3 highly profitable sideline, low cost Blue Ocean money making projects


Want to do a good job in Internet marketing, there are two core must be mastered, the first is that the project suction field must be less popular and blue ocean, the second product must be large enough profit, that is, we often say profiteer.

Many online money making projects are biased to the minority, often those big classification competition is also very fierce, partial door

As long as the project to do a good job of traffic acquisition, marketing is basically very easy, because the pertinence is strong.

So today I want to talk to you about a few unpopular areas, some people search on the Internet, some people buy, there is a certain profit of some products, is our selection target, meet the above conditions of the product through a series of operations

Make, profit is very simple.

For example, Google bidding, do search engine screen or SEO, as long as you put the brand of the product out, you can make money, the core is the source of traffic, the importance of front-end traffic is very high.

Let me give you some examples of products to illustrate how this project works, as long as

Mastering a similar product also has a good effect.

Yellow essence pit viper pill

I think most people have never heard of this product, but when I look at the name of this product, I think it is some messy medicine. I also occasionally saw this product in a single page of bidding.

Let’s search for this product on Google

Product, can see a lot of the front of the bidding page, understand the bidding friends know that this is burning money in the running flow, that how much profit to drive the Google bidding?

How high is the search rate of this product? I think this kind of unpopular product is not that high, but the search should be relatively stable, I

The bubble net earn in Google index search this word, pull forward some time, will find that the word has been searching more stable.

That is to say, the product after bidding or SEO, there has been a stable source of traffic, that we do the Internet all know, stable traffic is equal to stable income


Like the website we see above, the monthly income of a station is not less than W, then we do unpopular products, in order to rank the brand keywords in the early stage, we will use the way of station group, multi-station operation, in this way, the monthly profit of the website alone is very high.

Red yeast capsule

So let’s look at this case, this production

Product and the product we talked about above is actually similar, all belong to some related things, the effect is often blown very strong, of course, the profit and the above product is also partly equal.

The same means is similar, with Google bidding to get customers, even the way to do the pile station group, in fact, such a product

It can be invented as long as you have the relevant qualifications.

For example, many of us have a treasure shop, you should know that many merchants sell products that are not produced by themselves, but commissioned by a third party, but with their own names, that is, a commodity can use several different packaging

Or name.

We can entrust some regular processing plants to customize our own products. The name of this product can be a brand word.

And then put paid ads on the whole network, and even paid to do a search engine to get our brand word and related peripheral words out,

So there’s a steady stream of traffic behind it.

Finally, it is only natural for us to open enterprise stores in the name of the head office, sign agents and talk about cooperation.

Finally let you see such a case, Erhu tutorial

This is technically a sale of virtual goods, which many people might think of as virtual goods

Profit is very low, and it is difficult to do drainage, this is the consistent thinking of everyone.

Then let’s take a look at this Erhu tutorial, there is still bidding, bidding is burning money, no high profit who will be willing to put money to do bidding, these bidding websites, a single page can earn tens of thousands of dollars a month is no problem.

Look at a product

Product has no value in the search engine marketing, first of all to look at the product around the word search, if few people search, then we have no need to layout search engine.

If there are hundreds less than a thousand searches, congratulations on finding a blue ocean industry that makes money, because there are not many searches for this type of product

If it is very high, it will screen out some high-quality competitors, which is why I ask you to do the less popular field.

Through the above three cases, we should be able to obviously know that search engines still have opportunities, there are opportunities to make a lot of money, as long as you layout the product, can get a stream of traffic.

How much is the cost of SEO? In fact, it is the domain name and space, the two together about 100 is enough, if take the cost and bidding ratio, may also be a single page of advertising fees for a day.

I have also done some understanding of the unpopular categories in various industries, such as games and exams

Certificate, small language and other categories, data show that the industry’s unpopular products are not less than 50,000, and nearly 80% of the products have a certain demand.

Do bidding, do SEO, is to get customers, that if we learn the content of this piece, there is still a lot of space for development, at least, in the website to earn

In this area of money, we can practice a lot of projects.

3 highly profitable sideline, low cost Blue Ocean money making projects


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