Real estate with a monthly income of 100,000 will be selected to see projects, and TikTok will be combined to match precise flow


As long as the talk of real estate agents, there will be a lot of people will despise this occupation, always feel that they are not in the pit of buyers is in the pit of sellers, the public impression of this occupation is not very good, do not know that this occupation is actually very profitable, unlike ordinary workers every month on so many fixed wages, this only

There is no limit to doing well, but it also depends on different people, do not work hard and do not find the right way to make money again in the industry there are people who do not make money.

Of course, I am not teaching you to be a real estate agent, we do projects to find out the underlying logic, in the industry of profiteering we can also share a share, in the public’s inherent recognition

Zhili real estate agents mainly buy and sell second-hand houses to earn commission, which in Washington, Los Angeles, NewYork and Shenzhen and other cities with high housing prices do earn money, but in second-tier cities, take our Changsha for example, a second-hand house and earn little, but to help developers sell new houses to earn more money.

Above, this is a property owned by a developer

Internal recommendation, as long as you are the first time to take customers to see and produce a transaction, a residential can earn fifteen thousand, a month if you can deal with ten sets is a month into 10W , this is a bit similar to our network Amazon customer project, so still need traffic, here is divided into active drainage and passive drainage. The dumbest kind

The active drainage method, first find a good deal commission relatively high new open real estate, and then stand near their sales department every day squat, see someone ready to go into the house to hold him, and he said you took him in to see a deal to return the commission, if you look at and deal with half of us a person, have the interests of things generally look

The owners will agree; Or in the high commission property near competing products to expand customers, because of the problem of poor information many potential customers may not know the high commission plate, as long as it is the first time to see and clinched a deal can get high cash back, every day squatting for a month not to say more, how to clinched a four or five single or no

It’s a problem.

How to find these internal recommendation channels, we directly go to the source to find, just like the source of Amazon customers is Amazon alliance, this direct to the source of developers, generally brand developers have internal recommendation, direct attention to their public accounts can be found, such as Vanke, Poly, Xu Hui and so on, direct

Pay attention to their official public number, generally in the public number menu bar can find internal referral channels. In addition, there is an APP that integrates the new product promotion channels of major developers and can also be shared with you. This APP is called Fangduo, which is similar to doing Amazon customers with powder image. This is also the integration of various real estate projects with commission returns

Get up, go straight to the APP for internal recommendation.

Of course, they go to the sales department squat or very tired, drainage friends should know that the best flow is passive accurate flow, how to do passive drainage, I think the best channel is


It’s very special.


This year began to support the same city, to do

This project is very helpful, the specific way of operation is to package themselves as real estate talent, the content can be around the explanation of real estate knowledge, field exploration, property evaluation and other forms.

This form of short video is actually very easy to do, such as property knowledge explanation can go to Quora copy content, property evaluation is general

It can be told in the form of oral broadcasting, and the field exploration disk can be shot near the new disk, and this content is also easy to update. Generally, there will be many new disk opening every month in second-tier cities, so it can be updated all the time. The most afraid of short video is content exhaustion, so there is no such problem in this.

Usually nothing live every day, guide the intention to buy people to add to their private domain flow, video live more others will think you are an expert in this field, more convincing, and then the purchase of leeks appropriate match, with high commission real estate transaction to obtain high commission.

So don’t underestimate anyone in the


On the house, the majority of their monthly income is more than 10W , the flow of the same city number is very accurate, not those funny entertainment number fans can compare, and the average price of the sale of a single transaction is ten thousand


. The point is that there is no barrier to entry, no investment, someone else opens a shop

At least tens of thousands of costs are needed, and to do this is almost zero investment, relative to the actual generated profit is very considerable!

Real estate with a monthly income of 100,000 will be selected to see projects, and TikTok will be combined to match precise flow


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