Two trading platform to make money project, novice can also daily 200


There is a lot of bad information on the Internet, and many businesses are dealing with price difference. I participated in a product selection meeting recently, and the price of domestic products can be multiplied several times by the way of cross-border e-commerce.

But is it really as profitable as the project side said? It seems that it is not necessarily so. In the past two years, everyone has gathered the attention of e-commerce

When it comes to cross-border business, local e-commerce platforms that are already making money are often ignored.

To do e-commerce is actually to make the difference. Like Xianyu, almost all of them take the cheaper products sold on other platforms to Xianyu. Today I will teach you two more feasible ways to do Xianyu at present.

The two approaches are based on differences

Platform to do, novices can be completely good without a foundation, it is not difficult to earn one or two hundred dollars a day, the difficult is that many people know but are not willing to operate.

First, pour the difference to make money

This pour difference, we should all know what is going on, is to take other platforms of low-price products, on the Second hand goods trading platform to make a profit

The difference.

So that’s what we’re looking for, low price items like paper,

Garbage bags, etc., these household consumables, which are purchased more often and probably in quantity, are relatively high quality goods.

Let’s get garbage bags and show you how to do this.

First of all, we can go to any platform other than Xianyu to find this kind of low-cost garbage bags, which are basically cheaper overnight

Ok, let’s save all the pictures of the garbage bags on the patch, and copy the title and description of the garbage bags.

Here we are going to modify the title, the place is not the key words can be modified, and then back to the Second hand goods trading platform above, ready to upload this baby.

Those of you who often play Second hand goods trading platform should know

There are two places where Second hand goods trading platform can upload the baby, the first is the bottom of the direct release of idle, another is free to send, here bubble net earn I recommend you to use free to send.

Send out in the way of free, Xianyu platform will push our baby to the activity channel, relatively speaking, the display volume will be more

Higher, point open free, the following plus point open can be released.

And since we are

Free to send, there is no free mail, in fact, the charge of postage and selling things is the same reason, because we find the merchants on the night and night garbage bags are free mail.

Because there are several ways of selling garbage bags in a shop, such as how much is 100, how much is 200, how much is color and so on, then we will root

It depends on the number of packages sold.

Please upload the corresponding price of each type of baby. Please note that we only do the low price, because the express fee is 30 dollars, 50 dollars, no one will respond to us, more than 12 dollars, it is not recommended to upload.

And then you wipe it every day

Second, earn commission

This second method has also existed online for some time, mainly for different types of goods, we rely on advertising merchants to earn commission

, somewhat similar to the way Amazon customers operate.

As we all know, there are a lot of discount apps online, such as Pink Elephant Life, Meizhao and so on. There are coupons for the goods sold on any e-commerce platform. We will make use of these coupons to make money.

The specific approach is to screen goods first, here we mainly screen high push

Products with high commission, or products with high coupons, sort out these products and upload them to our Second hand goods trading platform account.

The uploading method is the same as what I said above, but for pictures, you can use the pictures in the real comments, which roughly means that 99 new, bought once and never used, etc.

Because these goods

They are all different, so they look more like idle products. Moreover, the platform of Xianyu especially likes such sellers. In this way, we polish the exposure every day, as long as users place orders for our products, we will go to those commission platforms to get coupons and order.

In this way, we can earn two kinds of money, the first is the promotion commission of the merchants, the first

The second is the coupon money, my friends do not feel that a single can only earn 5 dollars 8 dollars, a large amount of words or very strong.

At present, more and more people realize the power of e-commerce, but suffering from lack of access, most of them place their hopes on overseas cross-border e-commerce, hoping to make money. In fact, I prefer local e-commerce

There is still room for blue ocean.

Whether to make money or not this thing itself is to dialectically look at, front-end traffic Second hand goods trading platform platform has given us, we can also find the profit product, as long as open this line, matrix operation, is sure to make money.

Two trading platform to make money project, novice can also daily 200


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