The Bad Information Dividend: Reveal seven little money-making projects


Where there is poor information, there will be business, especially the virtual class information poor more serious

Take Second hand goods trading platform as an example, there are many subdivisions of the information is poor

Opera is mainly targeted at middle-aged and elderly people. If they buy it through Google search, they will get hundreds of dollars, dozens of dollars in offline stores, and several dollars at the cheapest on Xianyu

But a lot of a few dollars, just drainage products, attract users to wechat, and then deal with higher customer unit price products

The second marketing case of various industries, someone specially organized into a single page website, do Google promotion, these master cases into hard disk, sell hundreds of thousands of have

The third music thumb drive,

It’s only a dozen bucks, if you pass


YouTube to drainage users to wechat transaction, sell 99


, 145,


No problem bubble net earn, these middle-aged and elderly drivers, will not care about this hundred dollars of things

The fourth snack tutorial, Second hand goods trading platform on a few dollars to get it done, a month of high sales, single product

It also generates thousands of dollars in revenue

If you learn, offline professor, charge five or six thousand a person

Wechat sell words, those who want to do snacks to make money, hundreds of dollars are willing to buy

The fifth watermelon data and Feigua data are specialized tools to detect the traffic of various social media platforms, which are basically required by those marketing companies doing B end

Platform V

IP moves in the tens of thousands, because that data is really valuable

And on the Second hand goods trading platform, some people bought it for dozens of dollars

Sixth, we often go to see the movie, some people sell the movie tickets to make money, some people sell the tutorial to make money, 5 dollars sold 500 copies, the cost is zero

Seventh is the mobile phone computer to watch drama, a little hot drama, now

All need VIP, the demand audience is larger

Last year’s VIP platform fee is at least two or three hundred dollars

There are people here a few dollars, a dozen dollars for sale

All of the above projects, can play people, are not just one-time business

But the users are precipitation to wechat, in addition to selling virtual resources to make money

It will also develop agents to make money

Profit from selling projects

Money, expand the yield at least tenfold

Some people trawled all over the poor information, their own special collation into a website, users placed orders

And design a good website proxy authority



Become an agent, can get a lower agent price, to promote their own money

There are a lot of people who sell books. There are two main types of people. One is

Selling legal books in public


There are a lot of books, specializing in selling books to make money, a low cost of a book can get goods, those who do short-band books, live selling books, even if it is to give you a 50% discount, they can get a high income

And then there’s the one that sells books, and they steal them

Many people who like to collect and read books,

I love to read those books

The sellers pick up the goods through channels such as Hong Kong and sell them privately to customers on wechat

To the people who like to read this kind of books, at least above the high quality people, they have money and leisure to bubble online to earn, the rate of repurchase is very high, do not care about a cost of a few dollars of books, sell hundreds of dollars

If there’s any bad information

There is a business, the smaller the area, the greater the information gap

A poor information is a selling point, the selling point is determined, all the other work is around this selling point, to drainage, transaction!

The Bad Information Dividend: Reveal seven little money-making projects


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