No brain handling money, no difficulty to make money items, suitable for novice operation!


Brush today


When I happen to see such a video!

What is the content?

Is to find those popular or highly praised answers on the Quora APP!

Then the screenshots are saved, and then the video editing software is used for simple clips, with popular


Music, generating tens of seconds of small video.

That’s it, Jane.

Single content, actually have a lot of playback! Some thousands, some tens of thousands, more than one hundred thousand! On average, it got about seven or eight thousand views!

I clicked on the homepage of this account and watched it. The first video was in early June and now it is in August, which is more than two months!

In all, dozens were released

Works, more than 10,000 fans!

Is such a simple project difficult?

The project is simple, do skilled, you can do a few more, do matrix!

There are also many ways to cash in:

Answer the advertisement,


The window,


Small shop, training, or drainage to the private domain to do similar to Amoy and so on…

In fact, this kind of handling items

Eye really many!

Let’s think outside the box again!

Is it possible to put

Social networking Sites

The contents of the transport to


On the?

Is it possible to transport the funny video on the shrimp to


On the?

Except for that!

We can also transport articles, video transport, resource transport, commodity transport and so on…

Isn’t there a lot of opportunities!

Take the article handling, when the headlines just came out, small A on the public number of articles carried to the headlines, these content for the headlines, all are original content.

He did five batch operations, a month to earn 20,000 or 30,000 easily! Later slowly after the platform more and more strict, was sealed a number


Later, he upgraded the game, also doing handling, this time to find the hot questions in Quora, found dozens of answers in it, sorted and pseudo original into bubble net to earn an article, and then with pictures, directly distributed to the major we media platforms to earn income!

For example, in the recent Kris Wu incident, he is on Quora

Find the excellent content, modified the next to the headlines, hundreds of numbers, big fish and other platforms, obtained millions of reading volume!

In addition to domestic transport between platforms, we can also transport across the country!

The foreign content to move to the domestic, the domestic content to move abroad is a good choice!

As familiar as we are

This is the way to play, translating interesting foreign articles and then Posting them on their own website, attracting a lot of people to watch!

Xiao B studied abroad and his English is very good. He often translated highly praised articles on Quora and posted them on quora, a platform similar to Zhizhi in China


Also gained a lot of fans, realized a lot of money!

Including foreign YouTube, there are also a lot of people directly to the domestic video simple processing, add subtitles directly transported over!

It also got a lot of airplay!

At the end of the day, it’s all handling!

Don’t feel like you’re letting yourself be

Unbearable, in fact, a lot of one hundred thousand, millions of large are like this!

Of course, in the process of handling or pay attention to avoid copyright issues, try to handle no copyright content!

Copyright risk content, do not copy, as far as possible to modify the processing, pseudo-original!

Like this transfer of content across borders

The copyright problem is very small!

Ok, that’s all for today! I hope it inspires you!

No brain handling money, no difficulty to make money items, suitable for novice operation!


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