QQ group resources accurate realization, zero threshold money project


Speaking of two important points to make money online, the first is low cost, the second is batch, meet these two conditions basically this project we can deeply, just like today I want to talk about QQ group selling virtual resources to make money.

As we all know, the salary and education of some units in China have been

Combined together, certificates and academic qualifications are very important to most people, so there are many kinds of examinations every day.

Such as fire division certificate, architect certificate, psychological consultant, teacher qualification certificate, enterprise trainer, adult college entrance examination, national civil servant examination, political and legal police examination and so on

So the market is very large.

If we operate this kind of project, first of all, the market is large, and the other young people have more awareness and ability to pay, because they have been trained by the society to pay for learning awareness and demand, we just need to do accurate drainage and cash.

Today we’re going to talk about the project facing

They know the importance of certificates, but also have enough time to learn, then we should catch their purpose, in fact, is to pass the exam to get a better future.

We went on a treasure search adult self-examination, this kind of information is very much, they are although

Sales were high, but it wasn’t all packaged together, it was sold in several separate units, and we can see from this that the project was in high demand.

And we do this kind of project also has a good condition is to update quickly, because we have one to three times a year this kind of adult exam, candidates replacement is also compared


Most of the students accept and tend to study on the Internet. In order to pass the exam, it is easy to make some impulse consumption, so it is relatively easy for us to cash out.

In addition, this kind of traffic is relatively concentrated, just like our title, there are very many such groups in QQ, one thousand two thousand people

There are so many large groups of people that it is easy for us to find and join them.

Now let me tell you about the specific operation.

Q group resources is the focus of our front-end traffic, using QQ group search to find adult tests, qualification tests, self-testing and other related keywords, you can see that there are a variety of tests below

Test groups. They’re all different kinds.

Then we join these groups, one by one to apply, first find these traffic, this is not to the transformation of the step, we find the flow pool to stay and see how the group management or group master is realized, I think if in these groups rushed to advertise, must be kicked.

So the next step is

Is to prepare the product, our product is adult exam information, in fact, do e-books is also the most profitable, Amazon I do not recommend you here, because the competition above the e-commerce is very fierce, now to do it, is to throw money to do through train, but the keywords inside is a red Sea, really can not afford to do

To come.

Most of the stimulus consumption is inseparable from packaging. It is very important to package our adult examination materials. I would like to suggest that you go to Google to find the bidding sheet of adult college entrance examination, self-examination and qualification examination.

These are all AD pages, and we’re bidding on this one

In their advertising words and introduction to carry over, repair and change to add to our products, because these things themselves are adult exams, as long as the content is similar, the direction must be wrong.

The last important step is about the promotion of drainage, here I give you two ideas, the first is QQ

Group messaging, the second is group right-click.

The above said to go into other people’s QQ group, advertising will be kicked, this is normal, after all, it is equivalent to the flow pool in others to grab a meal, then what should we do?

Group or to do, but I suggest that you prepare a few more QQ number, add to the group every day

Go directly to the advertisement, after the release can be seconds back, do not have any illusions, the chance of being kicked must be very high.

The second is our mass email, in fact, email marketing is a relatively old drainage way, mass, how much can still cover the number of fans, for those who like to make

It’s just right for people who use QQ.

Email group sending is faster and more efficient. We extract the QQ number of precise powder through QQ group, and then record it with a table to prepare for mass sending.

Do email mass, must be ready to attract fans, this copy I roughly use a formula to express: reason preferential joint

System mode.

A treasure above to buy a simple mass script, to prepare a few sun QQ number, here to prepare multiple QQ because a number can only send 50 emails every day, after sending will change the number to continue to send.

Because we find these QQ groups in the flow, are more accurate, also said above, is to play

Change yourself by learning.

Then a fixed demand here is easy to produce secondary consumption, so most of the accurate traffic finally only two directions, the first is the offline training class, the second is the online class.

So just give us enough room for the program to grow, one round after another, the program

Aim can also be done all the time, in this examination circle mixed for a long time, all aspects have channels and information, will be more handy.

QQ group resources accurate realization, zero threshold money project


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