Material extraction Blue Ocean project, easy to make a thousand dollars a day


Most of you have seen a video of the mouth type, right? Emotional video, book list number introduction video, startup type video, project sharing type video, there is always one you have seen.

Some people have figured out how to make money on this, thousands or even tens of thousands a day


And he’s been doing it for months.

Recording video is required

To have script material, many institutions or media worth mentioning, how to incubate the mouth broadcast type anchors? Or IP type anchors? Of course it is

Shooting material provided

Shooting this easy to solve, some anchors a mobile phone with photography lights can record video, but where to find the material, all original? Obviously no

Possible, original several videos can be, a day of video updates so frequently, it is impossible to write copywriting every day, even if the cost of writing copywriting trial and error is too high, after all, you write out the copywriting in the end is not in line with the user viewing point who is not clear.

So how do you solve this problem? This is what a friend earned

Money, as ordinary people bubble net income we can also operate.

It’s very simple, it’s all about execution,

You just need to take excerpts from other bloggers’ videos

There’s a lot of copywriting out there, so you just have to keep looking for the most popular videos and write down the content.

Like parenting

Explosive material,

You collect hundreds or even thousands of articles

No, just that kind of crap

Play thousands or even tens of thousands of video copywriting materials

You sort it out, you package it up and you sell it to newbies who want to do parenting videos. Do you think they want to buy it?

Who can make thousands now tens of thousands

Article entrepreneurial type mouth broadcast material, bubble net earn I first can pay, at least to solve the problem that I have no material, quality material is not worried about selling, is the so-called demand will have a market, constant rules.

It may be slow for one person to make thousands or even tens of thousands of pieces. You can form a small circle and work together.

Some people excerpt more, some people excerpt less, so how can the rules be reasonable? The amount of content can be exchanged, or each person fixed collection of a main content to exchange material.

Maybe a lot of people don’t understand what I said above, but I believe you can understand how to make money

Why the blue ocean? It is that there are too few people who can really understand and execute. There are many, many bloggers who need this kind of broadcast material.

If you feel that there is no network to do cash, the simplest way to pay into the community, self-introduction to write tens of thousands of mouth broadcast copywriting materials, as long as open a breakthrough, the follow-up

It’s easy.

Finally, provide you with a quick copy extraction tool

Search for “Light Doudou” in wechat mini program

Find copy extraction

Paste the video link to the applet and wait 1 minute to complete the extraction.

After successful extraction, delete the wrong words and change them, and the explosive copywriting material is produced.

Material extraction Blue Ocean project, easy to make a thousand dollars a day


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