Foreign net earn: 0 cost of a small project, earn a milk tea money every day!


The questionnaire project is pure and poor information, and does not have much technical content. It depends on whether you want to study it.

There are many platforms in China, such as: the first survey network, Love survey, Jishi, Love research, iresearch and so on.

Also available abroad, such as: Samplicio, Isurving,

Toluna, ipoll, Yougov, cint, Clixsence, etc.

Spend more time every day, to research, operation, commission will be in hand.

Let’s move on to today’s topic: masturbation

I also went to register to try, indeed, the United States knife is very easy to earn.


Depending on the price, high and low, but without exception, all dollars ~ what could be more relaxed?

(You can search for the exchange rate.)

Here some friends may ask —

Do not understand English, do not understand, how to fill?

It’s simple, it’s 2021, how many browsers don’t translate


If not, Google next plug-in, or Google browser, etc. (everyone choose, because of habit, how convenient to do).

Things to look out for:

In theory, the more information you fill in the questionnaire, the more you can show your life, work, etc., the more stable.

So, fill in this

Everything. Give him everything you can.

However, if you can write the truth in the real situation, there is nothing to avoid, so that you can do more questionnaires, a certain amount of each day, after finishing the day to continue to do the next day.

So here comes the final question —

So many websites, what


I personally recommend two, the commission is higher.

Abroad (without scientific Internet) :


It’s an easier side business than chatting for money, and using your free time,

Get your hands dirty and make a few bucks.

As for wanting to make more money, you can do multiple platforms at the same time, depending on your own, the circle of friends dozens up to four or five thousand have.

Learn not to ignore every small project that comes your way.

Foreign net earn: 0 cost of a small project, earn a milk tea money every day!


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