Shopping card recycling, this is also an unusual profiteering money project!


Today, I would like to share with you an unexpected and profiteer project that I discovered from the company’s New Year welfare issue.

One of my classmates works in a state-owned enterprise.

The unit is going to hand out gift cards

I hate handing out gift cards. I want to ask for cash directly.

At the same time, he asked me: Do you know how to do it

Do you cash out your gift cards?

I immediately picked up the keyboard and searched

[Shopping Card recycling]

Don’t you say, Google on the quick recovery of the site can be many to go. (as shown below)

I looked, do bidding sites have four or five, thought, this is not simple ah, shopping card recycling so profiteering?

Then I dig deeper.

Open a since

However, it is found that almost all cards can be recycled here, such as Jingdong, Vipshop, Volvo, Amazon and so on

There are also food cards, such as Pizza Hut, Starbucks, even iQiyi, Youku, QQ Music, b station card can be recycled

Almost as long as the business related to card coupons, this platform can provide

For recovery business.

The recycling price of different platforms is different. For example, the recycling price of Jingdong E-card is 94 percent off, while that of Tianhong shopping card is 10 percent off.

It’s clearly a buy low, sell high, profit margin business, and in order to make a lot of money, you have to be large.

We looked it up through the webmaster tool, 1,600

A number of words participated in the ranking bubble net income, and a lot of words he did the home page, is quite excellent

The most commercially valuable words like used gift cards and E-card recycling are on the front page, and others are basically valuable words.

I don’t know how much money it makes, but a couple hundred thousand a year is definitely something. We

A simple calculation, buy low sell high, so many words, only two pieces of 5000 a day


The card, with a discount of 9 percent, cost 9000, in the sale, make a difference of 1000 bubble net earn, earn thousands a day


1,000 times 365 is 365,000 a year.

But how can it actually be two a day

Card? Close to 2000 traffic per day, 10% conversion rate, whatever it is, millions. Do you mean profiteering?

But only the operators know how much money is actually on the books.

I’m just trying to break it down.

It could be more, it could be less, but it’s still very profitable.

Buy low and sell high

We recycled our ordinary people’s cards and then sold them to those in need.

For example, a unit needs to buy a card, and some offline manager cooperation.

In addition, when we cash in the platform, to withdraw cash, the platform will also charge a commission, which is also a kind of income.

Those are some of today’s surprises

Profiteering money-making projects, I hope to inspire you!

Shopping card recycling, this is also an unusual profiteering money project!


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