, or directly remake, the second clip must be thorough, otherwise

Detection by the platform can be troublesome.

Source of traffic

Well, after we have figured out the whole condition of the revenue of Quora videos, the following is to figure out the traffic. No matter on any platform, short videos are also we media, and we should pay attention to the traffic to Quora Source when we do self-media.

Quora has a strange phenomenon in the PC side of me

They search keyword words, almost can not search out the video, it is actually more able to show a text content.

If you search on the mobile terminal, unless you directly select the video column, it is difficult to find the video, and it is impossible to select the column directly, the search traffic is not large.

So we both

We know that the traffic of Quora mainly depends on the platform recommendation, recommendation rules and


In fact, Kuaishou is not much different, the first is the content and user matching, the corresponding some videos will be distributed to the corresponding users.

So here we know that when you post a video, you have to select some fields and add some phases

Close the topic, which is equivalent to a label for the user, the system will automatically judge the user’s preferences and recommend our videos to users.

Content of direction

Do the content, only choose a development category can be, for the novice

A novice

For example, in order to make the operation easier, then we can get a copy of the

We are more inclined to simple video production, such as video clips, food series, emotional chicken soup, games, entertainment and so on.

As for film and television editing, some news recently forced intervention in this field, but at present, the film and television editing numbers of all platforms are still in good shape

Do, I judge should be no problem for a while.

This kind of video is available


Fast hand has been done fast rotten streets, nothing more than the explanation of some movies, film and television film cliclimax clip, which with the threshold will be higher, but we should pay attention to a point, do not infringe, the new movie exclusive release of us

Don’t touch it.

As the saying goes, food is the priority of the people. When the video revenue of Quora appeared at the very beginning, the video of food series accounted for a large proportion. For this kind of video, I suggest that we should do it ourselves.

A lot of food anchors on the Internet, they all have one thing in common,

It doesn’t matter if you make it delicious or not, but it must look good, which is also very important, because people can’t eat it online, and it’s the most important thing to make it for people to see.

The rest is some more messy kinds, emotional chicken soup class, inspirational struggle class and so on, these videos are also very simple, often a paragraph only

Beautiful video with a sentence or two interesting topic, let people feel the kind of explosive energy.

These videos are very cheap to produce, but they tend to hog a lot of traffic across platforms over time. Of course, we do positive video, and now we are slowly turning to mouth broadcast, content material, that is, each platform handling.

In addition,

To avoid being reported by others on Quora, we should try our best to broadcast or clip the broadcast function by ourselves. We can copy a paragraph of text from several places and let the system match the voice for us.

Video revenue to make money projects, part-time can also earn 5000  a month


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