Spell a lot of Amazon projects, without drainage, really dull sound make a fortune project, batch operation income without ceiling!


The value of this article is infinite, once leaked, will surely set off a wave of blood, you see first, then grab the money!

Okay, without further ado, here we go:

The advantage of this project is that you can have a number of unlimited money, for unlimited money, do not care about IP restrictions and other issues, just need a phone you have a good network connection.

A single skilled only about 3 minutes.

Project process: One more account, or one Amazon account. (The more numbers, the better)

Here take Pinduoduo as an example.

Open your Pinduoduo and go directly to search for categories below 1


Like a few cents, a few cents, the lower the better,


You go to

Click Customer service

Consult shop owners online:

Do you get cash back for good reviews?

The store’s reply is basically cash back. There are 1


PI, PI also has 3



Of course, there are no, there are just offset, like you spend one


Buy it and return it to you


This is equivalent to zero masturbation.

And of course it’s very simple, so

Is received goods, praise 15 words take a few pictures (if you are too lazy to take, directly to the corresponding store reviews to save a few photos can be)

Here’s an interesting and endearing thing in

My order

Based on Pinoduo’s big data algorithm, it will send you similar products you’ve bought recently,


Surely there are cheaper things than this, you can look for that.

In this way, there will be a snowball effect. Basically, you don’t have to look for products in the later period, which means that these orders will be easier and easier to find. Finally, we only need to consult whether there is a cash return and then control it

Good cost can place an order. At this point, the basic gameplay of the project should be understood.

This is not a word in the circle now, either they realize the people are quiet and rich, or no one can know. Once this article is pushed, then this thing is bound to appear in three situations:

Case one, this term is sold everywhere


Case two, do it alone, stealthily, multi-number

Situation three, similar to the gift gold project, make a software like that to compete for low-price products, either sell the software directly, or add the software package to install the whole project and sell it.

Pinduoduo, Amazon, Jingdong these three platforms how many merchants, you know

Don’t know also know a lot of scary, a business 50 cents, but also enough for you to eat a lifetime.

So that’s the beginning

Eight immortals cross the sea, each with his own magic


Spell a lot of Amazon projects, without drainage, really dull sound make a fortune project, batch operation income without ceiling!


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