Side door profiteering money-making projects, zero basis can also earn 9000 a month


There are a lot of profiteering projects on the Internet, and the scarcer things are, the more profitable they are. Many people do not make money because they cannot find the point of profiteering. Even if they know that this industry is very profitable, they have no way to start.

I used to say that if you want to make a hundred thousand, you have to find a market worth a hundred thousand. If you want to make a million, you

To find a million dollar market, if the market is not that big, then how can you make so much money.

Many mature markets, the competition is larger, is not suitable for novice entry, so in front of objective factors, we want to find those small door but the market is large project, or more testing vision.

Today I’m going to be with big

This project is very profiteering, but very few people do it, maybe many people do not really realize the degree of profiteering of this project, and I will explain it step by step with you later.

So this program is profiteering, but no one will talk about it. This is the sobriety program, the reason why it is not known by so many people

Tao, because the project is very obscure.

So this project in the online market in the end how big, we can understand from the search statistics, look up this keyword, see how many people pay attention to this problem.

There are still a lot of people concerned, basically every day search volume is relatively stable, large

There are about one or two thousand searches every day. We analyze the search of a keyword, as long as it can exceed 500 daily searches, it means that the project can make money.

The big one is abstinence. We searched for the main keywords in this industry, and then we looked at those associated on Facebook, basically

Each long tail keyword is a good little project.

Due to the proliferation of the Internet in recent years and the convenience of mobile terminals, many young people are exposed to some bad things too early, and the three views have not yet been formed, which leads many people to go astray.

So we’ve got this market ring up here

After talking about the environment and the public demand, how should we operate this project, or how to realize this project? This is the focus of the project.

The program of abstaining from sex, it is not a program that can be openly talked about, why is it so, because it is a public privacy, like adult use

Why did it develop into an unmanned adult products store? It was because people were afraid to talk together.

It’s like you make a product, specifically abstinence, and then you go to the advertising, no one will pay the bill, not even look at you, this is human nature, so we had better use

The Internet way to do this project.

The first step, of course, is to integrate the traffic and find a group of young people who want to give up sex or want to restrain themselves. This is our accurate fans, because in their hearts, they subconsciously believe that sex will affect their career, health and so on.

So where is the precise flow, the ti

There are ready-made traffic in E-bar forums, such as Abstaining bar. Although the management of Abstaining bar may be relatively strict now, there is still no problem with advertorials.

What is advertorial advertising, that is, a series of long articles describing their own problems, which mentions the pain points almost similar to those of the tie bar friends

, and then the pain point amplification, the final solution can be private chat bubble net earn me, this is a drainage process.

Not only tie bar, but also groups like Douban and interest tribes can be used in a similar way. Each of these bars has millions of followers and a huge flow rate.

In addition to advertorial

“, we can also urge to open and other ways to activate our accounts, which is also a way to mix with the circle, as long as there is a male gathering place, we can do.

For example, some tie bars and Douban friendship recommendation groups are OK. We don’t need to write drainage copy by ourselves, but search online

Take a break, find articles on other platforms, and then move them from other platforms.

Then we find some top post scripts on the Internet, the constant top post comments, so that their posts increased exposure, the flow to their own wechat drainage.

Lead to wechat, how do we carry out a cash?

Converted into cash

Either products or services are involved, which are two constant channels. Without the carrier, it is impossible to realize the cash. How can we proceed from these two directions?

First, products

As we all know, most people who want to give up sex actually have some problems in their life, or their body

Discomfort, or a bad career, something must have affected him so that he would wake up and quit.

Then we can customize a batch of products about mind cultivation for him, which is a kind of psychological comfort products, such as Buddhist beads, jade plates, or some auxiliary products for abstention of sex. This is a kind of cash, and the purchase of 16

88 is fine.

Second, service

Sell services, the first is to sell hope, a lot of people who want to give up color, have a confused state of mind about their future, and give up color bar or such a circle has also put this group of users education is very good, the you are not successful, you always bad luck attributed to color.

Sell them hope, build their confidence

Is a very good service, or help them to improve themselves, supervision, encourage, this kind of fee group, is to do the payment community model, constantly to the group instills the information and methods of abstaining, this is more suitable for later.

From Tieba’s attention data including search engine statistics, this project’s precise users are

A lot. We might catch a few of them, and we’re already making tens of thousands a month.

Side door profiteering money-making projects, zero basis can also earn 9000  a month


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